civic responsibility n.
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Civic responsibility

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DRACUT HIGH SCHOOL. Civic responsibility. Civic service. Dhs core values and beliefs.

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dhs core values and beliefs
Dhs core values and beliefs
  • The Dracut High School community is committed to challenging all students with a rigorous curriculum within a safe, healthy, and positive environment. Our primary goal is for students to become lifelong learners in a changing world. We believe in promoting personal responsibility, self-respect, tolerance, and integrity while preparing all students for 21st century success. We embrace and value diversity. We advocate environmental and global awareness.We offer various opportunities for all students to thrive and succeed, in and beyond the classroom, so that they may become informed, productive citizens. We encourage our students to take pride in their identity and the Dracut community as they strive toward maximum personal growth.
civic refers to
Civic refers to…….

"of, relating to, or belonging to a city, a citizen, or citizenship, municipal or civil society"

responsibility refers to
Responsibility refers to…..

"the state or quality of being responsible or something for which one is responsible such as a duty, obligation or burden"

civic responsibility1
Civic responsibility……
  • Participation in government, church, volunteers and memberships of voluntary associations.
  • Advocacy for various causes, such as political, economic, civil, environmental or quality of life issues.
historical roots
Historical roots……

Blueprint for democracy in 1787 by the ratification of

the United States Constitution.

historical roots continued
Historical roots continued……..

In the 1960s, Civic Responsibility became more popular.

People relied on each other in order to correct injustices and achieve greatness.

  • opposition to the war in Vietnam
  • organizations to fight environmental pollution
importance of civic responsibility
Importance of civic responsibility…..

Citizens ensure and uphold democratic values written in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • Values or duties include justice, freedom, equality, diversity, authority, privacy, due process, property, participation, truth, patriotism, human rights, rule of law, tolerance, mutual assistance, self restraint and self respect.
  • Schools teach civic responsibility to produce responsible citizens and active participants in community and government.
service learning
Service learning……
  • Citizens participate in projects to help or serve the needs of other people.
  • Citizens experience the value and impact of giving to people
  • Citizens learn to be productive members of society.

These are all positive aspects of Civic Responsibility.


Giving of time or labor without the expectation of monetary compensation.

  • Many people volunteer through local churches, animal shelters or food banks.
  • Volunteering allows citizens the opportunity to share their skills and talents as well as learn new skills while helping those in need of assistance.
benefits to civic service