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Cover CBSE syllabus using CBSE sample papers PowerPoint Presentation
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Cover CBSE syllabus using CBSE sample papers

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Cover CBSE syllabus using CBSE sample papers

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Cover CBSE syllabus using CBSE sample papers

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  1. Smart Tutoring Platform for Next-Gen Students

  2. Cover CBSE syllabus for class 10 using CBSE sample papers

  3. Exams Practice • The best way to tackle the CBSE exams is to practice a number of CBSE sample papers. • These papers have been formulated by experts. • They are based on NCERT books. • The students after studying willknow the weightage to be given to subjects and topics.

  4. Performing • Performing well in the CBSE exams is related to being highly time bound • When a student thoroughly practice CBSE sample papers for class 12, their proficiency and speed increase.

  5. Online Guidance by Genextstudents

  6. Time management • Time management is extremely important right from the practice stage. • Keep a tab on time, when solving the questions given in CBSE guide for class 9 to 12th. • Do not spend any longer than 4 minutes for the multiple choice questions. • The long answer type questions must be given about 15 minutes. • This is the ideal time frame for solving a CBSE paper. • When you follow this schedule, you’ll have ample time to recheck. • This will also help you achieve better results in the exams.

  7. Genextstudents Products

  8. How to get Prepared • You can either buy the CBSE books or you can try out the sample papers available on the online websites. • You can even take some online tests. • The order of the day is making use of the online educational resources. • The content on these online portals will help you understand the concepts a lot better. • There are video lessons equipped with superior images, expert knowledge, animation, summaries as well various interactive contents. • These will definitely aid in engaging you better in a shorter span of time and help you score better in board exams.

  9. When you study properly you’ll be in a position to cover the entire CBSE syllabus for class 10with ease.

  10. The key to securing good percentage and marks in Class 10th lies in your practice, revision and learning efficiency to get higher scores.

  11. Thank You! Contact us:Ali Asgar Kagzi (Co-Founder, Director)Genext Students Limited48B, B wing, Mittal Towers, Nariman Point Mumbai – 400 021, INDIA(O): +91-22-22045103 (M): +91-99-301-26575(E):