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“The Ministry of the Thunders” Part 17 “Following Our Commission”

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“The Ministry of the Thunders” Part 17 “Following Our Commission” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The Ministry of the Thunders” Part 17 “Following Our Commission”. “My commission is to transition the believers from the second coming into the third coming of Jesus Christ. Lord direct my words to the ‘ Seed from the Cloud ’ and accomplish your work.” ~Brother Donald Parnell~ .

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“The Ministry of the Thunders” Part 17

“Following Our Commission”


“My commission is to transition the believers from the second coming into the third coming of Jesus Christ. Lord direct my words to the ‘Seed from the Cloud’ and accomplish your work.”

~Brother Donald Parnell~



May 6, 2005

This is a vision that the Lord gave to me. It certainly helps me to understand the transformation. The question was asked our prophet, “How will the rapture happen” and he said, “It’s just a change, that’s all, just a change”.


We are walking in a Supernatural Condition. As long as there is an alive Word within you then there is a Supernatural working within you. It's God in a supernatural works. "New Creation thus that“ – We have a commission to express the mind of God while here on this earth in this Third Coming."

~Louie Villamor~


I CORINTHIANS 15:50 Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

I CORINTHIANS 15:51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,


PHILIPPIANS 3:20 Our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

PHILIPPIANS 3:21 Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.



1113-Q-362 362. Please explain the mystery of the translation of the Bride.

Just a change. …You know what I mean when I say that? I don't mean to be sacrilegious. I don't mean to say ours; I don't mean to say this church; I mean to say every believer. Abraham, He was looking for a promised son that was promised him. Is that right?


And the church is looking for a promised Son. The Bride is looking for the promised Son. Before the promised son could come to Sarah and Abraham, their bodies had to be changed. She was too old to have a baby. ….And He had to change their body in order to receive the promised son. And we cannot receive the promised Son that's promised us today in these bodies that we live in.



E-95 And look, what if He just turned them back to a young man and woman like they was at the first time? They couldn't have had the baby anyhow. Because they'd lived together when they was young man and woman. He had to change their body in a different way in order to receive--get the son.


Is that right. Their body had to be changed in another way, that'd receive the son. And we cannot... If we would go back to be young men and women, we still can't meet the Son, because we're going to meet Him in the air. We got to have a changed body to meet in the air, the rapture.



E-15 How He had to change the body of Sarah and Abraham next, after that message. In order to receive the promised son. And that's what He has done to this Church, brought it through the same thing. Now, the next thing is a change in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye and going...


And we'll have to have a changed body. Now, Sarah and Abraham in that kind of a body, could not receive the promised son. They were a hundred years old. He had to change their body. Not turn them back so much as to young, which He did. But also, change them. Because they'd been like they was at the first place. But He changed their body in such a way, that they could receive the son.


And now, we find the next thing in order for the Church now, is a changed body, not us old people go back and be young so much. But we will, and we will be there young, just as certain. But we got to have a changed body in order to receive the Son, because we're going to meet Him in the air. Rapture will come, a changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.



300 Notice what happened. Immediately she turned back to a lovely young woman. Showing, in there, portraying what He's going to do to the royal Seed of Abraham, to receive the Son that's been promised. She turned back to a young...


302 God changed her body, and turned them back. It's a mystery that's to be revealed now in this day, by the Son of man, see, the evening Message. See? Turned back! And that was the last sign they seen, was (what?) that discernment, before the change of the body come.


303 And before we can ever receive the Son, what happens? "The trumpet of God shall sound; the dead in Christ shall rise first, a new body; and we which alive and remain shall be changed, in a moment, in a twinkle of a eye," hallelujah, "and shall be caught up together, to meet the Lord in the air." The secret has been made known; the Seals are open.


304 The Trumpet sounded for the Israel; the two prophets is ready to appear. What is it? The Church must get off the scene right now, so they can appear. He can't deal with two at the same time; He never did. See?


This is the commission that God has given you, “W e are the people who can make it through, and we have the courage from every belief that we can do this because there is a change.”

~Shenah Rose Estrada~


I was in my study praying when the vision occurred. I saw myself standing in a "White Out". A White Out is a snow storm where you cannot see anything around you because it is snowing so hard with blistering strong winds; like a blizzard. I was wondering how I was going to get to a safe place before freezing to death in the storm.


A man appeared in the snow storm, very hard to see, and he had a white fur type overcoat that went all the way to the ground. He had a pull over hood attached to the overcoat and it was white with very thick white fur. The coat was animal skin and it was all one garment. His hands and face were covered with a thick scarf and gloves of white fur.


I could only see his forehead, and his crystal deep eyes, as he looked piercingly toward me with an intense look. He motioned me to follow him. He started to walk at a very fast speed in the storm. It was hard to keep up with him. I looked down at myself and I had the same cloths that he had on.


Completely the same, and they were beginning to weight me down but I knew I needed the coat under the present conditions in order to live. I was growing very tired but everything that I had was needful. I kept pushing forward. I pushed forward in a strong run to keep up with the person.


All of a sudden I saw the body of the person begin to change. He shifted onto four legs and transformed into a Great White Wolf and began moving at a very high speed. I was running hard and could not keep up. In my present condition I was weighted down and I knew I was being left behind. I watched the White Wolf leave me in the storm.


I cried out to God in desperation, "Oh God, help me, I can't keep up in this condition"! A Voice spoke to me as I was slowing my pace due to exhaustion. The Voice said, "Then Change"! Then I began to run out of my coats and hoods and cloths that I thought I needed in order to live. The heavy clothing I thought I needed was dropping off of me as I was running in exhaustion and desperation.


I was trying to keep up with the Great White Wolf. As I was running in the storm my body started transforming and shifted into the same White Wolf and was running at a very high speed. I regained my strength, my tiredness left me, and I was running with the Great White Wolf as our goal was to leave the storm.


I was keeping up, but that was for a short period of time. As I ran with the great White Wolf and his body started transforming and it was changing again. I saw his legs go into two and form great claws, as wings came out on his back, and he transformed into a great White Eagle in the midst of the storm.


I was running behind him as a white wolf and he spread his wings and soared into the heavens, leaving me quickly. I thought, "Oh my God, this is it, I'll never make it, he's gone"! I heard the same voice again and it said loudly, "Then Change"! I was running and looking up in the direction that the great White Eagle had flown away. I wasn't going to take my eye off of his flight!


I felt my body transforming and my front legs swung back becoming wings and my head narrowed, shifting forward, and I changed into a White eagle. We went into tremendous speed and broke the barrier of the storm going high above it and looking down. I watched the Great White Eagle and he began to fly into the Sun setting his eyes straight into the Sun.


He started flying with extreme velocity! I thought to myself, this will blind me. My eyes can't look directly into the Sun. The Great White Eagle screamed with that same Voice and said, "You are changed! Look directly into the Sun and fly”! Only Eagles can come here, everything else will be left behind".


I turned my Eyes and body toward the Sun and began to fly directly into the Sun. I couldn't see anything but the Sun and felt my flight gaining speed going faster and faster toward the Sun. I came out of the vision screaming, "I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home"!