chapter 3 knowledge representation n.
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Chapter 3 Knowledge Representation

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Chapter 3 Knowledge Representation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 3 Knowledge Representation. Knowledge Representation. Semantic Network Network Representation Conceptual Graph Frame. Semantic Network. Network Representation. Conceptual Graph. Conceptual Graph. Case Frame. Conceptual / Graph Frame : Hotel Bed. Frame : Hotel Bed.

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knowledge representation
Knowledge Representation
  • Semantic Network
  • Network Representation
  • Conceptual Graph
  • Frame

Chapter 3


Case Frame

Chapter 3


Frame : Bird

Chapter 3

knowledge representation1
Knowledge Representation
  • important attribute : isa and instance
  • relationship among attributes
  • at what level of detail should the world be represented?
    • Mary is Sue’s cousin. เมรี่เป็นหลานของซู
      • Mary = daughter(brother(mother(Sue)))
      • Mary = daughter(sister(mother(Sue)))
      • Mary = daughter(brother(father(Sue)))
      • Mary = daughter(sister(father(Sue)))
      • Mary = daughter(sibling(parent(Sue)))

Chapter 3

knowledge representation2
Knowledge Representation

The End

  • John broke the window
    • Sequence ? pick up hard object , Hurl the object to the window
    • Cause hand / foot to move fast and crash into the window
    • Shut the window so hard that the glass breaks
  • Finding the right structure
    • John went to Sizzer last night. He ordered a large rare steak, paid his bill, and left.
    • Did john eat dinner last night?
      • John flew to New York.
      • John flew a kite.
      • John flew down the street.

Chapter 3

inheritable knowledge
Inheritable Knowledge

The End

Chapter 3



isa : Adult-Male

bats: (EQUAL handed)

height: 6-1

batting-average: .252

figure 4.7

Chapter 3

procedural knowledge as rules
Procedural Knowledge as Rules

The End

similar to figure 4.7

Chapter 3

redundant representation
Redundant Representation

The End

John punched Mary

Mary punched John

Chapter 3

similarity net
Similarity Net

liking among set of frame

The End

Chapter 3


The End




X : man(X)  person(X)

y person(y)

y = Cleopatra

y = Marcus

y = Caesar

Chapter 3


The End

1. Indexing :


1. need large number of rules

2. the precondition of rule is not always obvious

2. Matching with variables


many-many match problem

many rules are matched against many elements in the state description simultaneously.

son(X,Y) and son(Y,Z) :- grandson(X,Z)

3. Complex and approximate matching

Chapter 3


The End

Chapter 3

logic programming
Logic Programming

x : pet(x)  small(x)  apartment_pet(x)

x : cat(x)  dog(x)  pet(x)

x : poodle(x)  dog(x)  small(x)


A Representation in Logic

The End

apartment_pet (X) :- pet (X), small (X) .

pet (X) :- cat (X) .

pet (X) :- dog (X) .

dog (X) :- poodle (X) .

small (X) :- poodle (X) .

poodle (fluffy) .

A Representation in PROLOG



Figure 6.1: Declarative and a Procedural Representation

Chapter 3

complex indexing
Complex Indexing

their precondition approximately match the current situation -> ELIZA

Person: Men are all alike.

ELIZA: In what way?

Person: They’re always bugging us about something or other.

ELIZA: Can you think of a specific example?

Person: Well, my boyfriend made you come here.

ELIZA: Your boyfriend made you come here.

Person: He says I’m depressed much of the time.

ELIZA: I am sorry to hear you depressed.

Person: It’s true. I am unhappy.

ELIZA: Do you think coming here will help you not to be unhappy?

Person: I need some help, that much seems certain.

ELIZA: What would it mean to you if you got some help?

Person: Perhaps I could learn to get along with my mother.

ELIZA Tell me more about your family.

The End

Figure 6.6: A Bit of a Dialogue with ELIZA

Chapter 3

complex indexing1
Complex Indexing

The End

(X me Y) (X you Y)

(I remember X) (Why do remember X just now?)

(My {family-member} is Y)  (Who else in you family is Y?)

(X {family-member} Y) (Tell me more about your family)

Figure 6.7: Some ELIZA-like rules

Chapter 3

control knowledge
Control Knowledge

The End

  • Knowledge about which parts are most likely to find the goal state.
  • Knowledge about which rules to apply in a given situation.
  • Knowledge about the order in which to pursue subgoals.
  • Knowledge about useful sequence of rules to apply.

1. Long term memory -> Rules

2. Short term memory -> Working memory

Chapter 3


Even if you're on the right track,

you'll get run over if you just sat there.