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Soaring Through the Sea

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Soaring Through the Sea

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  1. Soaring Through the Sea By: Ethan Sizemore

  2. Table of Contents Introduction……………………1 Life cycle………………………...2 What do they look like….3 Where do they live………..4 Protection………………………..5 Interesting Facts……….….7

  3. Dolphins are amazing creatures. They swim very fast. They are known to save people. They can jump 20 feet out of the water.

  4. They are born alive and are called calves. They stay with their mother for up to 6 years. Then they hunt by themselves. Next they are grown up and have a baby by themselves.

  5. Their teeth are sharp like knives to kill prey. If you rub a dolphin it feels like they rubbed baby oil on them. That is what helps them swim very fast too. Rivernose dolphins have a long nose to dig for food under the sand. They have a dorsal fin that looks like a shark fin that is located on the back of the dolphin. Dolphins have a blowhole on the top of their head. A blowhole is a hole that helps them breathe.

  6. The best place to find a dolphin is the Grand Bahama Banks. That is located in the Bahamas. You could also find one at the San Diego zoo. They are in the oceans of Havelock North Carolina. They only live in water. The water has to be warm water.

  7. Heading 5 Dolphins live in schools for protection. A school is a pod. A pod is a group of dolphins. They have razor sharp teeth to protect them. A Spotted dolphin can hide in the sand.

  8. Heading 6 They push each other up the surface to get air. Dolphins mimic their mother. There are 26 types of dolphins in the ocean. Dolphins give rides to people for fun.

  9. Glossary blowhole: a hole that helps dolphins breathe calves: a baby dolphin Dorsal fin: a fin that helps them swim and balance mimic: to copy Pod: A group of dolphins Prey: animals that get killed by other animals