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http:// / watch?v =luFKLtUqb1Q

http:// / watch?v =luFKLtUqb1Q

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http:// / watch?v =luFKLtUqb1Q

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  1. Peppered moth lab

  2. Warm-up • Go on the website • 8th grade First Nine Weeks First document “Benchmark Review Question” • Download • As a group answer your selected questions

  3. Today • Review for our benchmark!! • Turn in homework

  4. Tomorrow • Benchmark

  5. Friday • Introduction to Ecosystems 

  6. Upcoming • Next week: Ecosystems and the type of relationship • Following Week: Water, Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen Cycles

  7. 6th grade warm up • Do you think textbook drawings accurately depict either the size of or the distance between object (the Earth, moon, planets, and sun) within our solar system? If not, why would textbooks misrepresent the scale?

  8. Select and write down the two spheres which you think best represent the relative sizes of the Earth and the moon and briefly describe the because in you hypothesis. • Ex. If the Earth is the size of a marble, then the moon is the size of a basketball, because the moon has to 10 times larger than the Earth to create a shadow.

  9. Do scientist vote to come up with the correct answer? • What do you think we should do to find out which represents the moon and Earth the best?

  10. The moon is 3,476 km • The Earth is 12,756 km • How much larger is the Earth than the moon roughly (double, triple, 4 times, 5 times, 6 times, 7 times, etc. )

  11. How far away is the moon from the Earth? • Pick a partner • Decide who will be the moon and who will be the Earth • Earth come to the front of the room • Moons face your partner • Separate yourselves until you accurately display the distance between the Earth and moon (1 block on the floor= 1 Earth (12,756 km)

  12. You should be 30 blocks away from one another. Go there now if you were not correct. • Write in your journal (scientifically, a story from the Moon or Earth’s perspective, a poem, or artwork) to show what you learned about the Moon and Earth size, and their distance from one another

  13. Don’t forget about your HW due tomorrow!! 

  14. 7th grade warm up • A helicopter’s speed increases from 25 m/sec to 60 m/sec in 5 seconds. What is the acceleration of the helicopter? • Get onto Gizmo

  15. Today • Gizmo • Notes on Graphing • Identify that graph!

  16. Warm Up • What are the differences between rotate and revolve? • How long does it take the Earth to rotate? • How long does it take the Earth to revolve? • When the Earth rotates what does this cause? • When the Earth revolves what does this cause?

  17. How many time bigger do you think the sun is compared to the Earth?

  18. 109 Earth’s (side to side) = the Sun • The sun is about 864, 400 (1,391,000 km)

  19. Earth’s rotation demo • Earth revolving demo

  20. Where is the Northern Hemisphere? • Do you think the Northern Hemisphere is warmer during this time of the year? (HINT: HW Chart) • What season do you think that is?

  21. When the Northern Hemisphere points away from the sun, then what? • Why does the Northern Hemisphere get cooler? • What about the Southern Hemisphere? • What season is the Northern Hemisphere in? • What season is the Southern Hemisphere in?

  22. How many months do you think go by between when the Northern Hemisphere receives direct rays from the sun as opposed the the southern hemisphere? • What does the Earth revolving around the sun create?

  23. Read- •

  24. 7th grade warm up 1. The cheetah, which is the fastest land mammal, can accelerate from 0.0 mi/hr to 70.0 mi/hr in 3.0 seconds. What is the acceleration of the cheetah? Answer in mph/sec 2. The Lamborghini Diablo sports car can accelerate from 0.0 km/hr to 99.2 km/hr in 4 seconds. What is the acceleration of this car? Answer in km per hr/sec. 3. Which has a greater acceleration? ( to figure this out, you must know there are 1.6 km in 1 mile)

  25. Today • Finish graphs from yesterday • Take Gizmo quiz on Distance time graphs.  • Terminator video clip calculations, and graphing.

  26. Grade check • Graphs from yesterday • Todays work to the bin • Take Distance- Time quiz- Quiz grade for the week!

  27. 6th grade warm- up? • We know that the Earth revolving around the sun causes the seasons. But what causes the temperatures to be warm in June and cold in December?

  28. Lets examine the Sun closely. • Radiation, Convection, or conduction is what allows the suns rays to reach and heat the surface of the Earth? • Does the sun change its energy output at any point? • Does the sun only put out energy in one direction?

  29. Lets examine the Earth. • Does the Earth orbit in a circular or elliptical shape? • What is the tilt of the Earth? • Do you think that is what makes the temperature different?

  30. Lets examine the tilt and how the radiation of energy hits the Earth. • Is the tilt the same all year long? • Is all of the Northern Hemisphere closer than all of the southern hemisphere? • How far is the sun away from the Earth? • Do you think that it causes that much of a difference in temperature • Can this be what causes the temperature difference?

  31. What about the length of daylight in each season does that vary? • So what does this tell me about the amount of sun exposure? • So does the amount of energy change due to the day length in the seasons?

  32. When is it hottest during the day? • When is it the coolest? • Where is the sun? • The longer the sunlight the warmer the day is?

  33. Write a summary of what causes it to be hotter during June than in December?

  34. Grade Time • HW Check from yesterday. • Summary check from Wednesday. • Note check from yesterday.