Doom and gloom redux
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Doom and Gloom Redux. David DeWitt. 2005 Facts. DB research funding is incredibly tight Except, it seems, in the Netherlands All the low hanging fruit has been picked. Could it be worse?.

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Doom and gloom redux

Doom and Gloom Redux

David DeWitt

2005 facts
2005 Facts

  • DB research funding is incredibly tight

    • Except, it seems, in the Netherlands

  • All the low hanging fruit has been picked

Could it be worse
Could it be worse?

  • Sure, you could be a PhD student or an assistant professor in English or History or Religion or some field that requires 10 years of postdoc’ing

Also worse
Also worse

  • Theory or graphics or PL or operating systems or …

  • We still have it really good compared to everyone except those folks doing security

  • Avalanche of data that someone has to store and process

Why are big mike and i so depressed
Why are Big Mike and I so depressed?

  • We are both approaching 60 at a rapid pace

  • Big Mike might be 60 already

  • Little Mike is losing his hair - he should be depressed too

More 2005 gloom
More 2005 Gloom

  • Science-challenged administration

  • DARPA has become “demos are us”

  • Vast quantities of NSF funding hijacked by the grid folks

    • We need to learn from these guys

  • Old farts yearn for the glory days of their youth

    • Beyond what chemicals can do

What made 1980 1995 so exciting
What made 1980-1995 so exciting

  • Codd put a VERY tall stake in the ground

  • Huge amount of funding

    • NSF and DARPA response to Japan’s “5th Generation project”

    • Star War’s trickle down


Making the sun shine
Making the Sun Shine

  • Need a new TALL stake

    • Must have compelling applications of national importance

    • Not streams

    • Not XML

    • Cannot have anythng to do with traditional commercial data processing

Three obvious candidate domains
Three Obvious Candidate Domains

  • Large scientific data sets

  • Digital world (sensors)

  • Health care/patient data