supply chain management
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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supply Chain Management. Chapter 10 Supply Chain Management Sections Q2-Q6 (Skip Section Q1 ). Today’s Topic. Security. Hardware & Software. IS Basics. Information Quality. Types of IS. Telecommu-nications. Systems Development. PowerPoint.

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supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Chapter 10 Supply Chain Management

Sections Q2-Q6 (Skip Section Q1)

Today’s Topic


Hardware & Software

IS Basics

Information Quality

Types of IS


Systems Development


Functional, Crossfunctional & Interorganizational

Database Processing & Design

Spreadsheet Design




Business Intelligence

inter organizational

Inter-organizational IS




  • Understand how SCM differs from functional and cross-functional systems.
  • Know the characteristics, benefits and problems associated with SCM.
what is a supply chain
What is a Supply Chain?
  • Organizations required to
  • transform raw materials
  • into finished goods delivered to customers

what is supply chain management scm
What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?
  • Inter-organization system
  • Manage relationships with each business partner is supply chain
  • Management of all of those activities associated with moving goods from the raw-materials stage through to the end user
what are the goals of scm
What are the Goals of SCM?
  • timely order fulfillment
  • reduced errors in order processing

what is the bullwhip effect
What is the Bullwhip Effect?

Near Beer Simulation

what factors affect supply chain performance
What Factors affect Supply Chain Performance?
  • Facilities
  • Inventory
  • Transportation
  • Information
what are the benefits of scm
What are the Benefits of SCM?
  • Faster replenishment
  • Reduced costs
  • Strategic relationships with suppliers
  • Greater agility and responsiveness
what challenges must be overcome to implement scm
What Challenges Must be Overcome to Implement SCM?
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Accurate Demand Forecasting