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Voice Recognition Past, Present, Future. Ingrid Killian COM546 December 6, 2005. AGENDA 1. Technology Timeline 2. Industries using VR technology 3. Adoption of VR 4. Future of VR. Technology Timeline. Industries using VR technology (1/2). Assistive technology field

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Voice RecognitionPast, Present, Future

Ingrid KillianCOM546December 6, 2005

Agenda 1 technology timeline 2 industries using vr technology 3 adoption of vr 4 future of vr l.jpg

AGENDA1. Technology Timeline 2. Industries using VR technology3. Adoption of VR 4. Future of VR

Industries using vr technology 1 2 l.jpg
Industries using VR technology (1/2)

  • Assistive technology field

    • 4 Acts Passed By Congress accelerated VR

  • Medical Field

    • Dictation devices, mobile PDAs

  • Personal Device Market

    • Now used in cell phones, PDAs, cars

Adoption of vr l.jpg
Adoption of VR

“Some inventions 'take the world by storm'. Others seem to fail, lie dormant for decades, but when 'their time has come', their use grows quickly, even explosively. Most achieve slow penetration at first, then their adoption grows more quickly, but later slows down again.”Roger Clarke

  • In the 1990s

    • VR slowly diffused into society via dictation programs on the PC

    • Diffused faster with assistive technologies for the disabled.

  • From 2001-2005

    • VR’s infiltrated into more industries: call centers, medical, automobile industries, and use has grown quickly.

    • VR now a commodity. Application of VR drives adoption.

Future of vr l.jpg
Future of VR

  • Increased quantity of mobile devices with VR

  • Cars – auto telematics = Knight Rider!

  • Strong recognition software – 100% accuracy with natural speech

  • More toys, video games, entertainment systems!

“Hasbro's new FURBY, so packed with technology it's twice the size of the original, comes with a voice recognition chip. If you continue to say one of hundreds of programmed words like "love" and "friend" the FURBY will learn it and repeat it back to you. The doll also includes eyes that show emotions and a flexible beak - so it can smile or frown depending on how often you pet it." -Newsweek