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EBC get you a job Teaching English in China PowerPoint Presentation
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EBC get you a job Teaching English in China

EBC get you a job Teaching English in China

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EBC get you a job Teaching English in China

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  2. EBC is an accredited English language school founded in 2002. EBC TEFL courses and teaching English abroad programs give dual award TESOL and TEFL certification that meets British Council requirements.

  3. Teaching English In China

  4. Why teach English in China? To Teach English in China you should get TEFL certified and to work legally you need a degree. There is a real demand for English teachers in China. The market is competitive but it is fairly easy to get a teaching a job.

  5. Get qualified to Teach English in China Best option – Take a four week TEFL certificate course and then let EBC get you a job teaching English in China. Other options – Take an online TEFL certificate course with teaching practice or a hybrid, blended learning TEFL certificate course with teaching practice and then let EBC get you a job teaching English in China. In general, Chinese schools will only hire candidates who have attended a TEFL course that included actual classroom teaching practice given to genuine English language learners.

  6. What it is like to Teach English in  China

  7. The demand for English teachers in China is HIGH and COMPETITIVE. • Shanghai and Beijing have the greatest demand for English teachers in China. • Main teaching job regions – Shanghai, Beijing, Yangzhou, Nanjing (EBC has contacts with schools in these regions). • Main types of teaching – Through language schools, state schools and private schools: general English, Business English and English for Young Learners. • Busiest periods – the academic year from March to December. • Summer teaching jobs – intensive courses, exam preparation, summer camps. • Private English tutoring – yes, you can build up your own list of private clients. • Preferred TEFL qualifications – an accredited TESOL/TEFL certificate with teaching practice.

  8. Job duration – up to one academic year. Teaching hours per week – 20 to 30. Monthly pay – $US 1,500 to $US 2,000 depending on hours worked. Freelance English teaching work – from $US 15 per hour. Average basic monthly expenses – $US 900 Initial cost to get established in China – US$ 1,600 Visa – A Z work visa must be pre-arranged. Do not try to teach on any other type of visa or you run the risk of being arrested, fined, detained/imprisoned and deported. Chance of getting a work permit – OK. Accommodation – most employers will provide accommodation or an accommodation subsidy.

  9. Flights – may or may not be included, check first. Academic requirements – Degree required for the Z Visa (Chinese work visa) Contract term – up to one academic year (rolling) Main hiring points – All year Standard holiday periods – Chinese New Year Final job interview in China - Not always. Many employers will decide based on phone or Skype interviews Cost of living comparison – Click here to view Voltage – 220/240 Main language – Standard (Mandarin) Chinese

  10. Facts and figures about China Government – Single party state governed by the Communist Party Official country name – People’s Republic of China (PRC) Size – 3,705,407 square miles Capital - Beijing Population – 1,400 million Main language – Standard (Mandarin) Chinese Ethnicity – 92% Han Chinese, 7% other Asian nationalities, 1% other Currency – Renminbi (CNY)

  11. Visa and immigration information EBC recognizes that procedures change and that this is a very important topic. Rather than give you information that may be out-of-date which will in turn, waste your time, we would rather that you went to the experts at your nearest Chinese consulate or embassy. To find the nearest consulate or embassy, please use the Embassy World site.

  12. Interesting Facts & Trivia About  China

  13. Chinese civilization began around 6,000 B.C. • Fortune cookies are not Chinese They were invented in San Francsco in 1920. • The Chinese invented toilet paper in the late 1300s. Only emperors could use it. • Other Chinese inventions are paper, the compass, gunpowder, the crossbow, printing, ice-cream, the water-wheel, the number zero, the decimal system, stirrups, suspension bridges and kites. • China only has one time zone. • Ping-pong is not Chinese. It came from Britain. • The number one hobby in China is stamp collecting. • White is colour of mourning and funerals. • The Chinese drilled for and used natural gas as a heat source 2,300 years before the West did. • Around 200 B.C., the Chinese discovered that the heart pumped blood throughout the body. William Harvey didn’t discover this until the 17th century A.D. • The Three Gorges hydroelectric dam on the Yangtze river is the largest in the world. • The Chinese consider their New Year or Lunar New Year as everyone’s birthday. Even yours. • Red symbolizes happiness. • The Grand Canal in China is 1,114 miles long, the longest canal in the world. • At $US 40 billion, the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing were the most expensive games in history.

  14. Ten famous Chinese Celebrities Bingbing Li Bruce Lee Chow Yun Fat Jackie Chan Jet Li Joan Chen John Woo Lucy Lui Zhang Ziyi Ziyi Zhang

  15. CONTACT US • Head Office phone in Madrid: (+34) 915 553 975 • SKYPE: ebcteflcourse • Facebook: • LinkedIn: • Gmail IM via:

  16. THANKS