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Ology Animal Riddles

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Ology Animal Riddles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ology Animal Riddles. By KINDLE. Mrs. Kelly. I live in South America. I eat fruit. I also eat insects, and small vertebrates, such as tree frogs . I have a long tail and four limbs. I have five long fingers on each hand and five long toes on each foot.

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Ology Animal Riddles

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mrs kelly
Mrs. Kelly
  • I live in South America.
  • I eat fruit. I also eat insects, and small vertebrates, such as tree frogs.
  • I have a long tail and four limbs.
  • I have five long fingers on each hand and five long toes on each foot.
  • I am light brown, but my face and ears are white. My arms have golden fur, and around my nose I have dark grey fur.
  • I live in trees. I weigh about 17 pounds.
  • What am I?
  • I am yellow brown or golden tan.
  • My tail is 6 in. or15cm. long.
  • I weigh about 37-38 pounds.
  • I become more gray in the winter.
  • I also have black spots or bars.
  • I have great vision and hearing ,but my sense of smell is poor.
  • I also live in wooded areas such as America.
  • What am I ?
  • I have a red head.
  • I have brownish red eyes.
  • I have a skinny tail.
  • I am the smallest king snake.
  • I have red, black, yellow bands.
  • I have red, black, yellow scales.
  • I have a skull, spine, and ribs.
  • I grow to be 46 centimeters long.
  • What am I?
  • I am black and white
  • I have thick fur
  • I live alone
  • I have six fingers
  • I weigh 165 to 300 pounds
  • I climb trees
  • I am 5 to 6 feet tall
  • I live in China
  • I have a stuby tail
  • What am I?
  • I can live water or land
  • I am friendly and I like company
  • I have flippers
  • I like to dive and splash in waves
  • I have fur
  • I have between 34 and 38 teeth
  • I am related to seals
  • I have whiskers to identify objects
  • I have a short tail
  • I am either yellow-brown or golden tan
  • I weigh 38 pounds
  • I can swim
  • I like to live alone
  • I am most active at night
  • I like resting on big rocks
  • Who am I?
  • I am a member of the dog family.
  • I’m smaller than a coyote.
  • I live in North America.
  • I have a sharp snout and large ears.
  • My family lives on mountains and shores.
  • I like to eat mice ,voles ,and insects.
  • What am I?
  • I live in woodlands, prairies, and sometimes cities.
  • I’m a powerful hunter.
  • I’m an excellent flier.
  • I’m slender and long winged.
  • I belong to the raptor group.
  • I have sharp curved claws.
  • I’ve been admired for thousands of years by humans.
  • I sometimes have small patches of colorful skin.
  • I have excellent eyesight.
  • What am I?
  • I was very shaggy.
  • I traveled south in winter.
  • I have big tusk.
  • I was a very good swimmer.
  • I trumpeted when predators were around.
  • I lived in what is now Europe, China, Siberia, and Alaska.
  • I could grow to be 13 feet tall.
  • I could weight up to 8 tons (as much as four big cars).
  • What am I?
  • I live in Australia.
  • I am a marsupial.
  • I almost don’t have any tail.
  • I have soft thick fur.
  • I can grow up to be 23 to 33 inches long.
  • I always eat eucalyptus leaves.
  • I have light grey fur.
  • I spend six months in my mother’s pouch.
  • I am the largest member of the animal family that I belong to.
  • I have sharp teeth.
  • I’m weak and helpless when I am a baby.
  • I am an endangered animal.
  • I love water.
  • I love eating meat.
  • I can be white or orange.
  • I am the most powerful predator on land.
  • What am I?
  • I am extinct with a scaly body.
  • I can be small or may be large.
  • I can have a horn and shields.
  • I am vicious.
  • My bones are unlike any other animal.
  • What am I?
  • I am 12’ long.
  • I am nicknamed “Ruler Turtle.”
  • I glide through water like penguins.
  • I eat jellyfish.
  • I have a light shell covered with thick skin.
  • I am extinct.
  • I am brown and green.
  • What am I?
  • I have long, curved claws on my feet.
  • I hang upside down when I sleep.
  • I fly with my hands.
  • I eat bugs, fruit, and nectar.
  • I pollinate plants.
  • I’m on every continent in the world.
  • I can fly very well at night.
  • What am I ?
  • I have long teeth.
  • I have large muscles.
  • I am 1 of the better hunters.
  • I am most common in North America.
  • My tail is 6 inches.
  • I can grow to be 30 pounds.
  • I hunt with sight not sent.
  • I golden brown fur.
  • Who am I?
  • I am a zoo animal.
  • I am a strong cat.
  • I have a thick mane.
  • I have retractable claws.
  • I live in prides(groups).
  • I am a predator.
  • I can climb trees.
  • I have a loud roar.
  • I sleep all day.

What am I?

  • I am a type of fish.
  • I live in the ocean.
  • I have many fins.
  • I have wide jaws and several rows serrated sharp teeth.
  • I have gills.
  • There are many types of me.
  • People study me all over the world.
  • I mostly eat small fish.
  • When I catch prey, I lose teeth.
  • I can track prey a mile away.
  • I weigh as much as an SUV!
  • What am I?