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CNC 6-Axis Hobbing MC (DSGH-220) PowerPoint Presentation
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CNC 6-Axis Hobbing MC (DSGH-220)

CNC 6-Axis Hobbing MC (DSGH-220)

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CNC 6-Axis Hobbing MC (DSGH-220)

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  1. Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: January 1995 - CEO: Choi Woo Kak - Location: Daegu, Korea - Products: Slider Feed Unit, Precision Parts Processing Machine Tool Parts - Certificates: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, etc. High-Tech, High-Precision, High-Quality Processed Machine Parts Daesung Hi-Tech manufactures parts processing machines, units & complete products, machine tools and semiconductor devices. Recently, the company modularized cutting-edge CNC machine tool parts and developed semiconductor production-related equipment as well as IT convergence medical application devices as it works to diversify its product lines. Securing three production lines in addition to its head office, it is equipped with a systematic production system after classifying product groups by factory. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview Daesung Hi-Tech will exhibit four items of equipment - two types each of gear hobbing M/C and dental milling M/C. Major Customers End-User Segment CNC 6-Axis Hobbing MC (DSGH-220) - Industrial machine - Semi-conductor device - Steel machine - Ultra high precision electronic parts The DSGH-220 enables high-precision work without generating backlash with adoption of a high-output torque motor and high-resolution encoder. With a semi-dry cutting system, it not only realizes improvement of gear surface roughness and eco-friendly technology but also features an MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) unit eliminating the need for non-water-soluble cutting oil. Contact Point • Address: • 922-5 Woram-Dong, • Dalseo--gu, Daegu, Korea • - e-Mail: • • - Tel: 82-53-680-3600 • - Fax: 82-53-592-6559 • - Website: • 5-Axis Dental Milling MC (DM-25) With adoption of high-speed spindles, DM25 is excellent for ultra-high-precision processing of high-strength materials. Machining of sculptured surfaces is possible due to adoption of a torque drive-integrated NC rotary table and CNC controller, which offer synchronous control of five axes. The M/C's low-vibration and low & deep structure maximize processing productivity.

  2. Genentech Co., Ltd. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: January 2009 - CEO: YooKwang Ha - Location: Incheon, Korea - Products: Diamond & CBN grinding wheels, Conventional grinding wheels Genentech Co., Ltd. Ever-Growing Grinding Wheel Company Genentech specializes in the manufacture of all types of grinding wheels, ranging from diamond and CBN to conventional tools. Constantly striving for customer satisfaction, Genentech products have a strong reputation for outstanding technology, top-rated quality and on-time delivery. Its diamond and CBN grinding wheels are super abrasive featuring resinoid, metal and vitrified work. The products are applicable to straight flute grinding as well as spiral flute grinding operations. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview Resinoid Wheels Genentech's resinoid wheels are divided into phenol resin and polyamide wheels. The elasticity of phenol resin wheels is higher than those wheels made of other materials, so their grinding performance is excellent for high-hardness, high-speed steel, non-ferrous metals, etc. End-User Segment Metal Wheels - Automotive parts - LED glass - Ceramics, etc. Excellent in maintaining shape, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, Genentech's metal wheels feature a long lifespan. These wheels are used mainly in intermittent grinding work and appropriate for glass, steel, shape profile and honing processing. Vitrified Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels Characterizing these products is a very long tool life due to high concentration and excellent grinding ability owing to numerous pores. The products are used for grinding of ferrous metals and ceramics for auto parts and also for PCD & PCBN. Contact Point • Address: • 51, Namdongdong-ro, 63 • beon-gil, Namdong-gu, • Incheon, Korea • - e-Mail: - Tel: 82-32-812-1520 • - Fax: 82-32-812-1522 • - Website: • Conventional Grinding Wheels In terms of their usage, Genetech's conventional grinding wheels are divided into resinoid (grinding tap flutes, grinding clearances & drill points), epoxy (grinding knives, bearing cases & grinding tap chamfers) and vitrified (grinding of precision products, cutting tools & tungsten-carbides). Hybrid Wheels The company's hybrid wheels are applied to creep-feed grinding of rouging. The products feature the characteristics of metal & resin while having higher heat resistance than phenol or polyamide and excellent ability due to wheel elasticity.

  3. JJ Tools Co., Ltd. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: March, 1997 - CEO: Park JongIk - Location: Seoul, Korea - Products: PCBN End Mills - Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 Endless Success Myth in End Mill Series Since its founding in 1997, JJ Tools has been a professional manufacturer of high-hardness cutting tools. The company, which has grown through extensive experience in all cutting tool fields, ranging from re-grinding to mass production, is now equipped with a lineup of 108 items consisting of 6,391 excellent products in order to respond to the diversifying high-precision machining industry environments. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview CBN End Mill Series JJ Tools will debut its CBN end mill series that enhances the lifespan of end mills significantly through self-developed V-cut jointing. This product group features excellent surface roughness for work on high-hardness materials that are difficult to cut and is optimized for finish cutting. In addition, the company plans to exhibit 'P' (Precision)-class ultra-precision ball end mills, PHCB, products that were developed after upgrading the quality of ball-type end mills of its existing high-speed group, HCB line. Diamond Coated End Mill Series Featuring the best excellent abrasion resistance among all end mills on exhibit, JJ Tools' diamond coated end mills are appropriate for graphite machining of electrodes. Compared with other products, the company's end mills offer a more stable performance and higher hardness of the coated film, while the coated layer thickness also is high, thereby boasting a long tool lifespan exceeding 6~8 times that of general high-hardened products. The end mill series, 'rainbow-colored' products representing JJ Tools, have heat resistance and abrasion resistance owing to a high silicon content, and are optimized to high-hardness and high-speed machining for highly hardened materials of about HRC65~20. Contact Point • Address: • 330-16, Doksan-Dong, • Kenchun-ku, Seoul, Korea • e-Mail: • Tel: 82-2-808-2745 • - Fax: 82-2-808-2746 • - Website:

  4. KCC Co., Ltd. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: January 1992 - CEO: Park DukGyu - Location: Seoul, Korea - Products: Hydraulic cylinders, Valve, etc. - Certificates: CE mark (KTD-600) / (KTD-500, 1000) / (KS Valve-AC230V) / (KS Valve-DC24V) / (KS valve-DC12V), ISO 2004, ISO 9001:2008 Variety of Customized Hydraulic Cylinders KCC is equipped with diverse models of hydraulic cylinders, from small to ultra large products of over 10 tons. In particular the company's specialized products, such as cold-resistant valves for transportation equipment, high temperature valves for steelmaking and power generation facilities and large-capacity valves, are receiving recognition for technological excellence abroad as well as at home. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview KCC displays its flagship products, air & hydraulic cylinders, and other diverse application items like air valves, vacuum valves, vacuum pads, etc. Among these, its air & hydraulic cylinders are widely used in manufacturing process automation facilities at most industrial sites, from automobiles to power plants, shipbuilding and construction of bridges. In particular, many of these products are used in the in-factory transportation system for machinery, electronic, semiconductor and steel facilities or in system facilities, including power generation and steel & iron-manufacturing facilities, civil engineering & construction, tire production and large boiler facilities. Major Customers End-User Segment 20-odd countries including Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc. • Semiconductor • Steel • Petrochemical • Plant, etc. PNEUMATIC CYLINDER HYDRALUIC CYLINDER AIR SOLENOID VALVE Contact Point - Address: A-133, Hansung Bldg., 609- 24, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea - e-Mail: - Tel: 82-2-2637-4000 - Fax: 82-2-2679-8924 - Website: PROCESS VALVE AIR CLEAN UNIT VACUUM EQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES OTHERS

  5. Meplete Industry - Business Type: Impoters - Established: August 1993 - CEO: Lee Kwan Hee - Location: Seoul, Korea - Products: Swiss-type CNC complex automatic lathes Develops & Suppliers CNC Lathes An R&D-centric producer of CNC lathes, grinding M/C and special facilities, Meplete Industry develops and manufactures such differentiated equipment as super small, small and large diameter Swiss-type CNC complex automatic lathes, 10-axis CNC controllers and CAM software. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview CNC Complex Automatic Lathe (MS03, MS07, MS20) End-User Segment With maximum processing diameters for MS03 and MS07 of 3mm and 7mm respectively, these lathes are suitable for the processing of small diameter workpieces with a minimum processing diameter as low as 0.5mm. The products feature compact design, easy operation, high-precision, high-speed spindle and ease of maintenance. As it can utilize diverse tools, the MS20 is efficient in various applications with flexible processing. - Electrical & Electronics (Nano technical products) - Automotive Parts - Defense Industry - Medical Parts (Surgical apparatus, Bone screw, etc) 10-Axis CNC Controller (MGB42) Model MGB42 is customizable to the characteristics of the workpiece materials with its rod complex processing system. Adopting a high-strength spindle with built-in motor and pull-type chuck system, eliminating the need for a chucking lever, this controller features strong chucking power and excellent dynamic balance. It displays processing program routes on monitors, enabling operators to confirm whether the program is the right one for the job or not. Contact Point - Address: 404-10, Moknae-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, 425-100, Korea - e-Mail: - Tel: 82-2-578-5460 - Fax: 82-2-578-5462 - Website: MS32 / MS36 MT810 / MT280 MS12 MG42 / MG51 / MG67

  6. Namsun Machinery Corporation - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: March 1950 - CEO: Jong Hyun, Shon - Location: Daejeon, Korea - Products: Milling, NC milling, Machining center, 5-Axis machining center - Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Korea's Front-Runner in 5-Axis Machining Centers A living witness to Korean machine tool industry history with 63 years of tradition and experience, Namsun Machinery Corporation was established in 1950 before the rapid rise of the industry. Receiving recognition for its highly advanced technology, Namsun exports 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers to major countries around the world as well as supplying products to the domestic market. Through ceaseless R&D and efforts, the company is now equipped with wide-ranging high-quality, high-functional machine tool product lines. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview Namsun will showcase its strategic items - vertical machining center (SPHINX-5X30, 5X70, 5X100, 5X160, SPACE-540). Vertical Machining Center (SPHINX-5X30/5X70) Major Customers End-User Segment - Korea - Israel - Turkey - Belgium & Other European Countries - Russia, etc. Industrial, Scientific, Process & R&D Applications The SPHINX-5X30 is a product that offers significantly improved user convenience and design over previous models with enhanced left and right mobility of the saddle, while having greater cutting strength. Model 5X70 features zero backlash with DD (direct drive) motor function and enhanced precision level through the adoption of the latest 8-angle RAM. Contact Point • Address: • 450-10, Umnae-dong, • Daeduk-gu, Daejeon, Korea • - e-Mail: • • - Tel: 82-42-625-5561 • - Fax: 82-42-622-9921 • - Website: • Vertical Machining Center (SPACE-540) Adopting a highly accurate, high-efficiency processing control system, this product is equipped with a multiple-function all-in-one type main axis and stable mechanical structure, convenience and wide cutting areas. Its compact bearing design fully protects the BT40 ATC from load and impact problems, providing for the reliable exchange of tools, and its high magazine capacity ensures rapid tool exchange.

  7. Shinseng Industrial Co., Ltd. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: May 1954 - CEO: Shin Gyeongrok - Location: Daegu, Korea - Products: Delicate mold components materials, Forging & powder mold materials, Mine tool materials, etc. State-of-the-Art Special Metal Producer A hard metal-specialized manufacturer, Shinseng produces high-precision mold components, forged and power mold components and high-strength hard-metal alloy parts to facilitate enhanced productivity in the cutting and mine tool fields. In particular, the company produces pot plungers, a component of the mold used to manufacture the lead frame for semiconductors, utilizing hard-metal alloy as well as forged and power mold components for bolts and nuts. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview Forging and Powder Mold Materials Shinseng's forging mold consists of various punches and dies for cold forging, warm forging and hot forging. This mold component is used in the manufacture of automobiles to improve impact resistance and abrasion resistance while forging. Materials Related to Cutting Mainly used for a variety of cutting tools such as burnishing drill, drill, reamer, and end-mill, Shinseng's cutting materials, featuring carbide mixed with WC particles, prevent chipping and oxidation caused by high temperatures that occur during high-speed cutting. Roll and Dies Shinseng's hard-metal roll improves the productivity of sleeves, blooms, and billet rolling. With excellent abrasion resistance, the hard-metal guide roll helps ensure accurate lead-in when processing timber and iron. It also extends the life of related tools. At present, the dies are used to process W103~W120 and H103~H108 timber. It is possible to obtain an external diameter of 350mm with dies for common use. Shinseng tools also are able to produce HX and SQ. Contact Point • Address: • 701 Daecheon-dong, Dalseo- • gu, Daegu, Korea • - e-Mail: • • - Tel: 82-53-593-5811~5 • - Fax: 82-53-593-5816~7 • - Website: • Mine Tool Materials Shinseng's mine tool materials consist of an alloy applied to assembly WC. With excellent strength, durability, and impact resistance, they are widely used for bits for mining applications and for materials for masonry. Delicate Mold Component Materials

  8. Sinkang Engineering Co., Ltd. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: July 1984 - CEO: Yun Bok Eo - Location: Incheon, Korea - Products: Special power chucks, SBL chucks, Pin arbor chucks, Finger chucks, Indexing chucks, Gear chucks, Compensating chucks Expert in Special Hydraulic Power Chuck Since it was founded in 1984, Sinkang Engineering has been focused on producing special hydraulic power chucks that fix workpieces onto CNC lathes, machining centers, etc. The company supplies high-quality special hydraulic chucks to a wide variety of business types, including automobile & parts, electronic parts and metal processing-related manufacturers. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview Sinkang Engineering will exhibit special hydraulic chucks that are mounted onto CNC lathes, machining centers, etc. and fixed workpieces. Its high-quality chucks are used in diverse industries, such as automobile, automotive parts, electronic parts and metal processing. Major Customers End-User Segment Ball Lock Power Chuck-SBL U.S.A., Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, India, Russia, Hungary, Malaysia, etc. - Automative & parts - Electronics & parts - Metal processing Convertible from external to internal chucking in minutes, the SBL features pullback throughout the chucking range, a jaw homing device to centralize the jaws, which compensates for variations and provides a perfect clamp up to 10◦ slope (20◦ taper). The SBL structure provides flexibility and precision without sacrificing strength. Contact Point Pin Arbor Chuck-SPI/SPI-D • Address: • 662-11, Gojan-dong, • Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea • e-Mail: • • - Tel: 82-32-817-3301 • - Fax: 82-32-817-3302 • - Website: SPI draws the workpieces to the locator for heavy cutting operations as well as providing a high level of precision in terms of concentricity and perpendicularity. Its integrated structure prevents the infiltration of foreign substances, including chips or cutting oil, while maintaining clamping power by centrifugal force. Hobbing Fixture Sinkang provides a wide variety of solutions for gear manufacturing needs, including its differentiated hobbing, shaving, honing and grinding fixtures, with a history of solving difficult workholding issues in terms of gear processes.

  9. UGA Press Co., Ltd. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: August, 2008 - CEO: YooDaeSik - Location: Incheon, Korea - Products: Hydraulic press, Hydraulic system - Certificates: ISO 9001, etc. Hydraulic Press Specialist, Top Export Partner Since starting its hydraulic engineering business in 2008, UGA has grown into the leading hydraulic press manufacturer and hydraulic system engineering company, providing its products to automotive, electronics and high precision industries both at home and abroad. Backed by its specialized and experienced expert staff, UGA also is as an exporting partner of major Korean industrial machine manufacturers of such items as mechanical presses, feeding machines, robots, steel coil line systems, die casting machines and other related industrial machinery. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview NC Die Spotting Press UGA's NC die spotting press features a pump with variable piston that enables free control of oil flow and pressure to achieve a soft slide motion, low energy consumption and longer life of the suction filter since it does not intake oil from the tank whenever the slide stops. The pump also minimizes heat-causing factors, extending the seal's life and eliminating the need for an additional cooling unit. End-User Segment - Automobiles & parts - Electronics & parts - High precision industries Unlike conventional die spotting presses, with a so-called mechanical inching process, which achieves micro-inching by lowering the slide itself using the weight of the slide and upper die, meaning the operator has to always remove the springs or shock absorbers if higher counter-pressure occurs from the lower die, UGA's die spotting press makes work easier and minimizes time loss with the pump action. As a result, if any overload exceeding the preset pressure is detected, the slide automatically moves up 30mm and stops to prevent damage to the die. Furthermore, automatic counterbalancing of the slide achieves stable slide motion regardless of whether the die weight is heavier or lighter. Contact Point • Address: • Block 16, Lot 20, Namdong • Induspark, 428-15, Nonhyeon • dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, • Korea • e-Mail: • - Tel: 82-32-579-4467 • - Fax: 82-32-579-4468 • - Website: • Automation System In addition to functional improvement, overhaul and relocation of hydraulic presses, UGA designs and manufactures automation systems for hydraulic forming & trimming lines and other systems tailored to customer requirements.

  10. Win & Tech Korea Inc. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: April, 2007 - CEO: Shin YoSeop - Location: Gyeonggi-do, Korea - Products: Water mist, Oil mist, WSTP Win mist, etc. - Certificate: PCT/KR2005/000089, NEP-2004-067(NT) New-Concept Green-Oriented Win Mist Series Win & Tech Korea contributes to the reduction of processing & maintenance costs and the improvement of working environments by supplying its oil mist series that adopt a MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) processing system for domestic metal processing production lines. In recognition of its achievements, the company won the National Assembly's Knowledge Economy Committee Chairman's award in the green industry technology innovation category of the 2010 Korea SME Innovation Grand Prix for the first time among related business communities 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview Water Mist Win & Tech's flagship product, water mist, was developed for machinery applications where the use of oil mist is not possible. The company developed the technology to manufacture 1.5L, 5L and 10L models. The product is suitable for machining of difficult-to-cut materials like titanium. Major Customers End-User Segment - S&T Dynamics - Hyundai Wia - Halla Climate Control - Ssangyong Motor Mold & Die, Automotive parts, Electronic parts Oil Mist The company's oil mists feature supply air pressure up to 9.9kgf/cm2 and an oil load capacity of up to 2L (effective). Applicable machines are medium & large machining centers, NC lathes (turret), high-speed processors, etc. Contact Point • Address: • 859-41, Anyang2-dong, • Manan-gu, Anyang-si, • Gyeonggi-do, Korea • - e-Mail: • - Tel: 82-31-349-8959 • - Fax: 82-31-349-8969 • - Website: WSTP Win Mist A low cost-type series of oil mists developed into export items featuring unit prices reduced by nearly 50%, while maintaining the function of its patented technology for high-quality oil mists. Win Drain A filterless mist elimination device, the functions of which have been verified by the Meter and Petrochemical Testing and Research Institute (MPI) in Korea. As there is no need to replace a filter, the product can be used semi-durably without additional maintenance.

  11. Zalman Precision Co., Ltd. - Business Type: Manufacturer - Established: April 1974 - CEO: Park Dong Ju - Location: Daegu, Korea - Products: Bearings - Certificates: ISO 9001, etc. Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. A Greater Range of Hard-to-Get Bearings Jalman Precision Co. (JMC) produces about 1,300 kinds of special bearings, including rod ends, ball joints, spherical plains and LM strokes, which have been developed with its own technology accumulated over the past 40 years. JMC supplies these products not only to the Korean market but also to various industrial machinery and factory production lines in about 30 countries around the world. 2014 SIMTOS Exhibit Preview Rod End Bearing JMC rod end bearings are manufactured to suit diverse usages and environments. Among the products, JFT and JMT types have a special non-oil material in between the ball and the body, providing high stability and semi-durable use without the need for oil where free movement is required. Major Customers End-User Segment Spherical Plains Korea, Europe, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. Various kinds of machines in industrial fields JMC's spherical plains are sliding bearings particularly suitable for accommodating heavy radial loads and generally used for bearing arrangements where certain misalignment of the shaft in regard to the housing, or tilting or rotational, oscillatory motions with relatively slow sliding velocities occur. Ball Joints Contact Point The company's main ball joint products are ZBL & ZBS. In addition, it produces similar types such as thrust joints by special order. ZBL is a kind of bearing used for linkage control in rotating and oscillating applications to facilitate rod linkage motion in various industrial machinery. The company's thrust joints are stud bolts welded electrically with high precision steel balls and assembled in a steel body. • Address: • #922-1, Weolam-dong, • Dalso-gu, Daegu, Korea • - e-Mail: • - Tel: 82-53-583-1244 • - Fax: 82-53-583-1316 • - Website: Track Rollers JMC has two types of track rollers - stud type and yoke type. The former is suitable for automatic machinery, specialized machinery, cam-working assembly, various carrying facilities, etc. and the latter for the accommodation of high loads and applied as guide rollers, rock valve rollers, eccentric rollers and table support rollers.