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Public Private Partnerships in Health Sector- Kenya

A presentation made during the Givers Lounge Session organized by EAAG

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Public Private Partnerships in Health Sector- Kenya

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Presentation Transcript

    1. PPP Health-KENYA

    2. Presentation Outline Presentation Outline

    3. Rationale for PPPs in Health

    4. Rationale Why work with private sector?

    5. Rationale Rationale for PPPs in health

    6. Vision, Mission and Purpose

    7. Vision Vision of PPP Health-KENYA

    8. Mission Mission of PPP Health-KENYA

    9. Purpose Purpose of PPP Health-KENYA

    10. Guiding Principles

    11. Guiding Principles Guiding Principles

    12. Composition, Structure and Linkages

    13. Composition Composition of PPP Health-KENYA

    14. Structure Structure of PPP Health-KENYA

    15. Linkages

    16. P1 Policy Dialogue Workplan 1st Year Activities P1 Policy Dialogue

    17. P2 Policy Reform Workplan 1st Year Activities P2 Policy Reform

    18. P3 Partnerships Workplan 1st Year Activities P3 Partnerships

    19. DPHK and PPP Health-KENYA Collaboration

    20. Collaboration PPP Health-KENYA and DPHK Collaboration

    21. Parting Thoughts

    22. Conclusion Success and Challenges facing PPP Health-KENYA

    23. Conclusion Success and Challenges PPP Health-KENYA

    24. Conclusion She is the reason why we do PPPs in health

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