gile s sequential model of translation n.
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Gile’s Sequential Model of Translation PowerPoint Presentation
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Gile’s Sequential Model of Translation

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Gile’s Sequential Model of Translation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gile’s Sequential Model of Translation. by: Jessica and Thomas. Translation: linear or not? That is the question. NOT!!! Instead its more of a Back-and-Forth movement between the stages:. Comprehension. Reformulation. Two Stage Model of Translation. Comprehension. Reformulation.

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translation linear or not that is the question
Translation: linear or not? That is the question
  • NOT!!!
  • Instead its more of a Back-and-Forth movement between the stages:



two stage model of translation
Two Stage Model of Translation



welcome to comprehension
Welcome to Comprehension
  • Step one:
  • Establish a
    • Temporarily assigning a meaning to the part of text being worked on
    • Meaning based on:
      • What you already about the topic
      • What you can logically infer
      • What you can find out

meaning hypothesis

Step two:
  • Check the meaning hypothesis for
    • Does it make sense in this context
  • NOTE:
    • errors can occur if you read the text too fast or do not have the background knowledge to fully understand the text


Are you satisfied that the meaning hypothesis is plausible…?
  • Great because now we and move to

phase 2…

The Reformulation Phase

welcome to reformulation
Welcome to Reformulation
  • Verbalize the of the text to the target language
  • Check to make sure:
    • Relevant information is included
    • Extraneous information is not included
  • A must:
    • Check the target language version of the text for correct terminology and style


Of course nobody’s perfect so there . be some areas of the text that are not acceptable
    • In which you will then continue the process until the results are grammatically acceptable and plausible