Multnomah education service district
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Multnomah Education Service District. P-Card Recertification 2008-09. Agenda. P-Card News P-Card Process Notes Bank of America WORKS What would you do?. P-Card News. New This Year. Transaction limit raised to $5,000 Increased emphasis on use of P-Cards Monthly random audits

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Multnomah education service district

Multnomah Education Service District

P-Card Recertification



  • P-Card News

  • P-Card Process Notes

  • Bank of America WORKS

  • What would you do?

New this year
New This Year

  • Transaction limit raised to $5,000

  • Increased emphasis on use of P-Cards

  • Monthly random audits

  • No more paper-based Manuals

Also new this year
Also New This Year

  • Bank of America WORKS

    • Online processing of P-Card transaction data

    • Integrated with IFAS

    • No more Departmental P-Card Logs

A new p card team too
A New P-Card Team, Too!

  • Don Hicks, Purchasing: x 1518

  • Cathi VanDamme, Business: x 1794

    Please call if you have any questions!

P card manual and reference on the intranet
P-Card Manual and Reference on the Intranet


P card process notes

P-Card Process Notes

It’s an Ongoing Learning Experience!

The purchase card process
The Purchase Card Process

  • Get 3 quotes if the total amount is more than $5,000

  • You place the order directly

  • Vendor is paid immediately

  • Vendor delivers item directly to department

  • You retain receipts, quotes, pack slips & invoices

Making purchases
Making Purchases

  • For MESD business purposes only

  • Never use your card for personal expenditures, for cash advances, or to obtain “store credit”

  • You may not use the card to purchase restricted items

Purchase incentives are not allowed
Purchase Incentives Are Not Allowed

  • Examples include but not limited to:

    • Rebates, gift cards, two-for-one purchases and spend rewards.

    • Give your work phone number when requested for a phone number while using the P-Card

  • It’s your department’s responsibility to assure that any incentive reward money is the property of MESD.

Things you should never do
Things You Should Never Do

  • Never put your full card number, your social security number, or your date of birth in an email or email attachment

  • Never allow another person to use your card

  • Never split a purchase in order to circumvent established limits

Program review monthly audits
Program ReviewMonthly Audits

  • Business Servicesconducts monthly audits to monitor compliance with agency policy on purchasing, card usage, record keeping and ethics.

  • The findings will be communicated to P-Card Users, Supervisors & Directors

Program review audit comments
Program Review Audit Comments

  • Acceptable receipts

    • Invoice

    • Register Receipt

    • Web Page Print Out

  • An acceptable receipt must include

    • Vendor Name

    • Amount

    • Date

    • Itemized description of item(s) purchased

Program review audit comments travel expenses
Program ReviewAudit CommentsTravel Expenses

  • Before the trip

    • Obtain department approval

    • Make lodging arrangements

    • Purchase airfare

    • Create a trip receipt file and a transaction log

  • During the trip

    • Record daily expenses on transaction log

    • Retain receipt

  • After the trip

    • Submit transaction log and receipts to designated departmental staff

Always remember
Always Remember

  • P-Card use is a privilege, not a right!

Works instructions
WORKS Instructions

  • Handout copies found at


Your descriptions
Your Descriptions

  • By default, your transaction descriptions will contain the phrase “Vendor Name – Purchase”

    • Ex.: “Office Depot – Purchase”

  • You need to highlight the ENTIRE description and type over the “Vendor Name – Purchase”

    • Ex: “Supplies for Admin. Mtg.”

What would you do

What would you do?

A team exercise!

Question 1
Question 1

  • You want to buy some beautiful handmade paperweights as prizes for children in one of your programs. It’s only going to cost you $100 to buy a hundred! The guy who makes and sells the paperweights is your secretary’s oldest son, and he accepts P-Cards. Do you use your P-Card to buy them?

Question 2
Question 2

  • You need to buy two overhead projectors for a meeting you’re holding. They cost $3,000, each. If your card transaction limit is $5,000, how are you going to get the projectors in time for the meeting?

Question 3
Question 3

  • You accidentally left your receipt in your pants pocket—the pants that are in the washing machine, right now! What are you going to do about it?

Question 4
Question 4

  • Computers “R” Us is having a sale on a printer that your boss desperately needs. They’re half-off, only costing $3,720, which, for these printers, is a really cool deal. In fact, your boss is ready to go out and buy it this very afternoon with his P-Card! What advice would you give him?

Question 5
Question 5

  • You bought some office supplies over the phone from a locally-owned store with your P-Card two weeks before Christmas. The next day, the store owner, who is the nicest woman you’ve ever met, delivers you the supplies, along with a beautiful fruitcake. What would you do?