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MTB Master Timetable Builder Overview. Presented by: Bonnie Manchester, ACCESS Barb Switzer, NEOMIN. PRIOR TO ENTERING MTB. All PreScheduling steps must be completed. All dates must be accurate. PreScheduling builds the blueprint for the processes in MTB. Requirements for MTB.

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Mtb master timetable builder overview

MTBMaster Timetable BuilderOverview

Presented by:

Bonnie Manchester, ACCESS

Barb Switzer, NEOMIN

Prior to entering mtb

  • All PreScheduling steps must be completed.

  • All dates must be accurate.

  • PreScheduling builds the blueprint for the processes in MTB.

Requirements for mtb
Requirements for MTB

  • Know in advance what type of schedule is needed in the building.

  • Student Requests need to be in for eSIS to calculate and MTB to build. Schedule can be built without student requests but eSIS will not calculate sections.

  • Know how many periods there are to work with.

  • Decide which method will be used:

    MTB will build or copy schedule

    Schedule will be manually built

    Combination of both

Rules of mtb
Rules of MTB

  • Permanent changes are made in the “Live” file and pulled into MTB using Refresh.

  • Temporary changes can be made in the active MTB version/session. Those changes will not transfer to any other session.

  • Section Numbers should contain TWO digits. Exp: 01

Master Timetable Builder Start ScreenRole: Scheduling-MTB Update>Timetable>MTB Start ScreenAdv: School>Master Timetable Builder

Menu button definitions
Menu & Button Definitions

File – Delete, Create Course Section Maintenance, Refresh, Simulation

More Info – Course Maintenance, Update Combined Courses, Schedule Remaining Sections, Generate New Section Numbers/Letters, Modify Targets

Reports - Canned reports are available. Suggested reports: Enrollment Summary by Section, Students Missing Sections


Simulation – used to move student requests into the schedule.

Allocate Sections – Main work area. Lists all available courses

Sec. Assign – Shortcut to individual courses. Add Teacher/Room/STDP Constraints on this screen.

Teachers – Teacher Availability

Rooms – Room Availability

Conflict Matrix – Live. Changes as schedule changes. Used to determine best placement of courses.

Messages – Messages from the builder.

Details of mtb screen
Details of MTB Screen

School box – Displays the version currently sitting in CSM

Current Session Version – Displays the version that is open in MTB. Buttons: Open, New, Session options, Refresh are available.

Schedule Format – Displays the 4th panel set up in School Details.

Builder Constraints – Displays the 4th panel set up in School Details. This are can be overridden.

Section Summary – Displays progress. Courses should be scheduled prior to Simulation.

Printer will display “Courses with Not Enough Sections”.

Remove Old Master Timetable Builder SessionsRole: Scheduling-MTB Update>Timetable>MTB Start Screen>File>DeleteAdv: School>Master Timetable Builder>File>Delete

Create First VersionRole: Scheduling-MTB Update>Timetable>MTB Start Screen>NewAdv: School>Master Timetable Builder>New

Start a New Master Timetable BuilderRole: Scheduling-MTB Update>Timetable>MTB Start Screen>NewAdv: School>Master Timetable Builder>NewRequired fields: Version = 2 digits, Title, & Description

Select set up for new schedule
Select Set Up for New Schedule

If additional periods are available & MTB will build, make courses unavailable for those periods. If period is reserved or if a pattern is needed-Set period in “Do not Start Courses in These Periods”. Once constraints are placed in these fields, some of the other functions are disabled.

This will copy all teacher & rooms associated w/course. eSIS will calculate the required number of sections if student requests are in. No STDP. Clean up involved.

Use this feature to copy previous versions. Makes notes in description to designate what is copied.

This feature will copy the exact schedule that is in place for the current year. It can be copied in completely scheduled or unscheduled. eSIS will not calculate number of sections needed.

Heading definitions
Heading Definitions

Status = S = Scheduled, U = Unscheduled, X = To be Scheduled

Blank = Parent/Child designation field

Course = Course Code and Course Name

Act = Actual number of students who requested course

SPED = Number of SPED students who requested course

Sec = Number of sections for course

C = eSIS calculated number of sections-based on student requests

Max = Max number of students per section – Max class size

Credit = Credit value of course

Grade = Grade level of course

Heading definitions1
Heading Definitions

PG = Predominant Grade. Double click to determine grades taking course.

Useful for manipulating targets.

DS =Default Semester


Format = Course format

M = Max sections per period

C = Consecutive periods

Course availability more info update course availability
Course AvailabilityMore Info>Update Course Availability

Update teacher timetable more info update teacher timetable
Update Teacher TimetableMore Info>Update Teacher Timetable

Update room use more info update room use
Update Room UseMore Info>Update Room Use

Messages from the builder
Messages from the Builder

5 possible reasons why a course will not schedule

  • Teacher Unavailable

  • Room Unavailable

  • Course Unavailable

  • Max Sections per Period Violation

  • Targets

Messages from the scheduler more info messages from the scheduler
Messages from the SchedulerMore Info>Messages from the Scheduler

Scheduling more button
Scheduling>More button

The More button is used when a course needs to be scheduled into more than one period, day, term, or semester.

Targets more info modify targets
TargetsMore Info>Modify Targets

Parent child courses more info update combined courses
Parent/Child CoursesMore Info>Update Combined Courses

Parent child courses update combined courses timetable with
Parent/Child CoursesUpdate Combined Courses>Timetable With

Setting up host course course maintenance more
Setting Up Host CourseCourse Maintenance>More

Schedule remaining sections more info schedule remaining sections
Schedule Remaining SectionsMore Info>Schedule Remaining Sections

Step 1 file create course section maintenance
Step 1File>Create Course Section Maintenance

Generate New Master Timetable1. Verify version2. Select “No” to explode 3. Click on “Create” – will run through process of analyzing, deleting, & creating.4. Process moves schedule from MTB to next year’s course section maintenance.

Courses with not enough sections printer button on generate new master timetable screen
Courses With Not Enough SectionsPrinter button on Generate New Master Timetable screen

Course Section Maintenance-Next Year* Run Enrollment Summary by Section* Verify STDP, Teachers, Rooms, Max, Dates

Tips prior to simulation
Tips prior to Simulation

  • Run the Enrollment Summary by Section-Master Schedule without students. Make sure all sections have teacher, STDP, & room.

  • Never move a singleton

  • If MTB is building, make a copy prior to scheduling remaining sections.


  • Recommended: Everyone should be off all student schedules in the building prior to running Mass Simulation.

Simulation final simulation yes pop up do you want to explode courses
Simulation - Final Simulation?Yes = Pop up - Do you want to explode courses?

Check csm student schedules
Check: CSM & Student Schedules

  • If Course Section Maintenance is accurate – Keep as Master Schedule

  • If changes need to be made – go back to MTB, make changes, recreate CSM, & simulate

  • Once complete – Enter Study Halls

  • Alter schedules for special situations

    (Exp: SPED)

New emis effective dates
**New**EMIS Effective Dates

Student Schedules must be in place prior to the first day of school to automatically receive the correct start date.

Effective Dates on Activity Log – StudentRole: Individual Scheduling Update>Student Course Selections>Navigate button>ActivityAdv: Course button>Navigate button>Activity

  • eSIS Master Timetable Builder Sequence Chart

  • Year:_____________School:_____________________________

  • Check Pre-Scheduling set up for next school year (Pre-Scheduling Check List)


  • Delete last year’s sessions. (pg 9)

  • Create First Version -Copy of Current Year or create new. (pg 10-15)

  • Verify number of sections per course and alter as necessary. (pg 18)

    You may wish to make a copy of this version at this point. (pg 86)

  • Assign constraints and schedule classes that must be located in a specific period. (pg 55)

  • Schedule Hosts - STDP – NO teacher or room.

  • Schedule the subordinates of hosts – STDP + Teacher & Room.

  • Assign constraints to remaining sections – teacher & room.

  • Schedule remaining sections. More Info>Schedule Remaining Sections (pg 89)

  • Clean-up all sections that were not schedule by the MTB. (pg 92)

  • Run reports from MTB to check work (pg 98)

  • Create course section maintenance. File>Create Course Section Maintenance. (pg 106)

  • Run “Enrollment Summary by Section” from reports – Select all semester & next year

  • Make sure all sections have a teacher, room, and STDP

  • Simulate. (pg 111-116)

  • Analyze results. Check reports & some individual student schedules. (pg 120)

  • eSIS Master Timetable Builder Sequence Chart (con’t)

  • Make “minor” adjustments in course section maintenance next year. Make “major” adjustments in MTB. May copy current version and adjust.

  • If changes were made in MTB – you MUST create a new “course section maintenance. (Step 12 above – pg 106)

  • Simulate. (pg 111-116)

  • Analyze and repeat until committed to Final Schedule.

    *Mass simulation must be done before Year End Transition (YET) – Rollover is done in July*

  • Resolve individual student conflicts. (pg 137)

  • Explode block courses (pg 124) and add Study Halls.

  • Print student schedules, class lists and master schedule.

    Make sure all dates are correct in School Details – Schedule, Course Start Dates, and all Reporting Periods 36, 18, 9, & 6weeks, etc. Verify dates again. Dates must be in place before the teachers access TAM and set up grade books.


Thanks for listening!