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Tanja Kainz – Katrin Skaret - Johannes Waltersam PowerPoint Presentation
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Tanja Kainz – Katrin Skaret - Johannes Waltersam

Tanja Kainz – Katrin Skaret - Johannes Waltersam

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Tanja Kainz – Katrin Skaret - Johannes Waltersam

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  1. Tanja Kainz – Katrin Skaret - Johannes Waltersam

  2. Pharmaceutical and biotechnological group International group, located in Basle Based on three companies: Geigy Ciba Sandoz leadership positions in patented and generic pharmaceuticals About Novartis 1

  3. 4 main business divisions: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Vaccines and Diagnostics Novartis Consumer Health Sandoz About Novartis 2

  4. Purpose of Novartis “We want to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products to cure diseases, to ease suffering, and to enhance the quality of life. We also want to provide a shareholder return that reflects outstanding performance and to adequately reward those who invest ideas and work in our company.” The Idea 1

  5. Worlds first actual swimming hospital Medical emergencies Common stuff (dialysis, etc..) Direct connection to medical research labs of Novartis group 900 suites 1200 passagers The Idea 2

  6. Possibility for people with a bad healthy state to go abroad Maybe support by the government of Target country Benefit for Novartis Image Publicity New class of business Test market – expand in the future? The Idea 3

  7. We sell an expensive vacation. Great reputation on the medical sector. Reach a very unique group of customers Target Group

  8. Best Agers aka 50+ People over 50 years old Couples and singles High disposable income Require permanent medical attention Target Group - Seniors

  9. Why did we chose seniors? A large number of potential customers in the target market Rising ristk of possible emergencies connected with changes in climate Many members of this group suffer from diseases, which need constant medical attention (dialysis) Target Group

  10. Estimations and Assumptions: Max. 1500 passengers Average utilisation during summer: 92% Average utilisation during winter: 68% The Average Price for a ticket per week is € 2500 Weekly variable cost of € 2.0 million Costs for building the ship and installing the necessary equipment: € 300 million Interest on money owed: 4% Financial Plan 1

  11. Calculation: link Financial Plan 2

  12. Target market 1

  13. Open minded Ambulant surgery Enlarged homely nursing Seniors are supported Sweden leads Innovation attendance research Uncorrupt bureaucracy 3rd richest country (worldwide) Target market 2

  14. Target Market 3

  15. Employment rate 80 % High living standard Future – growth in GDP 3% Low inflation 1-2 % each year Population 9 billions – increasing trend Target market 4

  16. Don’t only make profit, we try to use the ship as a PR-instrument Take handicapped children on a trip for free Form a foundation, including a famous spokesmen and a committee Use the help of famous Sweden testimonials Public Relations 1

  17. Fredrik Ljungberg - football player - underwear model of Calvin Klein Public Relations 2

  18. Destination The trip will begin in Venice and will include stops in Bari, Olympia, Santorin, Mykonos, Rhodos and Dubrovnik. At last the NovaCruise will return to Venice after a journey of seven days.

  19. Law of the sea The law of the sea is based on the convention of the United States on Law of the Sea. Inland waters, rivers and lakes are not affected by this law. This law settles the jurisdiction of the sea. The supervision of the littoral state loses power, the more the distance from the coast grows.

  20. Oldest population of the world Mens average live expectance 71,1 years Women average live expectance 81,9 years Third of population are allergic Persons Increase in over weighted individuals Heart problems High blood pressure ….. Rise in psychological and psychosomatic problems State of health

  21. 3 political and administrative levels State Parliament Communities Financed by taxes and fees Social department responsible for the development and all social concerns. 8,5 % of the GDP are invested in healthcare Legal System

  22. Standard equipment of cruise lines: Guidelines of the ICCL: Provide reasonable emergency medical care for passengers Stabilize patients and initiate reasonable therapeutic intervention The evacuation of seriously ill on injured patients when demanded Medical facilities

  23. Equipment on the NovaCruise: ICU / CCU rooms X-ray radioscopic equipment Research laboratories Isolation rooms - quarantine Emergency medical equipment Trained Emergency teams Medications Medical personnel Etc. Medical facilities

  24. Intensive Care Unit: Aka Critical Care Unit Provides intensive Care medicine mechanical ventilation dialysis equipment for renal problems constant monitoring of bodily functions wide array of drugs well-trained personnel ICU

  25. Represent the company Doctors, surgeons and scientists Nurses Treat patients with respect, be polite and patient Emergency physicians Fringe benefit Medical Staff

  26. What do you think about the Idea of NovaCruise? If you would be in the position, would you travel with NovaCruise? Do you like the PR-Aspect? What do you think about Sweden? Do you see any risks? Would you, as a possible investor, spend money on this project? Questions

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