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Dr. Ka-fu Wong. ECON1003 Analysis of Economic Data. Data corner. GOALS. Illustrate a collection of useful and interesting data web sites. l. HK Census and Statistics Department. Press Releases on Statistical Data (http://www.info.gov.hk/censtatd/eng/press/index2.html) Population Labour

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Dr ka fu wong

Dr. Ka-fu Wong


Analysis of Economic Data

Dr ka fu wong

Data corner


  • Illustrate a collection of useful and interesting data web sites.


Hk census and statistics department
HK Census and Statistics Department

  • Press Releases on Statistical Data(http://www.info.gov.hk/censtatd/eng/press/index2.html)

    • Population

    • Labour

    • National Income and Balance of Payments Statistics

    • External Trade

    • External Direct Investment Statistics of Hong Kong

    • Industrial Production

    • Building, Construction and Real Estate

    • Statistics on Vessels, Port Cargo and Containers

    • Price Index

    • Commerce

A brief commentary of the data is given.

Hk census and statistics department1
HK Census and Statistics Department

  • Frequently Asked Statistics(http://www.info.gov.hk/censtatd/eng/hkstat/index1.html)

    • Population and Vital Events

    • Labour and Employment

    • Wages and Payroll

    • National Income

    • Balance of Payments Account

    • Consumer Price Indices

    • External Trade

    • Transport

    • Commerce and Industry

    • Building and Construction

    • Money and Finance

    • Other Economic and Business Statistics

Short series of data available in Excel format.Refer to various issues of Monthly Digest of Statistics or Annual Digest of Statistics for longer historical data.

Hk monetary authority
HK Monetary Authority

Monthly Statistical Bulletin


  • Financial statistics summary

  • Money

  • Banking

  • Money markets and debt instruments

  • Exchange Fund Bills and Notes

  • Exchange rates and interest rates

  • Monetary market operation

  • Exchange Fund and foreign currency reserves assets

Data available in Excel format.

The big brother is watching us the central intelligence agency of the united states
The Big Brother is watching us!The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States


  • Introduction

  • Geography

  • People

  • Government

  • Economy

  • Communications

  • Transportation

  • Military

  • Transnational Issues

On China:


Historical international stock indices on line
Historical International Stock indiceson-line

  • http://www.forecasts.org/data/index.htmStock index dataInternational Stock Indices-Monthly

    • Nikkei 225  Japan

    • DAX  Germany

    • Hang Seng  Hong Kong

    • FTSE 100  United Kingdom

    • TSE 300  Canada


  • A database which provides international financial, economic, stock market and company data.

  • Includes coverage of equities, stock market and bond indices, economic statistics, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, fixed income instruments and derivatives.

  • Data may be downloaded and exported and can be used to create graphics, reports and spread sheets.

  • Available at : HKU main Library, Standalone PCFormat

  • Location: Borrow from Reference Counter, Main Library

International financial statistics published by international monetary fund
International Financial Statistics(published by International Monetary Fund)

  • The International Finance Statistics (IFS) contains approximately 24,000 time series for 196 countries and geographical areas. These time series cover the following sections as detailed in the IMF International Finanance Statistics Yearbook -

    • Exchange Rates

    • Fund Accounts

    • International Liquidity

    • International Banking

    • Money and Banking

    • Interest Rates

    • Prices, Wages, Production and Employment

    • International Transactions

    • Government Finance

    • National Accounts and Population

  • Available at HKU in the Network CD system, via Winframe.

Global development finance published by the world bank
Global development finance(published by the World Bank)

  • Provides complete and up-to-date data and analysis on the external debt and international capital flows of developing countries.

  • Includes: country group aggregate data and World Bank analysis, from v.1 of Global Development Finance, and the country time series data, plus pipeline projections for 136 World Bank borrowers from v.2.

  • Available at : HKU main Library

  • Location: Borrow from Reference Counter, Main Library

The world development indicators published by the world bank
The World Development Indicators (published by the World Bank)

  • The World Development Indicators (WDI) is the World Bank's premier annual compilation of data about development. WDI 2002 includes approx. 800 indicators in 87 tables, organized in six sections: World View, People, Environment, Economy, States and Markets, and Global Links. The tables cover 152 economies and 14 country groups-with basic indicators for a further 55 economies.

  • Available at : HKU main Library

  • Location: Borrow from Reference Counter, Main Library

O rganization for e conomic c ooperation and d evelopment
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

  • http://www.oecd.org/http://www.oecdwash.org/DATA/online.htm

    • Available online in pdf format.

      • Gross Domestic Product

      • Composite Leading Indicators

      • Standardized Unemployment Rates

      • Population

      • Purchasing Power Parities

      • Short-Term Economic Statistics

  • Available in CD-ROM in HKU library.

    • OECD Main economic indicators (Historical statistics)

Organization of petroleum exporting countries opec
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

OPEC production Quota distribution as of 1 February 2003.


Exchange rate data pacific exchange rate service
Exchange rate dataPACIFIC Exchange Rate Service


  • Historical daily exchange rates may be retrieved or plotted through an on-line database.

  • Also provided is a list of all the currencies of the world with information on each country's exchange rate regime and ISO-4217 currency code.

  • Note that the default based currency is Canadian dollar.

Mark six lottery results archive
Mark Six Lottery Results Archive


  • Results  Drawn Result Archive

    • Numbers drawn on specific lottery days

    • Click on the links, you will find past announcement of results. The results include

      • Unit dividends of various prizes of current lottery.

      • Number of units for each prize

      • Total investment

      • Next lottery day

      • Jackpot for next lottery.

  • You can find the history of Mark Six Lottery and how the unit dividends are determined.

Mutual funds
Mutual funds

  • Get a list of fund houses:

    • Most search engines (such as YAHOO) includes the following categories:

      • Finance  mutual funds



    • Or we can simply search for “mutual funds and quotes” or “list of mutual funds” under GOOGLE.

  • Search for, say, “invesco and prices and performance” will get us to

    • http://www.invescofunds.com/Cached/PricesPer/InvShare/DailyPricesInv.asp

  • Most fund house will provide the current and historical prices of their funds, sometimes in downloadable format.

World trade organization
World Trade Organization

  • http://www.wto.org/

  • http://www.wto.org/english/res_e/statis_e/statis_e.htm

    • International Trade Statistics

    • Historical series 

    • In excel format

The heritage foundation
The Heritage Foundation

  • The Freedom Index

    • http://www.heritage.org/research/features/index/

B ank for i nternational s ettlements
Bank for International Settlements

  • http://www.bis.org

  • Cross country statistics about banking, exchange rate, etc.

    • International banking statistics

    • Consolidated banking statistics

    • Securities statistics

    • Derivatives statistics

    • Triennial foreign exchange and derivatives survey 2001

    • Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank Statistics on External Debt

B ank o f j apan
Bank of Japan

  • http://www.boj.or.jp/en/

  • Contains data that are extracted from the Financial and Economic Statistics Monthly

    • Money, Banking and Securities

    • Real Economy

    • Prices, Public Finance, Balance of Payments, Customs Clearance, Economic Forecasts and International Statistics

    • In pdf format

  • http://www2.boj.or.jp/en/dlong/dlong.htm

    • Long term time series data

    • Text format

Mutual funds1
Mutual funds

  • The Investment Company Institute (ICI) http://www.ici.org/site_map.htmlis the national association of the American investment company industry. Founded in 1940, its membership includes 8,938 mutual funds, 535 closed-end funds, and six sponsors of unit investment trusts.

  • Most local newspapers (such as SCMP and HK Economic Times) publish price quotes of mutual funds.

Dr ka fu wong

Data Corner

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