Good morning scientists
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Good Morning, Scientists, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Morning, Scientists,.

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Good morning scientists
Good Morning, Scientists,

Today we will continue to work on our electricity unit. Please finish the electricity booklets that you started on Friday. If you have finished, please read silently at your desk. If you are working on your poem, you can do that after you have finished your electricity booklets.

Good morning newscasters
Good Morning, Newscasters

  • On your desk is a sentence strip. You are going to write a headline about YOU. It can be about something you did over the weekend, a trip you went on with your parents, an activity you are involved in after school…The headline is about YOU. For example, if you went on a trip it might be “Student Turns a Family trip into History, or if you love to read, “Fourth Grade Student Meets Reading Goal. Please do not share them with anyone and put them on my desk.

  • Tomorrow we will try to guess who they belong to.

Writing prompt
Writing Prompt

Think about the book you are reading-either social issues or independent. Answer the prompt below:

If you were going to give an award to character in the book, what would it be and WHY? For example, in the book, Mr. Terupt, I would give him the “teacher of the year” award because he never gets mad at his students and tries to make learning fun.

Good morning
Good Morning,

Today is our class trip. In your Writers Notebook, I would like you to answer the prompt:

If you were going to give a third grade student advise about how to behave on a class trip, what would it be? Place a star next to the most important piece of advice.

Good morning1
Good Morning

What a wonderful day today will be. Yesterday was our class trip. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Please write a chronological summary of the day. (like a timeline).