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Pierre Schoonraad. Insert Topic: ICT Innovations in the Public Sector. Date: 22 October 2013 Track: Government Enabled by Innovation. Content. Background Why do we innovate? ICT Innovation Areas of interest / trends Current CPSI projects Expectations. Background.

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Pierre schoonraad

Pierre Schoonraad

Insert Topic: ICT Innovations in the Public Sector

Date: 22 October 2013

Track: Government Enabled by Innovation


  • Background

  • Why do we innovate?

  • ICT Innovation

  • Areas of interest / trends

  • Current CPSI projects

  • Expectations


  • CPSI – Facility of the whole of Government to entrench culture and practice of innovation in the public sector

  • Innovation ≠ ICT

  • ICT as an enabler of innovation, many innovations non-technological

  • Category in our Annual CPSI Public Sector Innovation Awards – 11years of observing ICT innovations

Why do we innovate
Why do we innovate?

  • Not because there is now technology available

  • Citizens are sophisticated and expect more

  • (Criminals too and exploit our vulnerabilities)

  • Doing more with less (efficiency)

  • When what we have done before is not working (effectiveness)

  • When Technology offers new possibilities to improve services

What is ict innovation
What is “ICT Innovation”

  • ICT as a term somewhat outdated

  • Whereas ‘ICT’ captured the convergence of Information and Communication technologies, we now have the convergence of many more technologies, including photography, navigation, music, bio-medical, etc.

  • Innovation vs Invention


  • Open Innovation

    • Need platforms, access to data & OSS

    • E.g. Proctor & Gamble

      • “PeopleConnect” (internal “Facebook”)

      • Connects 138,000 employees,160 countries to share ideas and expertise; explore opportunities and overcome challenges; collaborate on projects.

  • Cross-sectoral solutions

    • E.g. Lodox – from mining to

      cutting edge health care

      (even featuring on Grey’s


    • Health to Crime prevention


  • Agile development

    • Emphasis on solutions that work, not pre-packaged

    • Specific outcomes within specific time-frames

  • “Hacking”, hackathons and accelerators (part of the Open paradigm)

    • Exploratory programming and hardware configuration / re-assignment

    • Short timelines from idea to final product

    • Further development through accelerators


  • Combining disruptive innovation with efficiency innovation (Clayton Christensen)

    • Using efficiency innovations to create savings

    • Using savings to fund disruptive innovations

    • Disruptive innovations to improve service delivery

Current cpsi initiatives
Current CPSI Initiatives

  • Honeydew Policing

    • Best practice (NYC)

    • Adapted and contextualised (SA Priority crimes, unique features of the cluster)

    • Agile Development

    • Interoperability of existing and new systems

    • PPP

Current cpsi initiatives1
Current CPSI Initiatives

  • Cooperative Inland Waterways Safety Project

    • Cooperative model – only government

    • Policy implementation

    • ICT and non-ICT

    • Testing and adapting solutions then tender

    • Strong project management


Current cpsi initiatives2
Current CPSI Initiatives

  • Partnership with The Innovation Hub

    • Leverage Innovation Exchange and GAP

    • Innovation Exchange (www.exchange.theinnovationhub.com)

      • Open Innovation platform based on Nine Sigma methodology

      • Provide access to “Open innovation eco-system”

      • Seekers of solutions meet innovators

    • GAP (Gauteng Accelerator Programme)

      • Competition around government challenges

      • ICT (focus on Mobile), Medical, Green, Biosciences

Current cpsi initiative
Current CPSI Initiative

  • Energy Efficiency at Helen Joseph Hospital

    • Average cost of electricity: R1m per month

    • Potential savings: R3m per year

    • ICT to measure trends and consumption

    • Combination of ICT (building management) and non-ICT solutions (behavioural change, swop-outs)

    • Developing a model to leverage efficiency innovation to release funding (actual savings + ESKOM rebates)

Expectations from sita and cios
Expectations from SITA and CIOs

  • Affordable BROADBAND

  • “SITA Cloud” – using redundancies

  • Procurement of ICT innovations (vs “SITA Tender”) – need a more sophisticated system

  • Stronger link with NSI – e.g. “Wireless mesh”, Big Data projects of CSIR, SAnote

  • Funding for ICT innovations and innovators