Preliminary clinical and technical specifications
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Preliminary Clinical and Technical Specifications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Preliminary Clinical and Technical Specifications. Any User - Anywhere. Contents. Clinical Considerations Technical Considerations SYSIASS Implementation Project Risk Management Clinical Risk Management.

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Preliminary clinical and technical specifications

Part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Preliminary Clinical and Technical Specifications

Any User - Anywhere


Clinical Considerations

Technical Considerations

SYSIASS Implementation

Project Risk Management

Clinical Risk Management

Clinical Considerations

Users – The Patient

Learning Difficulty [LD]

Cerebral Palsy [CP]

Cerebral Vascular Accident [CVA or Stroke]

Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI]

GuillainBarre Syndrome

Duchenes Muscular Dystrophy

Motor Neurone Disease [MND or ALS]

Users – The Carers

Users – Wheelchair Services and Clinical Engineers

Clinical Considerations

Clinical considerations
Clinical Considerations

User Environment


Care Home

School or College


Clinical Goal

Any patient

Any input device/controller

Any environment

Carer friendly

Any Powered Chair

Therapist and Engineer Friendly

Technical Considerations

Commercial Powered Chair Control Systems




Wide range of controllers/user inputs e.g.



Sip and puff

Technical Considerations

Technical considerations1
Technical Considerations

Access to the Powered Chair Control System

Input by Secondary Remote

Switch Input

Analogue input

Design and Build aMaster Remote

Possible Advantages and Disadvantages?

Technical considerations2
Technical Considerations

Advantages and Disadvantages

Input through Secondary Remote

Switch Input – Forward, Reverse, Left, Right + …..

Manufacturers programmable functions available

Focus on control, collision avoidance and navigation

Any powered chair system

Loss of proportional control

Loss of option of using other controls e.g. sip and puff

Low risk

Analogue Input

Proportional Control

All the above

Higher Risk – not yet available from manufacturer

Technical considerations3
Technical Considerations

Advantages and Disadvantages

Design and Build a Master Remote

Proportional control possible

Any of manufacturers controls can be used

Sip and puff

Specialised joysticks

Attendant control etc

Dependent on knowledge of BUS protocols

Dependent on manufacturers cooperation

Subject to changes in bus protocols

Implementation of Master Remote set ups

Specific to one manufacturer

Focus and resources removed from

Specialised controls

Collision avoidance

Autonomous navigation

Medical Devices Directive Compliance more complex

Greater Benefits

Higher Risk

SYSIASS Implementation

  • Control System Input

    • Secondary or Master Remote?

    • Project Risk vs Benefit

  • Collision Avoidance and Assisted Navigation.

  • Control of Other Technology

    • Environmental Controls

    • Computer Access

  • Feedback - Voice and Display

    • Feedback to user

      • Chair taking over control

      • Control commands e.g. selected direction

    • Route Selection

Sysiass implementation
SYSIASS Implementation

Display - multifunction? – e.g. communication aid

Recording User Input



Progression of Condition?

Response to rehabilitation?

Training of user over simulated routes

Transmission of

Chair Location

System settings

User performance

Sysiass risk management
SYSIASS Risk Management

Maximise Benefit & Minimise Risk

What are the Novel Aspects of this project?

What is already available commercially?

What are the priorities?

What is the Project Plan?

Coordination of the three Activities and Clinical Evaluation

Necessary for application for Ethical Approval

Clinical Risk Management

Medical Devices Directive

Requirements for Clinical Evaluation

Technical File development

Ethics Approval

Sysiass any user anywhere
SYSIASSAny User - Anywhere