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Lee: A Case Study

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Lee: A Case Study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lee: A Case Study
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  1. Lee: A Case Study EDUC 5435 Summer 2007

  2. Lee • Age 8 • Second Grade • FEP 6/28/04 upon entrance to Kindergarten • English only K-5 • Grade level reading and writing • Parents are professionals from Taiwan

  3. ELD Structures Identified • Verb tense disagreement • Misidentified Pronouns • Noun/plural disagreement • Chose to use proper nouns instead of pronouns in retell

  4. Examples of ELD Structures • The dog have babies • The kid is by hisself • The babies go out by itself, is sleeping

  5. Strategy: Matching games with past tense verbs • Student will learn the correct usage for common irregular verbs. • Practice usage through a matching game • Familiarity with reading and speaking irregular verbs.

  6. Strategy: Matching games with past tense verbs • Our observation with past and present Asian students has shown difficulty using verbs correctly • This game can be helpful to students with different language backgrounds especially our Asian students

  7. Demonstration • This activity was adapted from the ESL teacher’s Activity Kit by Elizabeth Clare (pgs.114-119) • Adapatations from Write Away, A Handbook for Young Writers and Learners (pgs. 280-281)

  8. Demonstration Continued • Partner groups will be provided the memory game cards with irregular past and present verbs. • The students will take turns matching the card pairs. • When they have mastered the beginning irregular verb card pairs, they will be given the advanced irregular verb card pairs.

  9. Proceedure • Concentration. Place the cards in rows in front of the players. Separate the cards in the two categories, past and present. Each card will be labeled past or present. • Student 1 picks up one card and turns it over in place, and says the name of the verb. He then tries to find a matching card from the other group. He turns over the card and reads the verb. And if it is a matching pair, keeps the two cards.

  10. Procedure Continued • If it is a matching pair the player gets an extra turn. • If the cards do not match, the cards are turned over in the same place and player 2 takes his turn. • The game ends when all the pairs have been matched.

  11. In Your Group • Sit with 4 classmates • Play the consentration game • When you have played once, use the second set of irregular verb cards

  12. Where to Go From Here • Have the student reread wordless picture book • Appendix A and B complete sentences by choosing present or past tense verb