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Matt Costa

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Matt Costa. By Ryan Barton. Introduction to Matt Costa. Singer/ Song writer. Born and Raised in California 29 years old 5 Albums recorded Signed with Bushfire records. . Early Life:. Played multiple instruments Including Piano, guitar, and trumpet

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matt costa

Matt Costa

By Ryan Barton

introduction to matt costa
Introduction to Matt Costa
  • Singer/ Song writer.
  • Born and Raised in California
  • 29 years old
  • 5 Albums recorded
  • Signed with Bushfire records.
early life
Early Life:
  • Played multiple instruments
      • Including
        • Piano, guitar, and trumpet
  • Ambitions to become a professional skateboarder.
  • Grew up in Orange County California.
  • Known for his wild imagination
matt costa took part on a few skateboarding movies
Matt Costa, took part on a few skateboarding movies.

Matt says he first learned to express himself through skateboarding.

cold december
Cold December
  • Cold December was written and is performed by Matt Costa himself. The song was written in the early 2000’s. The song captures the emotions of being separated from someone you love. The song is about a couple that breaks up and one of the lovers is realizing the loneliness without their companion. The song expresses the human emotions of doubt and remorse. The narrator of the song expresses the analytical properties involved when someone breaks up.
cold december continued
Cold December Continued…
  • The narrator thinks of all of the things that he could not see at the time but now has a perfect recollection of the things they could have changed in their relationship to make it last. Although the song is about a sad situation, it has a tone of happiness as though the mere thought of the previous relationship brings happiness into our lives.
mr pitiful
Mr. Pitiful

A song of dilapidated dreams

  • Unfamiliar Faces
  • One of Matt Costa’s most famous songs
  • Two Friends
    • One friend lived life for himself
    • One friend lived the “American dream”
  • The one friend wants the other to stop pretending and live his dream, rather than everyone else’s
mr pitiful1
Mr. Pitiful

One of Matt Costas most famous renditions.

mr pitiful2
Musical breakdown


  • 0:01-0:09 Piano solo introduction, plays the tone and rhythm of the song.
  • 0:09-0:21 Lead singer begins singing. Hits the word “Pit” really hard followed by a short pause. Sings “who let you down” 3 times but holds the word “down” for the last repetition. There is a slight pause in the after the first time he sings it.
  • 0:21-0:23. Quick piano solo to introduce the next lyrics.
  • 0:23-0:28 Piano continues playing melody by itself, Vocals are sung by the lead singer.
  • Oh Mr. Pit, Mr. Pit, Mr. Pitiful
  • Who let you down? (x3)
  • You still don’t believe, don’t believe, you don’t believe, and your grievances show.
Mr. Pitiful
mr pitiful3
Musical Breakdown


  • 0:28-0:32 vocals pause, piano continues to play the simple melody in 2/2 time
  • 0:32-0:34 Vocals reemerge singing at the same beat and tone, percussion begins during this measure.
  • 0:34-0:47. Soft sound of a drum accompanies the melody along with a tambourine which are both played every other measure. The word “wrong” is as it slowly diminishes in sound.
  • When your soapbox unfolds
  • But please come down from that cloud you’re sitting on. I don’t expect you to admit that you were wrooooong..
Mr. Pitiful
mr pitiful4
Musical Breakdown


  • 0:47-0:59 Lead singer is joined by backup singers singing “oh”. Soft clapping introduced clapping every measure. Lead singer raises his tone while singing “mulling” otherwise continues same beat.
  • 0:59-1:07 Lead singer transitions to a new melody of singing. He seems to hit the notes hard, and then pause after each descriptive word.
  • 1:07-1:21, Clapping, tambourine and drums stop. Piano plays hard but skips every other note. Lead singer slows his voice making the song seem as if it’s descending.
  • I just want to know how you’ve beeeeen.
  • It don’t make me feel bad that we’re still friends
  • Muuuling it over in my bed
  • I hope that you see through your picket, I hope that you see through your big yard and white picket fence.
  • To make amendsssss
  • And still be friendsssss. Still be my friend.
Mr. Pitiful
mr pitiful5
Musical Breakdown


  • 1:21-1:35 Clapping, tambourine, and drums reenter the song playing the same melodies as before. Lead singer holds the word “out” but sings previous melody from before.
  • 1:35-1:50 Song continues with same tone and texture. The lead singer holds the words “believe”,“see”, and acting.
  • 1:50-2:37 Replay of the chorus which is the exact same as before until the very end
  • 2:37-2:56. As chorus slows down all instruments leave except for piano playing every 4th measure. Vocals slow and fade
  • So where did you go, where did you go? While I was ooouut. While I was ooout, while I was ooooout?
  • Well I don’t belieeeve, I don’t belieeeve, I don’t believe, everything I seeeee. If you odn’t like the movie then quit actiiiinnngg.
  • Still be my friend…. Still be my friend. Still be my friend.
Mr. Pitiful
  • The song is relatively simple song
  • Has a catchy tone
  • Acoustic guitar (main instrument)
  • We should embrace every day
  • Touches on mortality
  • Unknown inspirations for the song.
matt costa1
Matt Costa

The Future.

  • Touring with Jack Johnson
  • Makes stops in Utah
  • Enjoys creating new music
  • Experimental music
  • Continued expression through song
  • (videos)