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The Weiss Salmon Project

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The Weiss Salmon Project. Mr. Jeffrey R. Bouwman Frank E. Weiss Elementary Gibraltar School District. Weiss Salmon Project. Student Perspective. Brendan Yaramus. Noel Brown. AWESOME PROJECT. Your stakeholders are going to LOVE this project!

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the weiss salmon project

The Weiss Salmon Project

Mr. Jeffrey R. Bouwman

Frank E. Weiss Elementary

Gibraltar School District

student perspective
Student Perspective

Brendan Yaramus

Noel Brown

awesome project
  • Your stakeholders are going to LOVE this project!
  • Promote your project in school newsletters, the local newspaper, at the county level, and on your website.
  • Many parents are more than willing to help out. Teach them how to lead the students in testing, tracking data, and tank cleaning. This frees up time for you!
  • #Memorable!Many students will never have the chance to experience a simulation like this.
funding ideas
Funding Ideas
  • Place a donation bucket somewhere in your school.
  • Ask your PTO to sponsor your project.
  • Look for grants.
  • Ask a local environmental group for sponsorship.
  • Ask a local fishing store for sponsorship.
  • Ask the local aquarium store for a discount price in exchange for promotion.
tank testing
  • Have the students test the tank!
  • Get a plastic medicine syringe (10 ml) from a pharmacy - great for drawing water!
  • Learn the nitrogen cycle! Pay close attention to ammonia and nitrite! Try to keep these at 0 ppm.
  • Record your water parameters and tank cleans on a Microsoft Excel or Google Drive Spreadsheet.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to the local aquarium guru for advice.
water changes
Water Changes
  • My water change formula (5 gallon bucket)
    • Water conditioner (remove chlorines and metals)
    • pH 7.0 powder (helps keep your pH at 7.0)
    • Bacteria supplement
    • A very small amount of aquarium salt
    • Use a high pressure hose to stir the water up good.
    • If you can, let the water sit outside to get cold.
    • I do not go straight from the faucet to the tank.
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Not every egg/fish is going to survive!
  • It is NO FUN pulling multiple dead fish out of the tank.
  • It’s horrible when all of your fish die. It’s happened to me!
  • Avoid an gravel filtration system. Just vacuum as needed. Get a vacuum with a longer tube or a glove.
  • Rinse your new filtration carbon and rings in dirty water.
  • Keep as much water as you can at the end of the year!

Jeff Bouwman

Fifth Grade Teacher

Weiss Elementary

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