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Here you can find everything, that will help you ,to take your loved ones. We also provide ecare tips for your appliances.

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ecare tip | ecare tips

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  1. eCareTips We are here to say that we CARE…

  2. How To Take Care Of Your Washing Machine • Don’t overload the washer. • Do not spill detergent or any chemical around laundry appliance. • Drain water. • Clear all the elements. • Utilize it gently.

  3. How To Take Care Of Your Microwave Oven • Keep your microwave clean. • Do not use microwave oven for deep frying and canning. • Avoid utilizing scouring pads, metal pans or aluminum foils for a smoother operation. • Always utensils which are mentioned in user’s guide.

  4. How To Take Care Of Your Refrigerator • Manage the refrigerator’s temperature ranges. • Clean the space inside a refrigerator . • Always maintain a space in among the items stored in fridge. • Always keep refrigerator a few inches away from the wall.

  5. Tips To Caring For Your Digital Piano • Don’t plug the piano into an outlet having other high-power appliance. • Protecting from Dust and Hair. • Turn the Piano Off When Not in Use. • Don’t Consume anywhere near the Piano. • Avoid place with immediate sunlight, or wild swings in temperature or humidity.

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