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  1. ICT in HORIZON 2020 The New EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 Carlos Oliveira DG CONNECT

  2. What's new? *The 7th research Framework Programme (FP7), innovation aspects of Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), EU contribution to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) • A single programme bringing together three separate programmes/initiatives* • More innovation, from research to retail, all forms of innovation • Focus on societal challenges facing EU society, e.g. health, clean energy and transport • Simplified access, for all companies, universities, institutes in all EU countries and beyond.

  3. Three pillars Excellent Science Industrial leadership Societal challenges

  4. Coverage of the full innovation chain Societal challenges Industrial leadership Excellent science Basic Research Large scale validation Demonstration Market uptake Technology R&D Prototyping Pilots 4

  5. Industrial Leadership - ICT • A new generation of components and systems: engineering of advanced embedded and resource efficient components and systems • Next generation computing: advanced and secure computing systems and technologies, including cloud computing • Future Internet: software, hardware, infrastructures, technologies and services • Content technologies and information management: ICT for digital content, cultural and creative industries • Advanced interfaces and robots: robotics and smart spaces • Micro- and nanoelectronics and photonics: key enabling technologies 5

  6. RTD K RTD H RTD I RTD B, C RTD F ENER C MOVE C CLIM/ENV ENTR G (SANCO) ENTR F SC3 SC4 SC5 SC6 SC7 SC1 Health and Ageing Health Energy Transport Climate Inclusive, Security Innovative Reflective Societies H2020 Societal ChallengesDG CONNECT involvement

  7. ICT in Excellent Science Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) FET Open: fostering novel ideas • Collaborative research for embryonic, high risk visionary science and technology FET Proactive • Nurturing emerging themes and communities FET Flagships • Tackling grand interdisciplinary science and technology challenges E-Infrastructures • Integration and access to national research networks/infrastructures; development, deployment and operation of e-Infrastructures

  8. Europe 2020 priorities Shared objectives and principles • Tackling Societal Challenges • Health, demographic change and wellbeing • Food security, sustainable agriculture and • the bio-based economy • Secure, clean and efficient energy • Smart, green and integrated transport • Climate action, resource efficiency and raw • materials • Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies • Secure Societies • Creating Industrial Leadership and Competitive Frameworks • Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies • ICT • Nanotech., Materials, Manuf. and Processing • Biotechnology • Space • Access to risk finance • Innovation in SMEs ICT ICT ICT ICT ICT ICT ICT EIT JRC • Excellence in the Science Base • Frontier research (ERC) • Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) • Skills and career development (Marie Curie) • Research infrastructures ICT ICT Simplified access Dissemination & knowledge tranfer Common rules, toolkit of funding schemes 8

  9. Industrial leadership in ICTwork-programme 2014-15 • Innovation – a centrepiece of H2020 – 46% of funding • rapid prototyping and testing of use cases, technology transfer, pilots (large scale), stimulating adoption • Online platforms and services for web entrepreneurs, SME incubators • SME targeted measures - Open Disruptive Innovation scheme • PCP/PPI activities, Prizes, Access to finance • Leveraging private investment • Contractual Public Private Partnerships (robotics, photonics, 5G, factories of the future, high performance computing) • Joint Technology initiative on Electronic Components and Systems • Responsible research and Innovation • Systematically open up and call for the engagement of a broad set of stakeholders • ethical principles (e.g. privacy, protection of personal data, exposure to electro-magnetic radiations, energy-efficiency..) • social innovation (eg. Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social innovation

  10. Consultations, Advice and Evidence Base • CAF – CONNECT Advisory Forum (3 recommendation reports on WP14-15 orientations): • ICT LEIT • Innovation dimension • ICT in Societal Challenges • ETPsroadmaps • Domain-specific consultations (on-line + dedicated meetings) • FP6 Impact Analysis • Mid-termevaluation FP7 • FP7 portfolio analysis • Digital Agenda Scoreboard • Study on Benchmark and Impact Potential of ICT Markets (Gartner)

  11. Mobilise a wider community … • The CAF would like to liaise with other stakeholders representatives: • The Digital Champions • The Young Advisors • Better understand public expectations about the role of ICT in people's lives • Reinforce the support to research and innovation in ICT How: • Joint attendance of events – e.g. information days • Participation of YA and DC in CAF discussions

  12. Thank you for your attention! Find out more: www.ec.europa/research/horizon2020