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In 2014 God is calling you to reap the rewards of faithfulness! PowerPoint Presentation
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In 2014 God is calling you to reap the rewards of faithfulness!

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In 2014 God is calling you to reap the rewards of faithfulness! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EMET vs Sheker OR The Lifestyle of Success Vs. Failure Family Worship Center Pastor Mark Schwarzbauer PhD. In 2014 God is calling you to reap the rewards of faithfulness!. The Power of Faithfulness Pastor Mark Schwarzbauer PhD Family Worship Center.

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EMET vs ShekerORThe Lifestyle of Success Vs. FailureFamily Worship CenterPastor Mark Schwarzbauer PhD

commitment card with god s help as i start 2014 i commit myself to be
Commitment Card… With God’s help as I start 2014 I commit myself to be…
  • …Faithful to God in daily devotions and attending church.
  • …Faithful to my family and other relationships, keeping sex only in marriage.
  • …Faithful in my work doing all things diligently for Christ.
  • …Faithful in my health taking care of the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • …Faithful in my finances, being a wise steward of what God blesses me with.
  • Signed ____________
revelation 19 11
Revelation 19:11

“Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True”

faithful and true
Faithful and True
  • Bible translations interpret ONE Hebrew word EMET as both the words “Faithful” and “Truth”.
  • Genesis 24:27 “His mercy and His truth” (NKJV).
  • Genesis 24:27 “his kindness and faithfulness” (NIV).
the faithful truth emet
The Faithful Truth- EMET

In the Hebrew/Christian word for “Truth” God is the center and not man (meaning you).


Aleph is the first letter of the Alephbet and represents the breath of God or our awareness of Him. Therefore truth begins with our awareness of God


The middle letter Mem in Hebrew was originally the symbol for water and is also understood to represent the Messiah. In Mem the Hebrew sees divine wisdom from the fountain of life itself which is God, the creator and king of the heavens and the earth is the center of truth.


The final letter of EMET is Tav which is the last letter of the Alephbet. Tav is seen at the expression of simple faith to the Hebrew. This letter corresponds to the kingdom as given to us in Torah or Scriptures

the faithful truth emet2
The Faithful Truth- EMET
  • God alone represents or determines what TRUTH is.
  • Therefore it is not what you or I think but what God thinks that is TRUTH.
the faithful truth emet3
The Faithful Truth- EMET

The letters tmaare “stable” “reliable” and therefore FAITHFUL!

the faithful truth emet4
The Faithful Truth- EMET
  • To live a Faithful and True life in 2014 and beyond…
  • We must accept that God alone determines what is true.
  • Christ must be the center of our lives.
  • We must be committed to reading His Word the Bible and apply it in our lives.
today s commitment card
Today’s Commitment Card
  • I commit to recognizing God alone has the authority to determine truth and He reveals it to us in His Word the Holy Bible.
  • I commit myself to faithfully reading God’s Word in 2014.
  • I commit myself to being a person of faithfulness and truth.

Signed __________________

emet vs sheker
EMET vs. Sheker
  • Sheker- שקר, Hebrew word for “falsehood.”
  • שקר Shin - Kuf – Reish
emet vs sheker shin
EMET vs. Sheker~ shin
  • When you start with a lie you are placing your relationship, work and integrity in a spin that will eventually tumble and BURN.
  • Lies will destroy the good of your past, burn your present and steal your future.
emet vs sheker kuf
EMET vs. Sheker- Kuf
  • When you live a lie you suck the life out of your relationships, your existence and your very being.
emet vs sheker reish
EMET vs. Sheker- Reish
  • ר Reish shows us the end of a lie is poverty.
  • God wants you to reap the rewards of faithfulness so you must cast off all dishonesty.
emet vs sheker2
EMET vs. Sheker

True and Faithful


Lies & Instability