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WP 2. European ECV Capability and structured ECV Process. Jörg Schulz, EUMETSAT. WP 2 Partners and Tasks . Partners: EUMETSAT * , ITC, ECMWF, DWD, VITO, FMI, MTF Task 2.1 Analysis of ECV capability and prioritisation for GMES climate services;

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WP 2

European ECV Capability and structured ECV Process

Jörg Schulz, EUMETSAT

wp 2 partners and tasks
WP 2 Partners and Tasks
  • Task 2.1 Analysis of ECV capability and prioritisation for GMES climate services;
  • Task 2.2 Preparation of a white book for structured process to derive ECV data records
major external events since kick off
Major External Events since Kick-Off
  • International Space week consisting of 3 meetings (Geneva 18-22 Feb 2013):
    • Architecture for space-based climate monitoring group
    • CEOS WG Climate
    • SCOPE-CM Executive Panel
  • GCOS Data Needs for Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change (Offenbach, 26-28 Feb 2013)
  • WCRP Data Advisory Council (Darmstadt, 4-5 Mar 2013)
  • GCOS AOPC (Geneva, 2-4 Apr 2013)
  • Major Points with relevance to CORE-CLIMAX:
  • CGMS/CEOS Data Record Inventory
  • Maturity Matrix Concept
  • Data Set Quality Assessments
  • New phase-2 SCOPE-CM projects
wp 2 sub meeting on 19 march at eumetsat
WP 2 sub meeting on 19 March at EUMETSAT
  • We defined three elements for a capability assessment:
    • Data Record Inventories that contain technical specifications and also links to documented information on quality;
    • A System Maturity Matrix (SMM) that evaluates if the production of the ECV CDR follows best practices for science, engineering and utilisation;
    • An Application Performance Matrix (APM) that evaluates the performance of an ECV CDR with respect to a specific application.
  • In addition User Requirements for each application, Technical Specifications and validation and/or data quality assessment results for each record are needed to ‘measure’ the performance.
ceos cgms ecv inventory questionnaire
CEOS/CGMS ECV Inventory Questionnaire
  • Joint activity of CEOS, CGMS and WMO in 2012;
  • Questionnaire form – addresses both existing and planned capabilities for data records in two separate questionnaires;
  • Areas:
    • General
    • Dataset Usage
    • Dataset Stewardship
    • Dataset Properties
    • Dataset Access
  • Results should describe the current and planned global capability on an ECV basis;
  • ECV inventory now contains ~ 215 records submitted for responsible organizations
  • CORE-CLIMAX uses it as a starting point on what data records are involved.
ex core climax maturity matrix discussion
  • CEOS WG meeting brought major points to the table from NOAA, ESA and GHRSST;
  • CORE-CLIMAX was offered and agreed to function as facilitator for further discussion during this year;
  • All players have slightly different targets for their development, i.e., different matrices may exist;
  • Agreement was on the fact what the maturity matrix can ‘measure’ and what not;
new smm outline
New SMM Outline
  • Removed NOAA language;
  • Increased overall consistency of levels;
  • Introduced a feedback mechanism;
  • Attempted the usage for in situ data;
  • Etc.
  • Lets have a look. -> Excel File
prerequisites and needs for the application performance matrix
Prerequisites and Needs for theApplication Performance Matrix
  • Needs useful User Requirements for an application that ideally provide 3 levels (breakthrough, target and optimum);
  • Needs useful technical specification and published validation results (ideally from data set quality assessments) for products assessed;
  • Need a weighting scheme for the columns as importance is different for different applications;
  • Need to define a function that maps distance to User Requirement into index 1-6;
  • Should jointly be populated by expert on data product and expert for application;
  • Result shall be an understandable message on the use of a data record for an application.
example mid tropospheric temperature trend
Example: Mid-Tropospheric Temperature Trend

Product Technical Specification

1 anomalies are considered

Requirements Table (ART) – Trend Analysis – Mid Tropospheric Temperature

example mid tropospheric temperature trend1
Example: Mid-Tropospheric Temperature Trend

Leroy et al., 2008, J. Clim.

33 years

35 years

46 years

potential mapping function
Potential Mapping Function
  • In this case the mapping shall be based on the signal to noise ratio;
  • Following Ohring et al. (2005) a signal to noise of 5 is fulfilling the stability and random uncertainty requirement;
  • The mapping could be:
core climax capability assessment workshop
CORE-CLIMAX Capability Assessment Workshop
  • Workshop is to:
    • Perform a self assessment using the new capability assessment tools and GCOS guidelines of each participating data record;
    • Perform independent (our SAG, ourselves and external experts) assessment of the same data records;
    • Discuss the assessment outcome differences and find consensus on the result;
    • Integrate the results into an electronic data base for EC and Copernicus;
  • The workshop shall discuss the initial report on the capability for the European Commission;
  • Proposed workshop date and venue: 21-23 January 2014 @ EUMETSAT