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aser pakistan
  • ASER - The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is a survey of the quality of education. ASER seeks to fill a gap in educational data by looking to provide a reliable set of data at the national level, that is comprehensive and, at the same time, easy to understand. The survey’s stated objectives are three fold:
    • To get reliable estimates of the status of children’s schooling and basic learning (reading and arithmetic level)     
    • To measure the change in these basic learning and school statistics from last year
    • To interpret these results and use them to affect policy decisions at various levels.
scale scope of survey
Scale & Scope of Survey

Coverage : In all five provinces i.e. in Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, PakhtonKhawa, GilgitBaltistan, FATA and AJK.

Only rural areas will be sampled.

Phase I : Year I 2010 – 30 districts across Pakistan

Phase II: Year II 2011 – 70 districts across Pakistan

Phase III : Years III, IV , V all districts across Pakistan (138 districts)

Sample: 600 households per district. Two-stage sample, stratified in the first stage. Obtained by selecting 30 villages per district & 20 households per village.

  Villages will be selected randomly using the village directory of the latest Census. The Probability Proportional to Size Sampling (PPS) technique will be adopted as an appropriate one when the sampling units are of different sizes.

Focus on nuances between public and private . In each village profile of 1 govt. and 1 private school collected and gender

aser pakistan the architecture

Village Level

20 Houses per Village

Voluntary Surveyors (VSs)

(CBOs, NGOs, Colleges, Universities)

District Level

30 Villages per district

Collaborating Partner Organizations (Master Trainers MT) & Voluntaries

Provincial Level

2008: 11 District s

2010: 32 Districts

2011: 70 Districts

2012-15 = All Districts

Chief Collaborating Partners


External Collaborator

(ASER India, PCE)




ASER Pakistan – the Architecture
Access – Children (6-16 Years)School Enrollment and Out of School ChildrenFirst time Use of Age Band 6-10 years according to NEP 2009

Out of School Children

(Age 6-16 years)



Over all = 20%






enrollment and out of school children age 6 16 years
Enrollment and Out of School Children (Age 6-16 years)

Proportionately More Girls in Private Schools .. Households do pay for Girls’ Education!

Echoing trends of GMR..slightly more

Girls are out of school than boys … up to age 13

access children 3 5 years school enrollment and out of school children
Access – Children (3-5 Years)School Enrollment and Out of School Children

EFA/NPA 2001-2015 target = 50% enrollment by 2015

In PAKISTAN it is QUALITY as key challenges with hardly any teachers/ Training on ECE or infrastructure in govt. schools - encouraging early drop outs !


Children in Pre School (Age 3-5 years)



Over all = 45%






The EFA National Plan of Action Target 50% by 2015 .. Are we almost there ? But what is the quality of access and learning ?

class wise enrollment gender gap
Class-wise EnrollmentGender GAP

Diminishing return .. Disappearing children adding to the out of school stock


Paid Tuition

(Govt. & Private Schools)



Over all = 14%






learning levels out of school children opportunity for second chance programs
Learning LevelsOut of School Children - Opportunity for Second Chance Programs

Children in schools

when not learning

well are at risk of

dropping out

throughout the

school cycle.. Adding

to the pool of OOSC!

upcoming policy briefs comparisons across provinces
Upcoming Policy Briefs Comparisons Across Provinces
  • Gender
  • ECE
  • Enrollment trends by gender
  • Education provision; Public ; private ; madrassahs and others
  • Learning Levels by Gender
  • Learning Levels by Public and Private
  • Learning Gaps Public & Private controlling for differences – regressions
  • Tuitions – public and private
  • Out of School Children – policy implications
  • Governance - Attendance of Students & Teachers – Public and Private
  • Facilities in Public and Private Schools
  • Mothers Education /Literacy
advocacy aser pakistan
Advocacy & ASER Pakistan
  • A key objective of ASER Pakistan 2010 is Advocacy for influencing Policies and resourcing of education at multiple levels
    • Village Level
    • District Level
    • Provincial level
    • National Level
    • International
multi level advocacy policy data
Multi-Level Advocacy- Policy Data
  • Village /Local - People are demanding this. How did we do/When will we know
  • District Govt./ media, constituencies and
  • Provincial Govt/Parliamentary committees/media/ roundtables
  • National All of Provincial and Development Partners

Launch at the Planning Commission 2011

Influence /Reports Economic Survey/ PSLMs/NEAS

Round Tables pre and post ASER e.g. learning and tuitions – Mark Bray’s Book on Shadow Education just released in Urdu

  • International -
    • This is being undertaken at two levels
    • UKFIET has accepted an abstract on Citizens Led Initiatives in Educational Governance for the 11th UKFIET INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT 13-15 Sept 2011: Global Challenges for Education: Economics, Environment and Emergency, Oxford, UK (Elaborated below).
    • Influencing the Global Monitoring Report Teams UNESCO and FTI teams to include sections on citizen led initiatives on quality education to report on ASER Pakistan/ASER India and UWEZO East Africa
  • Currently ITA/SAFED does not have funding for the UK FIET conference – needs mobilization
institutional strengthening of aser pakistan
Institutional Strengthening of ASER Pakistan
  • Agreeing on critical skills for ASER Pakistan at the level of:
    • a) Institutional Strengthening of parent and partner institutions for 2010-2015 and
    • b) technical core team members to be called ASER Associates, ideally there should be at least two per district.
  • A continuous formal engagement with ASER Centre India for upgrading skills and raising key questions /concerns for strengthening of the ASER Core Team in Pakistan
  • Defining and preparing a list of ASER Core Team members as ASER Associates Pakistan.
  • Like ASER Centre India there needs to be an ASER Centre Pakistan
  • Capacity Building Trainings by Dr. MonazzaAslam - STATA – A Statistical Data Analysis Tool , Training by Dr. MonazzaAslam on .. August 2011
partnerships for aser pakistan 2011
Partnerships for ASER Pakistan 2011
  • Rs. 300,000 per district including training; survey and basic dissemination
  • ASER 2011 and onwards in a consortium mode many supporters can do this by district
  • In 2011 establishment of ASER Centre Pakistan to train 2 ASER associates per district through certification across Pakistan - 60 day training and 40 days implementation - multiplying capacity
  • A citizen led sequel 16 weeks CHALOPARHOBARHO to improve literacy and numeracy levels classes 1-5- Sept- Jan each year to be measured by ASER. Rs. 100 per learner
  • Second Chance Learners Program in the design phase for catching up and reintegrating drop outs
  • OPEN CALL FOR PARTNERS Need Partners and Many Players
challenges issues
Challenges/ Issues
  • • Sustainability of Programmeuptill 2015
  • ASER Centre Pakistan - Scaling up of ASER
  • Funding with Local Partners – Limited Culture
  • Skilled work force at Field level with Local partners
  • Technical experts without funding in ASER Pakistan Secretariat at SAFED.
  • Rigorous Policy Advocacy
  • Data Center Managment -Engagement of Individual Researcher on ASER DATA
contact aser 2011
Contact – ASER 2011

Please Contact :

ASER Pakistan 2008 and 2010 Full reports can be downloaded from our website: