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LoTi. L evels O f T eaching I nnovation Or L evel O f T echnology I ntegration. Turn up the H.E.A.T. H igher Level Thinking E ngaged Learning A uthentic Lessons T echnology Use. What do I need to know about LoTi?. YOU are ALREADY doing what LoTi requires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Levels Of Teaching Innovation


Level Of Technology Integration

Turn up the h e a t
Turn up the H.E.A.T.

  • Higher Level Thinking

  • Engaged Learning

  • Authentic Lessons

  • Technology Use

What do i need to know about loti
What do I need to know about LoTi?

  • YOU are ALREADY doing what LoTi requires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LoTi is a system to find ideas for integrating technology and higher level thinking

    into lessons about real world problems.

Loti level 0 no use of technology
LoTi Level 0 use it?”No Use of Technology

  • Mrs. Hewitt teaches a No Smoking Lesson

    1. She reads a book called It’s NOT Cool to Smoke.

    2. Mrs. Hewitt shows a picture of the body, and talks about our lungs and how we could not breathe if we hurt our lungs by smoking.

    3. The students draw a picture about saying “no” to smoking.

Loti level 1 awareness teacher use only
LoTi Level 1 use it?”Awareness- Teacher Use only

  • No Smoking Lesson

    1. Mrs. Hewitt reads a book called It’s Not Cool to Smoke.

    2. She shows the kids a short clip on www.unitedstreaming.com about the dangers of smoking.

    3. The kids make a class book about saying “no” to smoking.

Loti level 2 exploration kids use computers not necessarily related to content
LoTi Level 2 use it?”Exploration- Kids Use Computers, not necessarily related to content

  • No Smoking Lesson

    1. Mrs. Hewitt reads a book called It’s Not Cool to Smoke.

    2. She shows a picture on the projector of lung cancer from smoking.

    3. The kids work in small groups, some making a “say no to smoking” picture, some playing educational games on computers (not related to smoking), and some making a chart about ways to keep our lungs healthy.

Loti level 3 infusion use of computers by kids for higher level thinking and problem solving
LoTi Level 3 use it?”Infusion- Use of computers by kids for higher level thinking and problem solving

  • Mrs. Hewitt reads the book It’s Not Cool to Smoke.

  • Mrs. Hewitt shows pictures on the projector of healthy and unhealthy lungs.

  • With the projector, the kids take turns using the mouse to choose pictures and sort them into healthy and unhealthy activities for your lungs.


LoTi Level 4 use it?”Integration- Kids use technology to solve a real world problemThis is a UNIT, or longer than just one lesson! Maybe over a week’s span.

  • The class brainstorms a way to help people stop smoking.

  • Using technology, they create a power point telling people why smoking is bad. (with help)

  • Included in the power point are video clips and pictures that kids took of each other. (with help)

  • The kids help arrange a time to have parents and friends come in to watch the presentation.

  • The kids mail out invitations to people they want to come.

Loti level 5 expansion community is involved in process or solving real world problem
LoTi Level 5 use it?”Expansion- Community is involved in process or solving real world problem.

  • The kids create a presentation on why smoking is dangerous.

  • Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Firemen are invited to come in and inform kids about the dangers of smoking, and the kids take pictures and video to feature in the presentation.

  • The kids provide the Community Helpers with a copy of the presentation to show to the community.

Where to start
Where to start? use it?”

  • Here are a few resources to investigate things you can be doing with technology and kids!


  • http://www.technospudprojects.com/

  • http://www.globalschoolnet.org/GSH/pr/index.cfm#sec2 (You can search for online projects from this site--it is a keeper)

  • http://www.kids-learn.org/

  • http://www.earthcam.com/


More Useful Websites use it?”

  • http://kids-learn.org/ladybugs/

  • http://www.graves.k12.ky.us/powerpoints/elementary/

  • http://www.kellyskindergarten.com/PowerPoints/powerpoints.htm

    (Great power points for Dr. Jean songs!)

  • http://lakelandschools.org/EDTECH/Kindergarten/home.htm

  • http://www.tlt.ab.ca/projects/Div1/index_div1.html

  • http://www.epals.com/

  • http://www.earthdaybags.org/

  • http://www.pleasanton.k12.ca.us/valley_view/second/wolfe/stanley.html

  • http://www.earthcam.com/

  • http://www.teach-nology.com/teachers/ lesson_plans/computing/k2/

  • http://kindergartenkiddos.myteacher.dvusd.com/stories/storyReader$43

  • http://midgefrazel.net/fieldtrip.html

Loti mentors
LoTi Mentors use it?”

  • Mrs. Pugh is going to let us come around to all classrooms and see what cool things you are doing with technology!

  • This will also be an opportunity for us to help or give ideas to those who need guidance for using technology in the classroom.

  • If you have any great ideas, don’t forget to share them with others in the school!