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Allusion Hunt!

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Allusion Hunt!

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  1. Allusion Hunt! Connotations 6th Grade Ms. Lukacs

  2. Greenwich’ Connecticut Greenwich is a town on the suburb of Connecticut. The town is home to several hedge funds and it was ranked #1 place to live in money magazine. It was also ranked #1 in the “Biggest earner” catagory By money magazine!

  3. Mah-jong Mitchell Mazza • My allusion was Mah-jong. An allusion is something that refers to the past. Mah-jong is a Chinese tile game. It is pretty similar to rummy. 2-6 people can play. This is a great example of an allusion because it is something that was played in the past. Even though people still play is today they don’t play it as much as they did in earlier years.

  4. American Automobile Association Clara Papenfuse I looked up American Automobile Association on page 4. It’s known to me that it involves tour and transportation groups. What it specializes is something I’d like to know. When I looked it up on world book online and found it’s now called Triple A and helps travelers.

  5. Transistor Radio William Halbert A transmitter radio can be useful. First, it is a battery powered radio. Therefore the transistor radio can be portable. Also, it is small enough to be moved around. This radio is helpful to Claudia and Jamie to play music or get the news.

  6. Woolworth’s Sophia Hoagland My allusion was “Woolworth’s” from the sentence in chapter 1 of From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I knew from the context in the book that Woolworth’s must be a store of some kind, but I didn’t know what kind of store. I did my research in the library and discovered that Woolworth’s was founded by two brothers with the last name Woolworth. It was established in New York at first, but then moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was a five-and-dime store, which meant it sold a lot of things that cost five cents and ten cents. Examples of what Woolworth’s sold were clothing, bedding, footwear, kitchenware, jewelry, furniture, and consumer electronics.

  7. Neanderthal Man Tyler Quigley In the book “The Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankwiler, I was assigned to tell what a Neanderthal man is. Well, when I looked it up, I found that Neanderthal men was a man belonging to a group of prehistoric people who lived in caves in Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia in the early Stone Age. Neanderthals were also well adapted to the cold climate during the time of the Ice Age. The name neanderthal came from the Neander Valley in Germany, where the first neanderthal fossils were found.

  8. Electric Percolator Kate Connelly I am researching the electric percolator. Before I did my research I had a basic idea of what it was. I figured that it was some type of coffee brewer. I knew this because the word is also used in a book called The Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I had figured out from the text what the electric percolator is. What I wanted to know, was what it really is, not what I think it is. During my research I learned that the electric percolator is a type of pot. This pot is used to brew coffee.

  9. Traveler’s CheckOrion Dinh I found out that a Traveler’s Check was special type of check that you can use anywhere, but you have to sign it when you buy it and then sign it where you’re using it to for identification verification. Traveler’s Checks can be used throughout the whole world because the issuing bank guarantees payment. The bank also replaces lost and stolen checks.

  10. Chancellor of the Exchequer John Helm I found out that Chancellor of exchequer is a job in the government. An exchequer is a treasurer in the United Kingdom. A treasurer is a person who manages the money and spends the money for vacations, trips, and taxes for the company. A chancellor is a given title to a government worker. If a worker is a good employee then they will get this title to show it. So the words Chancellor of the Exchequer means “A good working treasurer”.

  11. AutomatTyler Quigley An automat was a place people would go to to get different kinds of food, like pastries, pies, and sandwiches. To get the food, you would have to put the coins in the vending machine. Then, the microwave like doors would open, and you would take the food out and do whatever you want with it. Some automats in New York were replaced by Burger Kings. Automats were founded by Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart. This ide was very popular in 1902, when it was founded, and in 1912, when the buildings moved to Manhattan.

  12. Madison Avenue Madison Avenue is a avenue in New York City. It was not in the original street grid established of New York City. The avenue also travels from Madison Square to Madison Avenue Bridge! Madison avenue was actually named after Madison Square!

  13. Fifth Avenue Kate Connelly At first I thought that fifth avenue was a street in New York. I wanted to know if it really was in New York. After searching for information I found out that it is technically in Manhattan, NY.

  14. Italian RenaissanceMitchell Mazza The Italian Renaissance was a cultural movement that began in Italy in the early 1300s. It also spread to other countries such as Spain and England. During the Renaissance many European scholars and artists studied the art of Ancient Greece and Rome. They wanted to capture the spirit of the Roman and Greek cultures. This period overlapped the Middle Ages. The Renaissance leaders rejected many of the ideas and thoughts that came from the Middle Age.

  15. Michelangelo William Halbert Michelangelo is a very famous artist from the Italian Renaissance and High Renaissance periods. He was a sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and a engineer. Rome, Italy was the city that he did this artwork in and where he lived most of his life. Michelangelo, Italy is where he was born and grew up. Sadly, after 89 years of age Michelangelo died in Rome, Italy. Now, always be aware of the paintings you are looking at because plenty of his work has been is lost and some of it has been found lately.

  16. Rockefeller CenterOrion Dinh The Rockefeller Center was founded by a wealthy business named, John Davison Rockefeller, Junior. The Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 commercial buildings that takes up about 22 acres and is between 48th Street and 51st Street in New York. The Rockefeller Center is also open from 7 am 12 am.

  17. “the mountain had come to Mohammed”Clarissa Papenfuse “The mountain had come to Mohammed” originates from the saying of an English writer “the mountain won’t come to Mohammed so Mohammed must go to the mountain,” but means the opposite. In the book, Claudia and Jamie want a school group to come to them and get what they want. This is unlike the saying, where Mohammed doesn’t have it come to him so he has to go to it.

  18. John Helm Chock Full O’ Nuts is a coffee shop in Manhattan, New York. Chock Full O’ nuts opened in 1926 and is still open today. In the earlier days it was a little café in New York now they ship coffee around the world online. It was mainly known for its Coffee and Breakfast for people in no rush in New York. This Coffee store chain use to just be in New York but has spread around the world. The founder of these little stores was named William Black and is dead today. Its an okay allusion because it existed back then but It also exists today.

  19. Sophia Hoagland IBM is a major computer technology company. IBM stands for International Business Machine Corporation. I guess the corporation part was dropped in the abbreviation. IBM came from the company Computing-Tabulating-Recording. It then adopted the name IBM in 1924. IBM started to sell computers and mainframes in the 1950s, and started selling personal computers in 1981. In 2005, IBM sold its PC division to Lenovo Group Limited.