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Bell work #19 Feb. 23

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Bell work #19 Feb. 23. This is a type of trade where no money is exchanged… T/F When the French and Spanish explorers first came to Kansas there was no one living here. T/F Attending an Indian mission school was a similar experience to what school is like today.

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Bell work #19 Feb. 23

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Presentation Transcript
bell work 19 feb 23
Bell work #19Feb. 23
  • This is a type of trade where no money is exchanged…
  • T/F When the French and Spanish explorers first came to Kansas there was no one living here.
  • T/F Attending an Indian mission school was a similar experience to what school is like today.
  • What was the Native American Relocation Act?
bell work 18 feb 22
Bell work #18Feb. 22
  • Which Indian village did Coronado visit on his expedition?
  • Why did French Explorers and traders come to Kansas?
  • What is the difference between absolute and relative dating?
bell work 17 feb 18
Bell work #17Feb. 18
  • French Explorers came to Kansas to…
  • Why was the policy to relocate the Indians to Kansas hard on them?
  • T/F Indian tribes forced to emigrate to Kansas were assigned to reservations.
  • T/F Eminent domain was the belief that the United States should expand westward.
bell work 16 feb 17
Bell work #16Feb. 17
  • What were missionaries?
  • What is Manifest Destiny; what does it deal with?
  • What was the Indian Removal Act? Who did it effect?
  • Why were the Indians being relocated to Kansas?
bell work 15 feb 16
Bell work #15Feb. 16
  • How long was the Oregon Trail?
  • What rock was a checkpoint for travels to help them decide if they were on time?
  • Why would you probably be traveling on the Oregon Trail?
  • What were some of the problems travelers encountered on the trail?
bell work 14 feb 15
Bell work #14Feb. 15
  • What was the Santa Fe Trail mainly used for?
  • In which part does the Santa Fe Trail go through Kansas?
  • What kinds of hardships did the people face while they were on the Santa Fe Trail?
  • How was the relationship between the travelers on the Santa Fe Trail and the Indians they encountered along the way?
bell work 13 feb 14
Bell work #13Feb. 14
  • Which of the explorers were American?
  • What was the main goal of the Lewis & Clark expedition?
  • Which explorer was captured by the Spanish?
  • Which two trails ran through Kansas?
bell work 12 feb 9
Bell work #12Feb. 9
  • What country did Francisco Coronado represent while he was on his mission through the plains of America?
  • What was the seven cities of gold called, that Coronado was looking for?
  • What year did Coronado begin his exploration?
  • What human trait lead to Coronado beginning the exploration?
bell work 11 feb 8
Bell work #11Feb. 8
  • What is the definition of nomadic?
  • What did the Cheyenne use to paint their stories on?
  • What is the difference between relative and absolute location?
  • What does it mean to “infer meaning.”
bell work 10 jan 31
Bell work #10Jan. 31
  • What kinds of food did the Kansa and Osage cultivate?
  • What would indicate that the Kansa and Osage were close friends?
  • There were 9 major Indian tribes in Kansas. Which ones are they?
  • T/F. Did the American Indians in Kansas conduct trading with other people.
bell work 9 jan 28
Bell work #9Jan. 28
  • What was an advantage of the horse for the Plains Indians?
  • In the mini movie there were many different ways to use the buffalo, name five in the book?
  • What did the nomadic tribes of Kansas use to transfer their tepees from one location to another?
  • What does it mean to barter?
bell work 8 jan 26
Bell work #8Jan. 26
  • What is the difference between Sedentary and Nomadic Tribes?
  • What is a new method of food preservation?
  • What kind of housing did the native tribes have? (Pg. 36)
  • What are the similarities between the Kansa and Osage Indian Tribes?
bell work 7 jan 24
Bell work #7Jan. 24
  • Why do we not know more about the earliest people in Kansas?
  • What is oral tradition?
  • What is Migration?
  • What kind of adaptations did the early people of Kansas have to deal with?
bell work 6 jan 21
Bell work #6Jan. 21
  • This prehistoric sea existed thousands of years ago.
  • What are Physiographic regions?
  • This Aquifer is a constantly renewing source of water.
  • What day is the day of Kansas’s birthday?
bell work 5 jan 19
Bell work #5Jan. 19
  • T/F. The Ogallala Aquifer is constantly renewing.
  • T/F. Kansas took legal action against Colorado claiming that Colorado used more than its share of water from the Arkansas River.
  • What percentage of prairie is underground?
bell work 4 jan 18
Bell work #4Jan. 18
  • What effects do tornados have on Kansas?
  • Describe to me what the grasshopper invasion was.
  • What are the causes of Prairie Fires?
  • What is the relative location of McPherson, Kansas?
bell work 3 jan 14
Bell Work #3Jan. 14
  • What are Physiographic regions?
  • Do you remember what erosion means?
    • If so what does it mean?
  • T/F. Environmentally, do great differences exist between western and eastern Kansas?
  • What year did the grasshopper invasion begin?
bell work 2 jan 13
Bell work #2Jan. 13
  • What does Conterminous states mean?
  • Why are native grasses a valuable resource to Kansas?
  • What is the most numerous type of animal in Kansas?
  • Does Kansas have more tornados than any other state?
bell work 1 jan 12
Bell Work #1Jan. 12
  • What forms Kansas’s only natural border?
  • What was the Permian Sea?
  • What is a Drought?
  • What is an Aquifer?