Time speed and the metric system
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Time, Speed and the Metric System. Time.

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We need to know times so we can organise and manage our daily activities. If we didn’t know times it would be very hard to plan activities with our friends, we would be late for meetings and events and we would not know when to look at our favourite TV. programmes

Sometimes when we get distracted we lose track of time. If we didn’t know times this would happen all the time.

Measurement: hours and minutes and seconds

The metric system
The Metric System

The metric system is the most basic form of measurement which is commonly used all over the world. It is used for trade with other countries or even just travelling and communicating in foreign countries

Measurement: metres and



It is very important to know speed and know how to calculate speed. We need to know how fast or slow we are going in a car otherwise there would be an awful lot more car accidents.

We also need to be able to calculate speed too for everyday situations such as going to a meeting.

If you need to be at a meeting in 2 hours and the meeting is 50 miles away,. you need to know what speed to drive at if you want to reach the meeting in time. Luckily, we have dads silly triangle to help us do this

Measurement: m/s km/hr

Dads sill
Dads Sill


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By jade long and sophie leonard
By: Jade Long and Sophie Leonard