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Customer-Driven Government

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Customer-Driven Government. Who is a public service “customer”?. Direct versus Diffuse Recipients Direct Recipients consume the “private” portion of the service Diffuse Recipients consume the “public” portion of the service. Method of Consumption: Coercion versus Choice.

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Customer-Driven Government

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Presentation Transcript
who is a public service customer
Who is a public service “customer”?
  • Direct versus Diffuse Recipients
    • Direct Recipients consume the “private” portion of the service
    • Diffuse Recipients consume the “public” portion of the service
method of consumption coercion versus choice
Method of Consumption: Coercion versus Choice
  • Customer: recipient chooses to consume the service of their own volition
  • Client: recipient enters into an exclusive and binding relationship with public provider, but has some choice over how the service is provided
  • Captive: recipient is forced into a service interaction through coercion
  • Choice
  • Competitive Choice
  • Voice
  • Customer Service
management tasks
Management Tasks
  • Choice and Competitive Choice
    • Standards for providers
    • Information to participants
    • Market Oversight and Maintenance
  • Voice and Customer Service Quality
    • Create mechanisms for citizen participation or voice
    • Align work processes with citizen participation/voice and performance measures
    • Manner of interaction (e.g. polite, courteous)
2002 city of columbus citizen satisfaction survey
2002 City of Columbus Citizen Satisfaction Survey
  • 1188 randomly selected adults
  • 2.8% sampling error
  • Address information
  • 17 services rated on 10-point scale
    • 1 = “very poor quality”
    • 10 = “very high quality”
  • Service interaction quality for six services
service satisfaction differences
Service Satisfaction Differences
  • Customer: Recreational Services
    • Recreation Program Participation
  • Captive: Police Services
    • Police Stop
  • Client: Weekly Trash Collection
    • Refuse Call
findings summary
Findings Summary
  • Customers are most satisfied in high quality service interactions, but are not substantively or significantly unsatisfied in low quality interactions
  • Captives and clients are very unsatisfied in low quality interactions
  • High quality service interactions do not make captives and clients more satisfied than diffuse service recipients
management implications
Management Implications
  • Enhancing choice and diminishing coercion has a positive impact on “customer” satisfaction
  • Customer service quality investments have the biggest impact on “captive” and “client” satisfaction…
  • …but primarily in reducing the number of detractors, not increasing the number of cheerleaders
seattle solid waste case
Seattle Solid Waste Case
  • Ways to enhance competitive choice? Ways to enhance choice?
  • Ways to incorporate citizen participation and voice? Ways to improve customer service quality?
  • Which should receive the more significant investment?