2014 economic project wmta breakfast meeting september 19 2013 n.
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2014 Economic project WMTA Breakfast meeting September 19, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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2014 Economic project WMTA Breakfast meeting September 19, 2013

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2014 Economic project WMTA Breakfast meeting September 19, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New rules for a challenging environment. 2014 Economic project WMTA Breakfast meeting September 19, 2013. Federal Income Law. 2014 macroeconomic frame. Assumptions :. Increase of public revenues - 240 billion Pesos = 1.4 % del PIB. Tax provisions. Without changes :

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2014 economic project wmta breakfast meeting september 19 2013

New rules for a


2014 Economicproject

WMTA Breakfastmeeting

September19, 2013

2014 macroeconomic frame
2014 macroeconomicframe
  • Assumptions:
  • Increase of publicrevenues

- 240 billion Pesos = 1.4% del PIB


tax provisions
Tax provisions
  • Withoutchanges:
    • 0.6% incometaxwithholdingtoindividualsoninterestsfromfinancial sector
    • Intereston late taxpayments; taxcreditontheacquisiton of diesel and highwaytolls, someexemptions and penaltiiesforgiveness.
  • Someprovisionsthat use to be includedwithinthe Federal IncomeLawwere moved tootherLaws


general provisions

Elimination of thepossibility of immediatedeductionfortheacquisition of M&E usedto:

Generation of electicpowerfromrevewablesources,

Conversionsto use natural gas, and

Prevention and environmental control.

Fundingto a pension plan, uponpayment of thepensions.

Non-deduction of paymentsabroadtorelatedpartieswhentheforeignparty resides in a country with a corporateratelowerthan 70% of theMexicanincometaxrate (> 22.5%)


Deduction of tax free salarypaymets (welfarebenefits, savingfund, overtime, profitsharing) are nowlimitted up to 41%.

General Provisions


general provisions1

Employee’s Social Security duespaidbyemployer are no longerdeductible.

New limitsforthededuction of car rentalsoraquisition:

From 175,000 downto 130,000 Pesos fordepreciation

From 250 to 200 Pesos dailyforrentals.

Restaurant bills non-deductible (12.5% up to 2013).

Thealternativetodeduct 100% theexploration expenses fortheminingindustryiseliminated and theamortizationprocedureswillapply.

General Provisions


general provisions2
Thefollowing are repealed:


SIBRAS – (private REIT)

Transition up toDecember 31, 2016 toaccruethedeferredtax.

Estimatedcosts – Works contracts, longtermfabrication of equipment and time sharing.

Installment sales; Simplifyregime.

10% ondividendpaymets – new assessment



Final tax

Payablebythe 17th of thefollowingmonth.

Employee’sProfitSharing (EPS)

Thespecialcomputation of thetax base is removed fromtheLaw.

Same base as Corporatetax base exceptdeductionsforthepaid EPS and prior NOLs

General Provisions


general provisions3

Banks and FinantialInstitutions mus reportannually cash deposits, whendepostisexceed 15,000 Pesos a month.

General Provisions


tax consolidation is repealed
Tax resultingfromthe de-consolidation as of December 31, 2013.

Notapplicableforthosewhowaivedtheregime in 2007 and had a fiveyearsperiod.

Alternativesto compute thetax:

General regime


Deferredtaxmust be paid in fiveyears.

May 2014 and in Aprileveryyear up to 2018.

Deferredtaxfrom 2007 willcontinueto be paid up totheend of thisyearaccordingtotransitoryartilcles.

Tax consolidationisrepealed


incentives repealed
Incentives repealed
  • Immediatededuction (accelerateddepreciation)
  • Purchase of landfor real estate developers
  • Fomenttocreation of new jobs




LISR – Personas Morales No Lucrativas

exempt income
Theexemptionforthe sale of houseisreducedto 250,000 UDIS. Anyexessistaxed.

before 1,500,000 UDIS (approx. 7.4 Million Pesos)

Nowthegainfrom sale of stock in theStock Exchange istaxed.

Primaryactivities are now full taxed as anyothertaxpayer.



o ther activities
Invididualincometaxrateisincreasedto 32% forrevenues in excess of 500,000 Pesos.


Mustpayestimatedmonthlypayments in all cases (prior landlordswithlessthan ten minimumwages file no estimatedpayments.

Incomederivedfrom sale of stock:

Taxed at 10% whensold in the Stock Exchange



Thosereceivedfromabroadanadditional 10% willapply.






tratados para evitar doble tributaci n
Measurestoavoid “abuse” the use of Treaties

Doubletaxneedsto be proven

The legal representativemusttestifyunderoath.


Informationmust be provided as necessary.

Tratados para evitar doble tributación


revenues from mexican source of income
Option of paying 30% onthegain (instead of the 25% ongrossincome):

Instead of thespecialreportfrom a registered CPA a set of new rules will be provided.


Nowrentincomefor 4 yearsisrequired.

Exemptionisnotapplicableto sale of real estate.

“Grossed up” of thetax base.

Enphasisismadetotheneed of grossed up thetaxwhenthetaxisnotwithheld.

Rent of trucks and semirequiresnow a 5% incometaxwithholding.

RevenuesfromMexicansource of income

Definition of maquila operationwithinthe MITL

Itis a requirementtoexport 90% of theannualbilling.

“Shelters”programs are limitedforthreeyears

Compliancetoavoid a PermanentEstablishment, theoptions are limittedtosafeharboror APA


Temporaryimports are no longer VAT free.

value added tax

ValueAdded Tax


affecting foreign trade transactions
  • Borderzone
  • VAT rateapplicabletotheborderzonewill be thesame as therest of the Country (16% instead of 11%)
  • IMMEX, automotivebounddeposit, fiscalizeddeposit and estrategicfiscalizeddepositimportingon a temporarybasis are now VAT taxed.
  • VAT isnowapplicableto:
    • Temporaryimportsforelaboration, transformation o repairmadeby IMMEX companies.
    • Importsintobondedwarehousesfortheautomotiveindustry.
    • Fiscalizedbondedwarehouseforelaboration, transformationorassembly.
    • StrategicFiscalizedbondedwarehouse
  • Possibleplanstofininacethe VAT to IMMEX companies.

Reformas fiscales

affecting foreign trade transactions1
  • Sales toforeignerswithdeliverytothe maquila industryremains at 0% VAT rated.
  • VAT must be paid at importwhenissuingthe pedimento. In theevent of consolidated pedimentos VAT ispaidforeachbordercrossing.
  • VAT may be creditedupontheexport of temporaryimportedgoods. Ifnotcreditedbefore.
  • Sales of temporaryimportedinventoryamongforeignersorfrom a foreignertoan IMMEX company are nowtaxedwiththe VAT.
  • Also sales of goodswhilethey are in theStratigicFiscalizedBondedWarehouse are VAT taxednow.
  • No VAT withholdingwhenpurchasingfromdomesticsuppliers.

Reformas fiscales

affecting foreign trade transactions2
  • Whenswitchingfromtemporarytodefinitiveimport VAT isnotleviedunless no VAT waspaid at theimport.
  • Sametax base as theoneusedfordefinitiveimports.

Reformas fiscales

transitory provisions
  • A temporaryregimeisincludedforgoodsorservicesrendered in 2013 and paymentismadewithin ten days of 2014 to use thesamerates as 2013. Alsoapplicabletorents.
  • Theabovementioneddoesnotapplywhentransactions are madeamongrelatedparties.

Reformas fiscales

customs law



general definitions
General definitions
  • Secondcustomsinspectionis removed fromtheautomated selection mechanism definition and a new definition of recognition is now included. For now it is understood as all the provisions that tax and regulate goods entering or leaving the country
  • Definitions for electronic data transmission and Foreign Trade Single Window, such as electronic documents, digital document, pedimento and consolidated pedimento are added.

Reformas fiscales

substitute customs brokers and in house customs brokers
Substitutecustomsbrokers and in-housecustomsbrokers
  • Itisproposed:
  • It is compulsory now to carry out by individuals directly the clearance of goods without the intervention of a customs broker. The legal customs representative figure is included for cases in which the entities imported or exported without broker intervention.
  • The in-housecustomsbrokeris removed fromtheLawsinceimporters and exportersmay do directlywiththeelectronicsignature.
  • Incorporate a call to be eligible to obtain a patent broker, and would eliminate the broker figure substitute for it to be transferable
  • Set directly responsible for the payment of taxes and countervailing duties to customs agents in the case of internal transit of goods when they point out key name, address or tax ID number of whom has not requested the operation or when the data is false or nonexistent

Reformas fiscales

p aper less customs
“Paperless” customs
  • Itisproposed:
  • Standardize the management of electronic information as established in the Federal Tax Code and provide legal certainty and recognize the use of electronic means for the transmission, presentation and electronic storage of customs information by importers, exporters and custom agents.

Reformas fiscales

universal pension act and unemployment insurance1
Social security as a human right and not a Labor LawIt is proposed to rise to constitutional status to the right of the elderly to have a universal pension and the right of workers to have an unemployment insuranceby amending Article 123, Section A, Section XXIX and add articles 4. and 73 of the Mexican Constitution. This initiative is presented along with the respective regulatory laws:

Universal Pension Law.

Unemployment Insurance Law

Additionally, amending, supplementing and repealing provisions of the following Laws:

Social Security Law

Retirement Savings Law

Security and Social Services for State Workers Institute Law.

Housing Fund for Workers Law and,

Federal Labor Law

Universal Pension Act and Unemployment Insurance


principal proposals
A universal pension of $1.092 Pesos per month is established, and a procedure to update it annually for inflation, for those reaching the age of 65 with no pension and residing in Mexico, foreigners who have resided for at least 25 years in the same, are enrolled in the National Population Register and have a monthly income equal to or less than 15 minimum wages

Establish a mandatory contribution paid by employers for unemployment insurance consisting of the equivalent of 3% of salaries paid aimed to unemployed workers who have had a formal employment relationship under the Labor Law and comply with the various requirements

This new system does not represent an increase in labor costs and social dues to employers nor workers, since the universal pension will be 100% funded by the Federal Government from the following insurance reductions:Contributions to Infonavit from 5% to 2%Contributions to Fovissste from 5% to 2%

Principal proposals


federal tax code

Federal Tax Code

ReformasFiscales 2014

general provisions4
Objective of the reform- Clarify the meaning of the tax provisions to facilitate understanding.

Anti-elusive Clause

- The tax authorities shall have the authority to determine a tax credit when they detect operations that do not have a business reason, and has evaded paying taxes.

- Business Ratio = Profit or economic benefit other than avoidance, deferral or refund the payment made.Tax address - In some cases, tax address of the individual could be the one expressed to the financial institutions.Obligation to register for the RFC when a bank account is opened.

General provisions

Reformas Fiscales 2014

electronic media
Measures against fraudsters taxpayers

Effects are left for stamp certificates or digital signatures issued by fraudsters taxpayers.

Tax Mailbox

Creating an electronic communication system between authorities and taxpayers (only way to submit returns, revocation apeals, etc.).

Electronically fiscalized

Exercise of powers by tax mailbox.

Electronic media


infractions and tax crimes
Misuse of tax receiptsPublication of a list of taxpayers who abuse tax receipts. Operations shall be presumed never existed and their tax receipts will have no value.

Surveillance over activities for those granting donationsSanctions are stated to those who seek to make deductions on donations improperly.

Guarantors in the commission of crimesPower to the General Attorney judges and magistrates, to determine who is responsible for tax crimes default.

Infractions and taxcrimes


infractions and tax crimes1
Tax advisers and brokers’ crimesAccounting and legal professionals and brokers (including auxiliaries) shall be criminally responsible for crimes committed by their advice if it involves a breach of tax obligations.

Sanctions for corporations for criminal offensesThose found criminally responsible for an offense shall be punished in addition to fines, forfeiture, suspension and / prohibition of certain transactions depending on the severity of the crime.

Crime by simulated actsIt is proposed to criminally punish those issuing, acquiring or disposing of tax receipts simulated legal acts.

Crime equated smugglingFor appointing a person who has not requested the foreign trade operation or when they are false.

Infractions and taxcrimes

Reforma Fiscal 2014

2014 economic proyect september 2013

New rules for a


2014 Economicproyect

September, 2013



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