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EBC TEFL course Phuket Thailand program PowerPoint Presentation
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EBC TEFL course Phuket Thailand program

EBC TEFL course Phuket Thailand program

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EBC TEFL course Phuket Thailand program

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  2. EBC is an accredited English language school founded in 2002. EBC TEFL courses and teaching English abroad programs give dual award TESOL and TEFL certification that meets British Council requirements.

  3. Teaching English In Thailand

  4. EBC TEFL Course Phuket Thailand Program Take your TEFL course in Phuket Thailand. Thailand is a country of opportunity for English teachers. Thai culture is the essence of harmony and happiness. You will feel a great sense of achievement Teaching English in Thailand. Your students will always be happy, optimistic and respectful.

  5. Phuket and Thailand will give you an appreciation of life. Whether day or night, you will find the Thai people generous, appreciative, spiritual and fun-loving.

  6. TEFL course Phuket Thailand table of contents • Information about Phuket. • What you should bring to the TEFL course Phuket Thailand programme. • The TEFL course Phuket Thailand training centre. • Accommodation options for the TEFL course Phuket Thailand programme. • Teaching opportunities and pay after successfully completing the TEFL course Phuket Thailand programme. • TEFL course Phuket Thailand start dates and fees.

  7. Mandatory items for the TEFL course Phuket Thailand program Passport and either a round-trip air ticket or a one way ticket with a forward travel ticket out of Thailand. Original or copies of your University or College qualifications (degree certificate or transcripts).

  8. We provide free WIFI internet access, so you can bring your laptop and make use of our free internet access. We strongly recommend bringing a laptop. If you have a mobile/cell phone that uses a SIM – BRING IT. You will find that it is cheaper to buy a pay-as-you-go card for your phone than it is to buy a new one. Unless your phone is ancient (pre-triband), it will work in Thailand.

  9. Recommended items for the TEFL course Phuket Thailand program • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you take out personal accident and health insurance. • Scissors, notebook, glue, pens and pencils, paper clips, blue- tac (don’t forget to put your scissors and other sharp objects in your check-in baggage). • Presentable clothes for teaching and job interviews. Business suits are required at some client sites. • Electrical converters. Thailand has a 240 volt system. • A travel alarm clock. • Towels and Toiletries. • Money belt.

  10. TEFL course Phuket Thailand training centre Your TEFL training in Phuket Thailand is given in our TEFL course Phuket Thailand campus in the centre of Phuket. We offer well equipped training rooms and facilities. All rooms are air conditioned with data projectors, audio equipment and white boards. After class you can relax in the study room, surf the internet or watch a movie down in our reception area.

  11. Phuket town is well located for teaching positions, with many schools, polytechnics and two universities. The TEFL course Phuket Thailand training centre is conveniently located in the centre of Phuket town, minutes walk from the bus terminal, shopping areas and old Phuket town. In this historically rich part of town you will find shrines, temples (Buddhist and Chinese), ornate and beautifully preserved ‘shophouses’, quaint cafes, tiny printing shops, impromptu private and public museums.

  12. TEFL course Phuket Thailand accommodation Our student accommodation is clean, well priced and conveniently located to the training centre. • All student accommodation offered is with a known entity. • We know the people who provide the student accommodation. • All accommodation is within a maximum of 30 minutes travel to the training centre. • Some are within walking distance.

  13. Student Accommodation Starting from 250 USD • 4 week’s student accommodation close to the campus • Shared bathroom, kitchen and living room • Some rooms have their own bathroom • No meals are included • FREE Welcome reception • Graduation celebration • Organized outings: town, beach, skin diving, water sports EBC is providing this service to help you get reliable accommodation without the additional cost of a middle-man. All Prices are subject to change without notice. Please ensure that you are fully aware of all fees, deposits, payment terms etc. prior to contracting one of these services.

  14. TEFL course Phuket Thailand job opportunities The training centre in Phuket also runs a language school. Subject to availability, you may get offered an English teaching job by the language school at the end of the course. It is easy to find teaching jobs in Thailand if you have an accredited certificate. Our Thai Training Centre has many contacts with local Educational Institutions and Government agencies and is very well paced to assist you in job placement. We have direct contacts with many language schools. We ensure that your CV/resume is available to potential employers on the last day of the course which should then result in interviews and job offers.

  15. TEFL course Phuket Thailand dates, packages and prices

  16. TEFL course Phuket Thailand package options 1. Bronze: TEFL course only 2. Silver:  TEFL course and four week’s accommodation 3. Gold:  TEFL course and a one year student visa 4. Road2Thailand:TEFL course, four week’s accommodation, Thai classes  and a one year student visa

  17. CONTACT US • Head Office phone in Madrid: (+34) 915 553 975 • SKYPE: ebcteflcourse • Facebook: • LinkedIn: • Gmail IM via:

  18. THANKS