Go green go electronic in the state of kansas
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Go Green, Go Electronic in the State of Kansas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Go Green, Go Electronic in the State of Kansas. KBOR Conference June 14, 2012. Brief History and Update Contract Timelines MHEC Request for Proposal Clarify Service Offerings Participating Schools Planned Enhancements Post Initiative Pricing New Services Questions. Brief History.

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Go green go electronic in the state of kansas

Go Green, Go Electronic in the State of Kansas

KBOR Conference

June 14, 2012

  • Brief History and Update

  • Contract Timelines

  • MHEC Request for Proposal

  • Clarify Service Offerings

  • Participating Schools

  • Planned Enhancements

  • Post Initiative Pricing

  • New Services

  • Questions

Secondary update
Secondary Update

  • Contract Extended – Expires September 2013

  • High Schools Must Sign Up by September 2012

  • 82% of High Schools are registered

  • 65% are live with Sending Services

  • More than 229 High Schools have sent over 21,000 transcripts electronically.

  • NCAA prefers Electronic Transcripts

Postsecondary initiative
Postsecondary Initiative

  • KBOR Contracted with Docufide by Parchment from MHEC Master Agreement (1.6 Million Transcript Exchanged in 2011)

  • Board Objective: Electronic Delivery in Kansas

Foresight 2020
Foresight 2020


  • Achieve alignment between the state’s preK-12 and higher education systems and continue to enhance alignment between higher education institutions.

  • 1.4 Address Institutional Alignment

    • – The Board and TEA have established a framework and process for technical program alignment

    • – The Board has worked with KSDE and postsecondary institutions on implementation of an etranscript initiative

    • – The Board has established a Transfer and Articulation Advisory Council and will be approving a set of general education courses and a quality control system within the next year.

Foresight 2020 why we care
Foresight 2020 Why We Care

  • Efficient Use of Resources

  • Transferability

  • Shorter Time to Degree=Less Debt

    • “In a time of limited resources, it is imperative that the Kansas public higher education system use resources as efficiently as possible. It is also critical that students be able to move across the system with ease in order to ensure a reasonable time to degree completion and to avoid incurring excessive debt in pursuit of a degree.”

Postsecondary state agreement
Postsecondary State Agreement

  • Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) signed the MHEC Master Contract with Docufide by Parchment for Sender Services (December 2010)

  • KBOR Contract Pays Installation Cost plus Three Year Student Offset for Participating Kansas Public and Independent Colleges

  • Each Institution signs a School Agreement with the Vendor (Begins Three Year Clock for Student Offset)

  • Kansas Public and Independent Institutions all Participate in “Receiver Limited” Services

  • KBOR Contract Supports Free “Receiver Full” Services through December 2013

Contract timelines
Contract Timelines

*KSDE has one year extension for free transcripts but high schools must sign up and implement by September 2012

+Ends Sender Services Free Installation and Free “Receiver Full” Services

^Don’t Miss Out. Sign up now!

Mhec master agreement
MHEC Master Agreement

  • MHEC Drafting Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • First Draft June or July, 2012

  • RFP Contents Confidential until Published

Kansas postsecondary desired attributes
Kansas PostsecondaryDesired Attributes

  • Receipt of XML Data File at low or no cost;

  • More Flexibility Regarding Student Charges (whether a student pays or the fee is deducted from the institution’s surcharge);

  • Same standard electronic fee whether in-network or out-of-network;

Desired attributes continued
Desired Attributes - Continued

  • Option for student to order and pay online but pick up a paper copy locally;

  • Ability to levy sales tax on additional copies of paper transcripts (Or comply with the sales tax laws in each state regarding transcript fees);

  • Can download transcripts in a batch, and transcripts are indexed in multiple ways – type (graduate, undergraduate, international, high school); institution code or high school code for example;

Desired attributes continued1
Desired Attributes - Continued

  • State common core numbering on transcript and in data file along with institution/high school course numbering;

  • Indicator that signifies whether a course counts toward the state's core curriculum and which subject area;

  • Test scores on the transcript;

Desired attributes continued2
Desired Attributes - Continued

  • Hold for grades; hold for end of term;

  • Free to institution;

  • Low cost to student;

  • PDF in addition to data file;

  • Vendor collect fees along with surcharges;

  • Ability to receive transcripts in bulk;

  • Surcharges reimbursed monthly;

  • Institutional watermark on transcript.

Desired attributes continued3
Desired Attributes - Continued

  • Ability for institution to request a refund or adjustment when the student was charged twice;

  • Ability to waive a single fee; Ability to waive surcharge for a given population, i.e. alumni records;

  • Credentialing agencies can register as a receiver and download transcripts from authenticated site; (KSBN for example);

Desired attributes continued4
Desired Attributes - Continued

  • Web Portal plug ins for Single Sign In and Web Integration to SIS transcript processing system (KS SIS Systems primarily include Banner, Datatel, Jenzabar POISE, and PeopleSoft);

  • Preferred vendor list: Parchment, AVOW, and NSC doing business in Kansas for postsecondary.

The docufide by parchment platform
The Docufide by Parchment Platform




KBOR Agreement

New Services

Coming Soon

The docufide network
The Docufide Network

  • National and International Delivery

  • 7000+ High School Senders

  • 200+ Higher Ed Senders

  • 1600+ Electronic Receivers

  • 1.6 Million+ transcripts delivered in 2011

Basic sender services
Basic Sender Services

  • Fee Subsidy for Students

  • Portal Integration

  • Open API for Integration

  • Institutionally Branded Docufide Standard Transcript Format

  • Surcharge and Transcript Fee Capture

  • Transactional Reporting

  • Dedicated Higher Ed Account Executive Support

  • Training and Customer Support

Integrated sender services
Integrated Sender Services

  • Institutionally Developed using Docufide APIs

  • Parchment Developed in partnership with IData

    • Additional Professional Services contract required

  • Automated receipt of student request in institutions ERP

  • Existing business rules determine queuing of request

  • Automated approval and return of transcript data

Subsidized student pay model
Subsidized Student Pay Model

  • Transcript Fee

    • Electronic Delivery

      • within MHEC FREE

      • Outside of MHEC $2.55

    • Paper Deliver $4.25

    • Expedited and/or International Delivery Available

  • Institutional Surcharges Allowed

    • 7.5% Credit Card Transaction Fee for Surcharges

Sender services participants
Sender Services Participants

  • Barton Community College (Live)

  • Bethel College (Live)

  • Cloud County Community College

  • Coffeyville Community College

  • Colby Community College

  • Cowley County Community College (Live)

  • Dodge City Community College

  • Donnelly College

  • Flint Hills Technical College (Live)

  • Friends University

  • Fort Scott Community College (Live)

  • Garden City Community College

  • Independence Community College (Live)

  • Johnson County Community College (Live)

  • Kansas City Kansas Community College

  • Kansas Wesleyan University

  • McPherson College

  • Pittsburg State University (Live)

  • Tabor College

Mhec receiver network
MHEC Receiver Network

  • Approximately 700 Institutions across 12 States

  • Significant Increases in Ohio and Illinois destinations in 2012

  • More than One Million Transcripts Delivered

Kansas receiver network
Kansas Receiver Network

  • More than 60 destinations have received over 30,000 transcripts

  • All Kansas Public and Independent Postsecondary Institutions

  • Kansas Board of Nursing

Receiver full limited
Receiver Full & Limited

  • Easy Online Access

    • Authenticated Login

    • Download transcripts and other admissions document to a local ZIP file via Docufide’s web interface.

  • Reporting: Analyze transactional information such as number of transcripts received over selected time periods.

  • PDF Delivery Format: Receive transcripts and admissions documents as PDFs for processing.

Receiver full
Receiver Full

  • Index File: Receive enhanced Index files with transcripts and admissions documents for easier data import into your SIS or enterprise content management system.

  • Multiple Data Formats: Take advantage of flexibility in receiving transcripts as PDF, TIF, or data (PESC XML or SPEEDE EDI)

Receiver full1
Receiver Full

  • Automated Delivery (SFTP/Web Services)

    • Auto-receive transcripts via SFTP, or build into application, in place of manual downloading.

  • Transcript Direct

    • Embed Transcript Request into institutional eApplication workflow

    • Leverage existing student accounts (High School to College)

    • Request Final Transcripts

Participating in receiver full services
Participating in “Receiver Full” Services

  • Bethany College

  • Emporia State University

  • Kansas Wesleyan University

  • Southwestern College

Post initiative licenses
Post-Initiative Licenses

  • Sender Services

    • Student Pay Model – Parchment Current Fees ($3 Electronic, $5 Paper)

    • No License Fee

  • Receiver Limited Services – No Cost

  • Receiver Full Services

    • Volume-based License Fee, with options to cover Transcript Fees on behalf of Applicant

Receiver full license fees discounted rate card
Receiver Full License FeesDiscounted Rate Card

As of June 2012

Parchment planned enhancements
Parchment Planned Enhancements

  • Docufide Sender

    • Admin Initiated Request

    • New Surcharge Settings

  • Docufide Receiver

    • Support TIFF as Delivery Format

    • Advanced Integration Options

Parchment discover
Parchment Discover

  • Peer-driven, using co-app and co-admit data to benchmark peer institutions and discover learners

  • Real-time, providing in-cycle analytics with data that traditionally has been unavailable or post-hoc

  • Empirically based, statistical models drawing on thousands of data points to estimate applications, admissions and matriculations.

  • Geographically filtered, allowing you to drill down from national to local levels for all analyses.

  • Easy-to-use, opening critical analytics directly to your full admissions team on a productized basis.

Parchment discover1
Parchment Discover



Go Green, Go Electronic