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MATURITA TOPICS Canada\_General facts II \_14

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MATURITA TOPICS Canada\_General facts II \_14. ANJ\_Maturita. Mgr. Filip Soviš. Canada. Geography ( moutains , rivers , lakes , etc .) Climate People & Lifestyle ( culture , sport, etc .) Natural Wonders , Wildlife Places of Interest Other. PART II. Canada.

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maturita topics canada general facts ii 14

MATURITA TOPICSCanada_General facts II_14


Mgr. Filip Soviš

  • Geography (moutains, rivers, lakes, etc.)
  • Climate
  • People&Lifestyle (culture, sport, etc.)
  • Natural Wonders, Wildlife
  • PlacesofInterest
  • Other



What do you know about the geography ofCanada?

  • a seashoreon theArcticOcean - thelongestcoastline
  • in thesouthan 8,892km boundarywiththeUSA
  • in thenorth‑westAlaska
  • acrosstheArcticOceanisRussia
  • 80% ofthepopulation150km fromtheUS‑Canadianborder
  • thesouthern part ofthe country covered in forest
  • thenorthern part mostlytundra
  • mountainranges: Torngats, Appalachians and Lau­rentians in theeast; the Rocky Mountains, theCoastal and Mackenzie Mountains and theMelvilleHills in thewestcoast
  • thehighestmountainisMt Logan (RM in the Yukon; 6,050 m)

Can you name any lakes, rivers and parks?

  • 2 millionlakes (about 7.6% oftheCanadianlandmass)
  • fourofthe Great Lakeswiththe USA: Lake Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario
  • otherlakes: Great Slave Lake, Winnipeg, Great BearLake in theNorthwestTerritories
  • rivers: theSt Lawrence (3.058 km; shipsfromtheGreat Lakes to theAtlanticOcean), the Mackenzie, theYukon, theFraser, the Columbia, the Nelson
  • 38 nationalparks: Banff (in Alberta; founded in 1885 - theeasternslopesofAlberta's Rocky Mountains); TukutNogaitpark situated in theNorthwestTerritories
  • over 1,000 provincialparks and nearly 50 territorialparks
  • only 12% ofthelandissuitableforagriculture

Which famous waterfalls are situated on the border with the USA?

Niagara Falls

  • created by theWisconsin glaciation (the last iceageabout 10,000 years ago)
  • thename: 1) fromthe "Niagagarega" people

2) from"Ongniaahra" = "point oflandcut in two"

  • theCanadian part iscalledHorseshoeFall
  • on the Niagara River (drainsLakeErieintoLakeOntario)
  • drop about53 m (theAmericanFallsbetween 21–30 m)
  • major producerofhydro‑electricityforthecountry

What is the climate in Canada?

  • mostly a continentalclimatewithcoldsnowywinters and warmsummers
  • the far north a polarclimate (permanentlyfrozenicecaps; -50°C)
  • most ofthepopulationwithin300 km ofthesouthernborder: mildsprings, hot summer (sometimes 35°C), pleasantlycrispautumns, coldwinter (to -25°C)
  • thelushvegetationofBritishColumbia'swestcoast
  • moderateclimateis in theeast


  • Western Canada (the Western provinces, commonly the West)
  • four provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
  • British Columbia= the Pacific Province (moderate oceanic climate)
  • Alberta and British Columbia= "mountain provinces"
  • Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba= the Prairie Provinces (simply the Prairies)
  • Alberta (dry continental climate, warm summers,cold winters)
  • Saskatchewan and Manitoba (continental climate, extremes in weather)

What do you know about Canadianwildlife (flora and fauna)?

  • natural habitatfor many different animal species
  • beaver = theCanadiannational animal
  • Canadian Horse declared an official Canadian symbol in 1909
  • typicalanimals: bison, moose, bears, cougars, rattle-snakes, Canadagoose, coyote, etc
  • approximately 17,000 identified species of trees, flowers, herbs, ferns, mosses and other flora
  • Maple leaf and maple tree is the national flora symbol

What are some characteristic Canadian sports and pastimes?

  • icehockey (inventedthere)
  • American (Canadian) football
  • basketball
  • lacrosse
  • curling

Do you know any famous Canadians?

  • award‑winningwriters: Margaret Atwood (The Blind Assassin), Michael Ondaatje (TheEnglishPatient)
  • music: Leonard Cohen (singer and poet), Neil Young (guitarist, singer‑songwriter), Nelly Furtado (pop singer), CelineDion (known as Queenof Pop), Brian Adams (singer), Crash Test Dummies (band)
  • actors: comedianJim Carrey, Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters), Sandra Bullock, KeanuReeves
  • directors: James Cameron(Aliens, Terminator, True Lies, Titanic)
  • sportsmen: Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, SidneyCrosby (hockey), Terry Fox(runner; missingone leg), DonovanBailey (sprinter), RyderHesjedal (cycling), Jennifer Jones (curling)

Ifyouwentthere, whatwouldyou do there, likevisiting?

  • Niagara Falls ("HorseshoeFalls", themost powerfulwaterfall in North America)
  • Montreal (uniqueamongNorthAmericancitiesbecauseofitshistory, French)
  • Toronto (a lively, multicultural city)
  • Vancouver (spectacularnatural beautywherethePacificOceanmeetstheCoastalMountains)
  • Calgary (The Calgary Stampede, oneoftheworld'slargestrodeosknown as "TheGreatestOutdoor Show on Earth")
  • Saint John (the Saint John City Market – theoldestcontinuingfarmer's market in Canada)
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