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GW 101 SUPPORTING ACADEMIC SUCCESS IN COLLEGE. GW101: Supporting Academic Success. Tracy Arwari , Ph.D., Ed.D . GW Librarians Becky Gardner Dan Grover John Lesniak. Advice from the Cabinet. What was the biggest difference between high school and GW?

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Gw 101 supporting academic success in college

GW 101


Gw101 supporting academic success

GW101: Supporting Academic Success

Tracy Arwari, Ph.D., Ed.D.

GW Librarians

Becky Gardner

Dan Grover

John Lesniak

Advice from the cabinet
Advice from the Cabinet

  • What was the biggest difference between high school and GW?

  • What’s one tip that parents should give to their students?

What can your student do now to prepare
What can your student do now to prepare?

  • After registration, order or rent books online

  • Create a study schedule

  • Buy a calendar and organize assignments/ tests

  • Buy a good pair of headphones!

Student schedules
Student schedules

  • What commitments might your student have?

    • Student organizations

    • Jobs

    • Sports

    • Service projects

    • SLEEP! 

  • Everybody makes choices – what will your student’s be?

Academic resources faculty
Academic resources: Faculty

  • Role of faculty

  • What are office hours and why do they matter?

  • What are some advantages to developing a professional relationship with faculty?

  • How to communicate with professors

Academic resources emailing a professor
Academic resources: Emailing a professor

What to do

Hey T-dawg,

So I like had some qsabt what we talked about yesterday can I come talk to you plz??!!

Wanna get some coffee and hang? Maybe I’ll even understand what ur saying! LOLZ



Dear Professor Arwari,

How are you? I hope you’re having a good day!

I had some more questions about what we covered in class yesterday (the past subjunctive) and would like to make an appointment during your office hours. What would be a convenient time to come by?

Thanks for your help and I’ll see you soon.


John Smith

What NOT to do

Academic resources talking with professors
Academic resources: Talking with professors

  • How should your student approach professors?

  • What could they talk about?

  • Let’s see how it’s done!

Academic resources faculty guides faculty in residence
Academic resources: Faculty Guides & Faculty-in-Residence

  • 9faculty guides & 9faculty-in-residence

  • Create programming that brings intellectual discourse into the residence halls

  • Goals of the program:

    • Make faculty more approachable

    • Show students how to engage with faculty

    • Demonstrate the value of extracurricular learning (Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom!)

Academic resources academic advisors
Academic resources: Academic advisors

  • How is your student’s academic advisor different from a high school guidance counselor?

  • Four year relationship

  • When (and why) should you contact your student’s academic advisor?

University academic resources
University academic resources:

  • The Writing Center

  • The Tutoring Initiative

  • The Language Center

  • Disability Support Services

  • Office of Academic Integrity

Academic resources gelman eckles libraries
Academic resources:Gelman & Eckles Libraries

  • How can your student get help?

    • Walk in

    • IM (anonymously too!)

    • Personal research appointments

  • Gelman is open 24-7!

  • Where should your student study?

    • Study carrels

    • Group study rooms

    • Quiet areas

    • Conversation areas

Other university resources
Other university resources

  • Resident Advisors

  • UCC stress management workshops

  • Exercise Science stress management classes

How to help your student and others
How to help your student(and others!)

  • What happens when your student gets off-track?

  • Look out for one another

  • CARE Network

    • Who submits a CARE form?

    • Who is in the CARE Network?

    • What happens next?

    • Visit:

Do you have questions we have answers
Do you have questions? We have answers!

  • For more information, feel free to contact

  • Good luck for a fantastic and successful year ahead!