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Mid-term Evaluation. Examination Three Antis. University of Stress and Tension???? University of Stupid Teachers??????? Pressure on Grading 30% A (15%A, 15%A-) 50% B (15%B+, 20%B, 15%B-) 20% C (5%C+, 10%C, 5%C- or Lower) Exception Cases at Both Ends

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Mid term evaluation

Mid-term Evaluation

Examination three antis
Examination Three Antis

  • University of Stress and Tension????

  • University of Stupid Teachers???????

  • Pressure on Grading

    • 30% A (15%A, 15%A-)

    • 50% B (15%B+, 20%B, 15%B-)

    • 20% C (5%C+, 10%C, 5%C- or Lower)

    • Exception Cases at Both Ends

    • Subject to Modification based on Final Exam

  • Pressure on Reciting

  • Pressure on Timing

Four cardinal principles
Four Cardinal Principles

  • Political Science is NOT History

  • Thinking

    • Applicability of Course Materials

  • Logic

    • Assumption, Evidence, Methodology

  • Feeling

    • Sense of Participation (clips, songs, relevancy…)

  • Responsibility

    • Attendance and Selective Revision


  • Highest Mark: 83

  • Lowest Mark: 31

  • Standard Deviation: 12.22

  • Mean: 60.13

  • Median: 60.5

  • Mode: 61

Temporary grade distribution
Temporary Grade Distribution

  • A+ 80 or above 4 5.56%

  • A 70-79 12 16.67% 30.56%

  • A- 65-69 6 8.34%

  • B+ 60-64 14 19.44%

  • B 55-59 15 20.83% 50%

  • B- 50-54 7 13.89%

  • C+ 44-49 7 13.89%

  • C 36-43 4 5.56% 19.45%

  • C- 35 or below 3 4.17%

Question 1
Question 1

  • The 911 attack marks the beginning of a new era because of the followings EXCEPT:

  • Many innovations of the “War of Unlimited Boundaries,” such as the concept of psychological war and the concept of virtual reality, were featured in the attack.

  • The attack shows the world that in order to be safe, they should design their own “Star War” military programs to prevent their own 911s from happening.

  • The attack was not planned by a country, but is instead planned by a trans-national organization.

  • The attack was the first attack on the American soil after the United States has achieved superpower status, showing the world the importance of Homeland Security.

  • The economic turnover of the attack is one of the most disproportionate examples in history.

Question 2
Question 2

  • The symbolic importance of the Al-Jazeera Television Network of Qatar in the Post-911 World Order includes:

    (i). It is the first successful effort of Islamic countries to fight a “media war” with the Western media.

    (ii). Its extensive coverage of Osama Bin Laden mobilizes the Islamic Fundamentalists, by proving Laden’s loyalty towards their anti-iconoclastic doctrines.

    (iii). It represents a concerted effort of Muslims against the American “MIME-NET,” as Osama Bin Laden and the people of Qatar are belonging to rivaling branches of Islam.

  • (i) only.

  • (i) and (ii) only.

  • (i) and (iii) only.

  • (ii) and (iii) only.

  • (i) (ii) and (iii).

Question 3
Question 3

  • In the Anti-Terror Coalition, which of the followings is NOT a rationale for these countries to participate?

  • Britain – to elevate its national status by sticking to the Americans.

  • Mexico – to look for financial rewards from the United States.

  • Russia – to safeguard the achievements of the “Greek Plan” of Catherine the Great.

  • USA – to pre-empt the terrorist threat of Afghanistan.

  • Uzbekistan – to be removed from the American list of authoritarian countries.

Question 4
Question 4

  • Mullah Krekar, the leader of extremist Kurdish Guerilla Ansar al-Islam, was arrested in Norway on 20th March, 2003. The Norwegian government alleged Mullah Krekar of linking to Al-Qaeda, and has planned series of asymmetrical attacks. Ansar al-Islam was formed in the Cold War era, which strived to achieve ethnic independence through strategies like killing civilians. Refer to the evolving definition of terrorism, which of the following world leaders IS likely to regard Mullah Krekar as a “terrorist”?

  • Ronald Reagan, USA President (1980-1988).

  • George W Bush, USA President (2000-).

  • Mustafa Ecevit, Turkey Prime Minister (1974;1977-1979).

  • Recep Erdogan, Turkey Prime Minister (2003-).

  • All of the above.

Question 5
Question 5

  • Which of the followings is NOT a possible reason for us to observe the “Clash of Civilizations” today?

  • The book of Samuel Huntington has inspired extremist nationalists to challenge against their regimes by emphasizing their cultural differences.

  • Nationalist Movements have gained momentum in Europe, owing to the perceived “threat” observed from migration of Muslims.

  • Cultural and civilizational conflicts were the main focus of the Cold War, and the conflicts are prolonged afterwards.

  • Hatred between different cultures has been created for centuries. For instance, the Crusade between Christians and Muslims is still a stigma for both cultures.

  • Leaders like George W Bush and Osama Bin Laden often consciously or subconsciously speak in religious tones, resulting in the revival of cultural identities in the world.

Question 6
Question 6

  • Which of the followings is NOT an argument likely to be presented by Eli Avidar, the Consul General of Israel in Hong Kong?

  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is originated from the partition of Palestine, the British mandate, into the Arabic nation and the Jewish nation in 1948.

  • Sharon was a glorious Israeli commander in the Six Days War, in which Israel defeated the Arabic Coalition army spectacularly. Thus, serving as the Prime Minister of Israel today, Sharon aims at settling the Palestinian Issue by the same unilateralism.

  • Mohamed Sadat, President of Egypt from 1970 to 1981, was assassinated by Islamic Fundamentalists, because he was a “brave man” to normalize relationship with Israel.

  • The Oslo Accord of 1993 was not rectified, because the Palestinians refused to accept the lands.

  • The identity of Yasser Arafat, President of the Palestinian Authority, as a terrorist, was re-exposed after 911.

Question 7
Question 7

  • The Chinese positive involvement in the Anti-Terror Coalition was owing to the following reasons EXCEPT:

  • Deng Xiaoping ordered Chinese leaders to avoid clashing with the superpowers.

  • 911 symbolizes the waning of the “hegemony of human rights” in the world order.

  • The Sino-American partnership in the early George W Bush presidency.

  • China welcomes the shift of American attention from China to the Middle East.

  • The American support to the Chinese suppression of East Turkestan.

Question 8
Question 8

  • According to the Social Darwinists in Texan villages, why do the planners of 911 hate the Americans so much?

  • The Muslims and the Western people have been clashing for a thousand years.

  • The Muslims are discontent with the American policy in Israel.

  • The Muslims are not allowed to go to pubs, but the Americans are always clubbing. The planners of 911 are jealous.

  • The Muslims failed to develop an economy that allows thriving of clubs, which symbolizes social prosperity.

  • 911 is the gunpowder policy of the Muslims to open the American market, because there are Che Guevera t-shirts in American shops, but no Osama Bin Laden t-shirts.

Question 9
Question 9

  • Which of the following roles of George W Bush in 911 is MOST likely to be agreed by Noam Chomsky?

  • He ordered the Intelligence Unit to relax before 911.

  • He responded to 911 under United Nations’ provision of self-defense.

  • He made use of the atrocity, and conspired to create unneeded rationales for the American expansion.

  • He bribed Osama Bin Laden to attack the World Trade Center, so that he can have the excuse to expand in the Middle East.

  • He is a puppet of the “Iron Triangle,” with no real significance at all.

Question 10
Question 10

  • Which of the followings is NOT a reason for 911 to happen, according to Islamic Fundamentalists?

  • The Americans had withdrawn its support from the Saudi royalties before 911, which angered the Muslims.

  • The American maneuver in the Middle East has indirectly killed millions of Muslims in the past decades, which always reminds the Islamic Fundamentalists of the cruel Mongol Threat in history.

  • The Americans represents the Christian values, and the American expansion in the Middle East is the expansion of Christianity against Islam.

  • The Americans are intimate with Kuwait and Bahrain, which have already betrayed the original ideas of Islam.

  • The American troops stationing in Mecca is a great insult to the Muslims, because it symbolizes the control of pagans in the Holy City, with the American troops representing the “Hubal of the Age.”

Question 11
Question 11

  • Which of the followings does NOT belong to the “MIME-NET”?

  • Ronald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense.

  • Stephen Spielberg, Oscar-winning filmmaker.

  • Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the US House of Representatives.

  • Phil Watts, Chairman of Shell Group of Companies.

  • All of the above belong to the “MIME-NET”.

Question 12
Question 12

  • In the current Iraqi crisis, why does Russia slightly retreat from the pro-American policy after 911?

  • America did not offer help in the Moscow Opera Terrorist Attack.

  • America sent troops to Chechenya to help the Russians tackling the Moscow Opera Terrorist Attack, which violated the territorial authority of Russia.

  • President George W Bush criticized the Russian campaign against Chechenya by using the human rights argument.

  • President Putin of Russia was defeated by George W Bush in a judo competition, which reminds him of the Russian agony of being an ex-superpower. He was hurt.

  • The American advancement in Uzbekistan after 911 was de facto legitimized by the Russian cooperation with the United States, although Russia does not welcome it.

Question 13
Question 13

  • If Al Gore was elected as the American president in 2000, which of the followings is still MOST likely to happen after 911?

  • The American War against Afghanistan.

  • The American War against Iraq.

  • The declination of Russian membership in NATO.

  • The formation of the Axis of Evil.

  • All of the above are likely to happen after 911 even with Al Gore as the president.

Question 14
Question 14

  • Which of the following countries can be attacked by the United States AFTER the introduction of the revised Bush Doctrine (June 2002)?

  • Afghanistan.

  • Iraq.

  • China.

  • Britain.

  • All of the above.

Question 15
Question 15

  • Through planning the 911 attack, Osama Bin Laden is likely to aim at the followings EXCEPT:

  • The American retreat from the Middle East.

  • The aroused conscious of Pan-Islamism through provoking the American revenge.

  • The change of status quo by removing America from the top.

  • The handover of corrupted Middle East regimes to secularism.

  • The current American War in Iraq.

Question 16
Question 16

  • George W Bush believes the terrorist threats of the world are under a concerted “Terrorist” organization. In response to this argument, what are the reactions of the world so far?

    (i). Sovereign states like USA, Russia and China joined together to combat against their respective terrorisms.

    (ii). Individual terrorist organizations, like the Chechen guerilla and the ETIM, have joined together to form an umbrella terrorist organization, Al-Qaeda.

    (iii). Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda began strategically speaking for the Chechen guerilla and ETIM (East Turkestan Islamic Movement).

  • (i) only.

  • (iii) only.

  • (i) and (ii) only.

  • (i) and (iii) only.

  • (i), (ii) and (iii).

Question 17
Question 17

  • Which of the followings is the SAME between the Soviet Campaign in Afghanistan (1979-1988) and the American Campaign in Afghanistan (2001)?

  • Their ability to build a coalition.

  • Their ability to look for powerful proxies to fight a proxy war.

  • Their strategy to bribe opposition leaders.

  • Mujahideens as their enemies.

  • Pakistanis as their friends.

Question 18
Question 18

  • Which of the following is a piece of evidence AGAINST the allegation of the Post-911 World Order as a “clash” between the Western Civilization and the Islamic Civilization?

  • The escalated Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • The improved election performance of ultra-rightist Le Pen in France.

  • The rise of Anti-Americanism in the Middle East.

  • Osama Bin Laden’s reissue of fatwa against the United States.

  • None of the above is a piece of evidence against the allegation of the Post-911 World Order as a “clash” between the Western Civilization and the Islamic Civilization.

Question 19
Question 19

  • What is NOT an asymmetry of the 911 attack, as perceived by Donald Rumsfeld?

  • The attackers ignored basic human rights. The United States is a country respecting human rights even in the battleground.

  • The attackers used terrorist measures to redress their inferior position in the world order.

  • The attackers were belonging to Al-Qaeda, a militant organization. The victims were civilians.

  • The attackers were coming from the suppressed region of the world. The victims were belonging to an expansionist culture.

  • The attackers were using low-tech weapons in daily life. The victims were difficult to be protected by the conventional defense system of America, no matter how advanced it was.

Question 20
Question 20

  • Which of the following regime is CLOSEST to the ideal scenario of the 911 planners?

  • To enjoy the economic well-being by living in America as the educated, professional middle-class.

  • To worship Prophet Mohammad in mosques five times a day.

  • To study in the University of Sex Toys, in which they can enjoy a sexual climax of 24 years with 72 virgins as hubbies.

  • To serve in the independent Arabic countries as bureaucrats, so that they can contribute to the grandiosity of Arabia.

  • To live in the secretive realm of the Assassins of Mountain, in which their daily activities are governed by the Koran directly.

Question 21 bonus question
Question 21(Bonus Question)

  • Which of the following countries IS a member of the “Coalition of Willing” led by the USA? (up to 23rd March 2003)

  • Austria

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)

  • Ethiopia

Question 22 bonus question
Question 22 (Bonus Question)

  • The mass media is having extensive coverage of the War in Iraq. Which of the followings is NOT a reporter currently in the Middle East to report the war? [The two lists of answers are designed for the convenience of Western media watchers and local media watchers respectively; the correct answer is the same.]

    Western Media Watchers:Eastern Media Watchers:

  • Nic Robertson (BBC) Wong Ying-shi (黃應士TVB)

  • Bob Woodruff (ABC) Lui Yau Lo-mei (閭丘露薇ATV)

  • David Bloom (NBC) Wang Bo (王波Xinhua Agency)

  • Cynthia Bowyers (CBC) Shui Jinyi (水均益CCTV)

  • Larry King (CNN) Wu Xiaoli (吳小莉Star TV)