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Meeting in Madrid 22 nd – 23 rd March 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Meeting in Madrid 22 nd – 23 rd March 2012

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Meeting in Madrid 22 nd – 23 rd March 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meeting in Madrid 22 nd – 23 rd March 2012. SEAP development CB6 –. SEAP development. 4 – municipalities: Trakovice, Malženice, Pobedím, Chtelnica. SEAP development.

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SEAP development

4 – municipalities:

Trakovice, Malženice, Pobedím, Chtelnica


SEAP development

Since some of the municipalities has entered into CoM according to regulations one year ago, we had to ask for prolongation of the time for elaborating of SEAP.


SEAP development

Individual procedures during elaboration:

- From the page of CoM we have loaded all necessary documentation, including guide-book about elaborating of SEAP.

- We have begun with collecting of the data in individual municipalities and we have entered the data into data sheets.

- We have begun with collecting of the individual historical data.

- We know what are the investment plans from the point of view of the mayors of the cities.




- We have never elaborated SEAP and now we will be elaborating it for 4 municipalities;

- We have the oldest data only from year 2004 a Kyoto protocol is from the year 1990 and in the years 1990 - 2003 there was done a lot of investments in the Slovak republic, but it will be difficult to achieve decreasing about 20% till the year 2020;

- In the Slovak republic there were only 2 municipalities till now, which entered into CoM, from which SEAP is approved only form Nitra town, from this reason it is not easy to find some examples of best practices how to elaborate SEAP.




We can see two examples of SEAP elaboration:

Nitra ☼


Moldava nad Bodovou ☼

Which of them is elaborated correctly?



We have one advantage:

Mayors of the cities have big interest on the elaborating of SEAP and are at our disposal.

Our team has also interest on correct elaboration of the SEAP.