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Earth Turf and Wood PowerPoint Presentation
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Earth Turf and Wood

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Earth Turf and Wood - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Earth, Turf, & Wood is a professional design/build landscape company with over 17 years experience, specializing in outdoor living environments. We are the only design/build company in the area with a Registered Landscape Architect on staff as well as highly educated and trained field personnel.

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Earth Turf and Wood

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    1. Leaders in Exquisite Landscape & Hardscape Creations Earth, Turn, & Wood | 717.721.3530 196 North Reamstown Road Denver, PA 17517

    2. About Us At Earth, Turf, and Wood, Inc. we specialize in creating exquisite landscape & hardscape creations for your home. We value and appreciate the trust you place in our company. To that end, we are committed to the highest standards for our work crews and everyone associated with our company. Whether you are interested in installing a patio, outdoor kitchen, pool, complete outdoor living environment or other hardscape creation, we have the ability to take you from planning to completion, handling every aspect of your job from start to finish. We are committed to having the right equipment, training, employees and professional partners to handle any job, from a walkway to a full backyard hardscape and landscape environment. Your complete satisfaction is our daily goal and we look forward to helping you fulfill your landscape and hardscape dreams.

    3. About Us Mission Statement To faithfully commit to setting the highest possible standard in landscape design/build without sacrificing honesty, reliability, or quality. Core Values Stewardship • Professionalism • Creativity • Quality

    4. Patios & Walkways Landscaping Outdoor Kitchens Fireplaces & Fire Pits Outdoor Lighting Pergolas & Pavilions

    5. Our Process 1.  The First Meeting: When you call us, we’ll ask you a few questions about your project, and if you’re interested, set up an appointment to come to your home. When we meet, we’ll take you through our DreamBuilder Workbook and spend some time brainstorming with you. We request that all decision makers for the project be present for the initial meeting. We have found that this avoids the need for replication, allows all thoughts to be presented and is an easy way to have input from all parties.

    6. Our Process 2. Thinking & Dreaming: After our first meeting, we encourage you to gather examples of projects that you admire, and collect any other information you think would be helpful for us to understand what your dreams and desires are. NOW is the time to discover ideas that you would like to incorporate instead of finding that great idea after your project is completed. Look for stone types and finishes, plants, lighting, designs, and other great ideas you would like to include. If there’s a publication that you come across with a lot of ideas we’d encourage you to purchase it and review it with us. Some suggested landscape magazines to look at include Fine Gardening, Southern Living, Garden Design, House & Garden, Better Homes & Gardens, and Martha Stewart Living magazine.

    7. Our Process 3. Meeting the Landscape Architect and Creating the Plan: After you’ve completed gathering ideas, and desire to proceed with the project, the next step is to bring our Landscape Architect into the process to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to create the perfect picture. She is expert at gathering all of your ideas and creating a design masterpiece which reflects a sense of originality while incorporating your desired project parameters, color choices, flow and functionality into a plan that works within your stated budget parameters. Creating a plan requires time, research, and originality. Often times a municipality may need to be contacted to inquire about restrictions, property lines, impervious areas, utilities, etc. As a result we do have fees associated with our initial architectural drawings as well as subsequent revisions. These fees are usually less than 2-3% of the total cost of your future project.

    8. Our Process These plans are an extremely worthwhile investment that: •  Eliminates the unknown and minimizes unpleasant surprises •  Allows us to stay on budget •  Allows us to make accurate material estimates •  Gives you a firsthand look at what the final project will look like Since many municipalities will not approve a project for a building permit without a professional plan, it is best to plan this fee into your overall budget. You may also find there is a need for revisions to the original drawing, which should be expected. (Remember, your first set of house plans often needed to be “tweaked” after the first drawing as well.)

    9. Our Process 4. Reviewing the Initial Plan: Once you have agreed to proceed with having our landscape architect draw a plan, we will contact you in about 2-4 weeks to sit down and review the plan. At this stage you will begin getting a good idea of how your ideas and dreams are translating to an actual plan. You will also be able to give input and make changes if desired. At this juncture we’ll begin to put together some preliminary pricing for your project. To assist you in the budgeting of your project, the pricing is broken down into phases in case you choose not to do it all at once. We’ll also give you the pros and cons to doing your project in phases.

    10. Our Process 5. Finalizing the Plan, Budget, and Contract: At this stage we can make plant substitutions, material changes, etc and exchange that information via email or phone. Once we have reached all the necessary conclusions we’ll draft a final proposal and contract. Once the plan is completed, we’ll contact you to set up a time to present the final plan and costs. You will receive a detailed drawing incorporating the concepts and ideas that were previously discussed. The final result of our planning process is that you will have a design that you love, a solid construction budget number based on your initial budget figure, and the excitement and anticipation of a dream that is about to unfold. If your decision is to go forward with the project, 30 days prior to construction we’ll require a signed contract and 50% deposit with the possibility of progress draws throughout the build. Specific material selections will be finalized, and a time slot for your job will be reserved in our schedule.

    11. Our Process 6. It’s Construction Time: At this time we’ll introduce you to your project manager or site foreman and exchange contact information. Throughout your build you will have the same professional foreman and build crew which will make the relationship enjoyable and the build process efficient. If at any time you have a question about construction timeline, add-ons, or material feel free to ask the foreman. As we begin the build process, we will be bringing in a lot of heavy equipment and material onto your property and forming work-related staging areas that will create an impact. Your property will become an active construction zone, and there will be significant digging that will cause obvious alteration to your property at first! The extent of this phase is often underestimated by our clients and it can be somewhat shocking to see your yard completely dug up, with significant equipment impact. We can assure you that this is a normal part of the build process and once completed, will be a distant memory!

    12. Our Process 7. The Emerging Dream: At the conclusion of the hardscape phase, the plantings, sod, lighting, speakers, and accessories will be installed. This is when your project really comes to life. You may feel free to begin selecting things at this point like decorative items, patio furniture, etc. Once the project is completed, the foreman will do a final walk-through with you to seek your approval on the project. At the conclusion of the project our foreman will do a final walk-through with you on the project. At this time all necessary maintenance will be detailed and we will document any areas of concern that you may have and address them promptly. We’ll also discuss cleaning of the hardscape areas, as some patio areas require a curing time for joint sand that has to been cleaned in a specific way until it hardens over time.

    13. Landscaping

    14. Pools, Spas & Water Features

    15. GROW: Exquisite Landscape & Hardscape Maintenance Services We are pleased to offer our clients GROW, a landscape & hardscape maintenance service that builds on our tradition of excellence. As a client of Earth, Turf, & Wood, you are familiar with the high standards and commitment to excellence that we bring to our hardscape and landscape creations.  With our GROW division, we now bring that same level of quality to taking care of every aspect of your outdoor living environment.

    16. GROW: Exquisite Landscape & Hardscape Maintenance Services We offer a range of other services including: •  Snow Removal: Removal of all snow from driveway, around mailbox, sidewalks, and ice treatment with environmentally friendly calcium applications if required. •  Holiday decorations /lighting outside •  Specialty window box planting reflecting seasons and/or specific holiday(s). •  Problem solving: drainage issues, runoff, screening, plant selection, etc.] •  Storm Damage Cleanup •  Event set up – preparation and/or tear down and cleanup. •  Vegetable /Herb / Rose garden installation and/or maintenance. •  Green installation/maintenance: rain gardens, rain barrels, rain water harvesting, composting, etc. •  Structure maintenance

    17. Contact Us Today! We would love to hear from you. Earth, Turn, & Wood | 717.721.3530 196 North Reamstown Road Denver, PA 17517