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Plant and Animal Adaptations PowerPoint Presentation
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Plant and Animal Adaptations

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Plant and Animal Adaptations
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Plant and Animal Adaptations

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  1. Plant and Animal Adaptations There are many plants and animals that have adaptations so they can survive in Georgia. By:Shabib Quddus

  2. Adaptations of a Beaver Beavers have clear eyelids. They are like goggles so they can see underwater. That’s cool!!! Beavers have claws to do stuff. his feet help him swim, and hold wood, and they have webbed hind feet.

  3. Adaptations of a Beaver Beavers have huge flat tails. It can also slap danger or pat down mud. It can help them swim to. Beavers fat fur are really useful for them. The beavers big fur help them keep warm, and keep dry. Beavers fur can be brown,yellowish,black,or red because of camouflage. Beavers orange sharp teeth help them cut down big fat trees. Beavers teeth can up to 4 feet a year. That’s pretty long!!!

  4. Adaptations of a bear Bears sharp claws help it slice through his food and get into the good stuff. bears legs help it run fast on land. bears eyes help it see far, they are far sighted. Bears teeth help it eat hard things.

  5. Adaptations of araccoon Raccoons eyes are black and white. Raccoons are nocturnal. His feet are like hands so it can grab things. Raccoons claws can help it open things.

  6. Adaptations of a Venus flytrap It’s strong scent helps it attract flys,or bugs. If 2 hairs touched it, it would bite. It has sensors for it to feel the bug. once it is finished eating the leftovers are inside the Venus Flytrap.

  7. Adaptations Animals have a lot of adaptations. All animals have adaptations!!! You can find out a lot of adaptations GO,GO,GO,GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!