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`How to sell online PowerPoint Presentation
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`How to sell online

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`How to sell online
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`How to sell online

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  1. How to sell online

  2. In association with The ABC’s of Ecommerece and Dropshipping Success Practical guide how to start and run a successful online store and ecommerce business

  3. The benefits of selling online • Reduced operating costs • Access to global marketplace • 24 Hour business • Increased customer information • Simplified sales processes

  4. So how to sell online?

  5. Easy

  6. 1) Decide what products to sell online 2) Find a supplier 3) Create an online store 4) Add products to your store 5) Get visitors to it 6) Optimize your online store for the search engines 7) Enjoy

  7. 1. Deciding what products to sell online To have success with your online store, you need to sell the products that buyers need. For this, you need to do a marketing research, to see what products are demanded by buyers. Tools like Google adwords, SubmitExpress Keytracker , Worldtracker, etc can help you see which are the most searched queries on the internet, thus giving you valuable information about the type of product you need to sell. The more “searched” a product is, the higher its demand is.

  8. 2. Finding a supplier Now that you know what type of products to sell, find a supplier for that particular product. If you have a brick and mortar store and already have that product for sale, than you may skip this step. Good suppliers that do dropshipping can be found on aliexpress.com, alibaba.com, dhgate.com, worldwidebrands.com, doba.com, etc.

  9. 3. Creating an online store You can create your online store in 2 ways, either on a stand-alone website or on an online marketplace. Creating an online store using a stand alone website is a little bit more complicated but it is more rewarding and gives you more freedom. For this you need to buy a domain name, buy hosting and install a shopping cart software. Among the best shopping cart software are OsCommerce, ZenCart,Prestashop, Magento, Cubecart, etc On the other hand, If you want to sell on an online marketplace, than you just need register for an account and your online store is ready.

  10. 4. Adding products to your store After you have created your online store, you need to add products to it, so buyers could buy them. Keep in mind to write good description and to provide good images of your products, as these are the key elements in getting more sales.

  11. 5. Getting visitors to your online store Visitors, or traffic, how they are usually called in the webmaster world, are the most vital component of any website or online store. You can get visitors from search engines, price comparison websites, web directories, videos, forums, blogs, paid ads, etc.

  12. 6. Optimizing your online store Optimizing your online store for the search engines, or SEO if we speak in online marketing terms, is the process of optimizing your online store to get a better placement in the search results page. The better your position in the search results page, the more traffic you will get so this is a very important step in getting more visitors. SEO is usually divided in offpage seo and onpage seo.

  13. 7. Sell your products and enjoy After you have done all of the above, you can relax and enjoy how your products are being sold.

  14. To get more information about how to sell online, please read The ABC’s of Ecommerece and Dropshipping Success Practical guide how to start and run a successful online store and ecommerce business

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