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Welcome to The Annual Regional GM's Meeting January 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to The Annual Regional GM's Meeting January 2013

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Welcome to The Annual Regional GM's Meeting January 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to The Annual Regional GM's Meeting January 2013. Agenda. Training Goal Central Training Division Organization Chart 2012 Training Achievement by HR department 2012 Training Achievement by Training Department. 2013 Training activities (Internal & External) 2013 Goals.

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  • Training Goal
  • Central Training Division Organization Chart
  • 2012 Training Achievement by HR department
  • 2012 Training Achievement by Training Department.
  • 2013 Training activities (Internal & External)
  • 2013 Goals
training goal
Training Goal

To develop our employees competenciesto be able to achieve the company mission statement.

Competencies= Knowledge + Skill + Behavior

2012 training activities
2012 Training Activities
  • 2012 training Achievement by HR Department.

2012 Training Activities

Handled by HR Department

Training Provided by :

Ministry of tourism Training Program.

E- Cristal training.

Jaz Academy Training.

Green Star Training.

Authorities .


2012 Training Activities

Handled by HR Department.

41.12 % from our team members joined the following training

Housekeeping Skills Development .

F&B Skills Development .

Food Safety HACCP .

Leadership Training .

Stewarding Skills Development .

Front Office Skills Development .

English Course . 109 TM. Joined


Total 2012 Training Achievement

Total Numbers Joined . 1151

Total Hours per employee . 12.14

% from YTD Team members . 59 .39

Total Hours


2012 training activities1
2012 Training Activities
  • 2012 training Achievement by Training Department.
2013 training activities
2013 Training Activities

Management Support Program.

Train the Trainer Program.

Other 2013 Training Activities.

Management Training Program for EAM position.

ECA Corporate Membership.

2013 management support program
2013 Management Support Program

This program will include three levels of Managers, giving them the supporting tools to achieve their Goals through others smoothly on Time.

2013 management support program1
2013 Management Support Program

These three levels are:

Basic Supervision: Subjects discussed in the Class will be; Floor Control, Planning, Active Management, Effective Communication and Bases of Time Management.

Intermediate Management: Subjects to be covered are; Training, Scheduling, Departmental Planning, Time Management, 3way Communication, 3F, 3C, Handling Complaints and Interviewing Skills.

Advanced Management:Subjects to be covered separately; Organizational Planning, Decision Making, Team Building, People Development & Evaluation, Productivity and Budgeting.

2013 ttt program
2013 TTT Program

This is a program to produce Departmental Trainers to carry on Teaching, Training and correcting our employees based on the company’s Rules, Regulations and Standards.

Starts by a 4 day Class including workshops.

Trainers will learn about; communication skills, Presentation skills, Floor control, Time Management, Planning, Method of Training and Training Recording.

Three months evaluation period by the Hotel Management.

At least 6 Training sessions to be conducted monthly during the evaluation period.

A professional project to be presented by the participant within three months.

A Certificate to be issued based on the evaluation during the class and by the hotel throughout the evaluation period.

2013 ttt program1
2013 TTT Program

Characteristics of a Trainer:

I– Excellent Performer

II- Has a clear file

III- High Communicator

other training activities 2013
Other Training Activities2013

1. Basic Training for R&F and SV level

  • Orientation
  • Interacting with guests
  • Basic Comm. & Tele. Handling
  • Complaint Handling
  • Basics of Behavior
  • Business Etiquette
  • Breakage Control
  • IQ for Wowing our Guest..
  • F&B skills
  • Stew Skills
  • HK Skills
  • Basic General English for Hotels
  • Johnson Diversey – Jaz Academy
  • Egyptian Chefs Association
  • Life Guard and First Aid
  • e-Cristal Training ..
training activities 2013
Training Activities2013

2. Supervisory Training

  • Building Supervisors
  • Adv. Comm. skills for SVs..
  • CHDT..

3. Managerial Training

  • HACCP for Management
  • F&B for Management
  • FO for Management
  • Marketing is everybody job
  • Leadership for Management
  • IDI
  • Egyptian Chefs Association..
  • Adv. Bus. Etiquette & Protocol
  • Time Management & Delegation
  • Motivation & People Model
  • Conflict Management
  • Advanced Train The Trainer
  • Adv. Business Writing Workshop..
the management training program
The Management Training Program
  • MTP Main Objective:
  • Our Department heads are the second line and the future managers, they need to be ready to take over.
  • The First step in the HIGH management level is the “EAM” position –Every EAM should be a potential Hotel Manager with a solid background.
  • The Following Policy is tailored to achieve the above target.
  • Performance Appraisal form
  • The First Assessment Test
  • Tailor made Personal Development Plan
2012 achievements the management training program
2012 Achievements The Management Training Program
  • 4. Management Training Program:
  • This is the “on job” training andthe duration spent in each department is based on the Management Trainee’s background.
  • The average duration is approximately (+/-) as follows:
2012 achievements the management training program1
2012 Achievements The Management Training Program
  • 5. Actual Individual skills training record (2 forms)
  • 6. Essential off job training (Planned twice a year)
  • Advanced Business Writing
  • Time Management and Delegation
  • Motivation and People Model
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership by ETF
  • Modern Management & Strategic Management by ETF (Optional)
  • Plus English Placement test – AUC (level 10 as a minimum and subject to JHR GM approval)
  • 7. Online Assessment
egyptian chefs association
Egyptian Chefs Association
  • How can you benefit from your ECA Corporate Membership?
  • You will only benefit when you make use of your membership = participate!
  • Benefits of Participating:
  • Staff motivation
  • Improves food standards
  • Investment in training = less staff turnover
  • Staff turnover is more expensive than the price of training
  • Chefs like to work at places which are active and participate to ECA events

2012 achievements egyptian chefs association
2012 Achievements Egyptian Chefs Association
  • Corporate Membership entitelments:
  • Discounted member prices for all ECA services
    • Automatic notification of all ECA activities.
    • Recognition and Free on line recruitment on ECA website
    • Announcement of kitchen promotions and other news in ECA Publications.
2013 plan goals
2013 Plan Goals

Merging the 2 regions in the company in regards to Training

Increase number of trainees and consequently number of training hours.Emphasizing on the 30 EDT program

Continue in the Sexual Harassment Campaign Till March 2013.  

Emphasize on Service Excellence. 

Continuous assurance on Communications Skills. 

Continue with Sustainability.

Others if any.