colours in polish culture n.
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Colours in Polish culture

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Colours in Polish culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colours in Polish culture. C O L O U R S I N P O L I S H C U L T U R E. Wedding Dress. In Polish culture a wedding dress is always white . Outfits for funerals. At funerals people are dressed in black . Red underwear.

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colours in polish culture




wedding dress
Wedding Dress

In Polishculture a weddingdressisalwayswhite.

outfits for funerals
Outfitsfor funerals

At funeralspeoplearedressed in black.

red underwear
Red underwear

In May studentsin Poland takean A Level Exam. On thisoccassion girls wear red underwears for a goodluck.

a blue suspender
A bluesuspender

Animportant part of a weddingcostumeis a bluesuspenderthatwomenuse to holdup a stocking. It isworn on the leftleg. Everybrideshouldhaveit on herweddingday and sheshouldn`ttakeit off untiltheweddingnight. Thissuspender, in manycultures, hasnot lostitssymbolicmeaning to thesedays.

ceremonial costumes
Ceremonial costumes

Polishpeoplewearblack and whiteformalclothes for theirexmas.

holly communion

In Poland girls wearwhitedresses.

Boyswearwhiteshirtsand blacktrousers.

vestments worn during masses by catholic priests
VestmentswornduringMasses by catholicpriests

White in Christmas

Green during a hole yearapart from the period of Lent

Black duringfunerals

Pink in advent.