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Are You Ready to Make an Impact? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

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Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

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  1. Are You Ready toMake an Impact? Sara Kelly Johns January 13, 2014

  2. Are YOU ready?

  3. Education must nurture the curiosity, intellect, and hearts of children..How do school libraries do that?

  4. "I choose C." The future? WE can make sure this doesn’t happen!

  5. What day is today? NYLA’s 4th Annual Snapshot Day , 1/13-31 “SnapShotNY: A Day in the Life of a Library” Insert your library’s pictures here Protect New York Libraries:

  6. NEW: NYLA Advocacy Day is now Wed., Feb. 26th Participate in VIRTUAL Advocacy Day!

  7. Data-driven Advocacy What data counts? How do you tell the story? Think-Pair- Share: What statistics/data tell a story in your school to your administrators or school board? (Appendix A Handout)

  8. Use Web 2.0 tools to Make an Impact • Animoto • VoiceThread for recording testimonials with visual add-ons. • FlipGrid for recording “elevator speeches” or student and parent testimonials

  9. PROMOTION+MARKETING=ADVOCATES Monthly and Annual Reports As Advocacy Tools Rebecca Ekstrom is the school librarian at Algonquin Middle School in Averill Park, NY.  AMS Library AnimotoVideos: Quarter 1: Quarter 2:

  10. FlipGrid Elevator Speeches Joyce Valenza on FlipGrid:

  11. Think -Share • What pictures would you put in an Animoto? • Who would you share the Animoto with? • Who would you ask to speak on a FlipGrid video and where would you post It?

  12. Reach out to your stakeholders • What do they really want; not what do you want them to want. Wear their shoes….. • Who are YOUR stakeholders? • Simple methods to reach out have a high impact

  13. Buzzwords!How many do you hear?

  14. Best Practices: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel! Make A Big Impact @ Your School Board Meeting Available in Paperback (with CD) and as an e-book Includes a CD with a customizable PowerPoint Presentation and other customizable forms Includes a CD with a customizable PowerPoint Presentation and other customizable forms

  15. Additional Help "Crisis Toolkit & Resources." American Library Association. 03 Dec. 08. Web. 24 Aug. 09. <>

  16. Best practices: Don’t reinvent the wheel! • Great PR ideas • Strategies • Messages Click on “Freebies” for Pre-made PowerPointsand brochures

  17. WSWHE SLS Advocacy Tools • Wiki: • Website

  18. NYLA’s Advocacy Tools

  19. Have you “mugged” anyone lately?



  22. PROMOTION+MARKETING=ADVOCATES Follow the Leaders: Washington State’s Stellar Advocacy Model Former Governor Christine Gregoire signing a 2011 bill that added information technology literacy to the state’s basic education goals.

  23. PROMOTION+MARKETING=ADVOCATES Advocacy 101: Tips from WLMA and the Spokane Moms Don’t get discouraged Get answers BE LEADERS Pay attention Gather help Use data Trend watch Use the existing infrastructure Lean on parent advocates Understand limits Maintain the energy Keep a POSITIVE message BEWARE THE ENEMY WITHIN


  25. Turning the Switch

  26. Action Plan – Think-Share What are you going to do differently this year, and next year, to make sure that you are not a “choice?” Don’t wait until your job is on the line!

  27. Resources? Visit the Wikis! On The Web: frugalschoollibrarian.wikispaces/com And: QUESTIONS? IDEAS?

  28. Thank you! Sara Kelly Johns Twitter: @skjohns