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CEIAG STEM. Toolbox Launch. STEM Speed Dating. Which Decade?. Did you know?. The Future is in Your Hands. “Young children show an initial enthusiasm … which tapers off by the time they reach secondary education” (Report by Chemical Industry Education Centre, University of York).

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ceiag stem


Toolbox Launch

stem speed dating

STEM Speed Dating

Which Decade?

the future is in your hands
The Future is in Your Hands

“Young children show an initial enthusiasm … which tapers off by the time they reach secondary education”

(Report by Chemical Industry Education Centre, University of York)

psa 2 skills for prosperity


  • Increase by 5% the numbers studying STEM subjects in Post 16 cohort by 2011
  • Increase by 25% the numbers of students, especially those from disadvantaged communities, at graduate and postgraduate level studying STEM subjects by 2015.
psa 2 skills for prosperity1


  • Take steps to increase uptake of STEM subjects
      • Highlight STEM Career Opportunities and Pathways
  • Increase links with local industry to promote STEM
      • Ensure learning & teaching is planned and delivered in a relevant and enjoyable way
      • Linking subject content and skills to real life

(Key Element: Employability)

minister underlines value of stem
Minister underlines value of STEM

“Over the next ten years the local economy will require an increasing number of people with skills in STEM subjects……..

In the workforce of the future, qualifications in these areas will be much sought after….

…encourage our young people to consider the career opportunities that will follow on from study in science related subjects”

Sir Reg Empey, DEL

develop a clear stem careers path
Develop a clear STEM careers path
  • Business, in conjunction with the Sector Skills Councils, professional bodies, DEL and DE need to develop and promote clear career paths for STEM students. (Recommendation 2)
  • There needs to be more resources allocated by business and government to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) for STEM. (Recommendation 15)

The Report of the STEM Review (Sept 2009)

stem ceiag pilot

In terms of STEM CEIAG Pilot by the end of March 2011 DE hopes the following outcomes will have been achieved:

  • All KS3 learners and their parents are aware of STEM and potential STEM career pathways
  • A team in each ALC provides STEM CEIAG
  • There are improved linkages and involvement with the world of work
  • Increasing numbers of learners are opting for STEM career pathways
eti survey need to improve systematically
ETI Survey – Need to improve systematically..
  • The knowledge and understanding of all pupils of STEM-related job and career opportunities (especially in their neighbourhood) and how subject choice can restrict and open-up pathways; (every pupil a STEM-informed pupil)
  • Access to and choice of appropriate STEM courses at KS4 and, where appropriate, post-16, within the school, in the Area Learning Community and, if appropriate, online; (more, and more varied, STEM pathways)
  • The knowledge and understanding of all teachers of all subjects of the relevance of their subject, how they teach and how pupils learn about STEM opportunities and pathways; (every teacher has an input into a CEIAG programme)
  • The embedding of STEM-promoting actions into the school development plan and the ALC plan, ensuring that they are effectively coordinated across the school and the outcomes are evaluated to inform better practice. (a STEM-enabled school).
stem ceiag toolkit

File 1

  • STEM CEIAG Audit Materials
  • STEM Ambassadors Programme
  • Teachers.TV – STEM Choice & Careers
  • ‘Science within Work’ Resources Pack
  • STEM Careers Websites
ceiag stem1


Initial Audit

self evaluation tool
Self-Evaluation Tool
  • Teacher awareness of STEM careers and Career Pathways
  • Communication about STEM Careers and Career pathways
  • Equality and Diversity in STEM
  • Leadership and management of STEM
teacher awareness
Teacher Awareness

Teachers are aware of:

  • careers and career pathways relevant to their subject
  • how their subject is used in the ‘World of Work’ and help students make the links
  • relevant STEM/CEIAG websites and make use of them
  • how they can update their STEM/CEIAG knowledge
  • Strategy in place to ensure subject teachers and those providing CEIAG raise awareness of STEM careers to parents and pupils
    • STEM teachers raise awareness through displays, visiting speakers, workplace visits etc
    • CEIAG professionals broaden pupils/parents knowledge of STEM opportunities through lessons, group sessions, presentations, options events, STEM CEIAG events etc
equality and diversity
Equality and Diversity
  • Strategies in place to tackle limited and stereotypical views of STEM courses and careers (students and parents)
  • Use of role models/ambassadors/past pupils to promote equality in STEM subjects and careers
  • Differentiated activities to engage under-represented groups in STEM courses and activities
leadership and management
Leadership and Management
  • STEM and CEIAG STEM are co-ordinated across the school
  • STEM and CEIAG STEM clearly detailed in School Development Plan and ALC Action Plan
  • Participation in relevant CPD and disseminated to relevant staff
stem ambassadors
STEM Ambassadors

Other Programmes: http://www.teachers.tv/series/stem-career-role-models

teachers tv
  • Choosing Careers
  • Engineering
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Information, Advice & Guidance
  • Role Models and Work Placements
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Economic Wellbeing
science within work
Science within Work

On the disc you will find:

  • Ten short (~ 4 minute) videos featuring interviews with a wide range of people from a variety of employment areas (‘themes’).
  • A practical activity linked to each video. These are for 11-14 year olds and mapped against the Key Stage 3 Science Programme of Study and the Scottish equivalent. They bring workplace science into the classroom and contextualise pupils’ learning.
  • A list of career contexts to provide you with examples to use throughout your teaching with all age groups.
stem websites
STEM Websites


stem ceiag toolkit1

File 2

  • ‘What is STEM?’ Lesson
  • STEM & STEM CEIAG Lesson Plans
  • Sector Skills Councils
    • Contact Details & Websites
    • Careers Service LMI Sheets & Sample Lesson
stem stem ceiag lessons
  • Emergency (http://www.upd8.org.uk/)
  • STEM Speed Dating
  • Technological Diary
  • Make my Day
  • Top 40
  • Why STEM?/You are the Minister
  • Why Physics?
  • Career Choices
stem day
  • In groups of 4 complete your diary page ‘activity’ column for one of the following:
    • School Day Morning
    • School Day Afternoon
    • Weekday evening
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
    • Weekday in the school holidays
  • Once activities column complete consider how STEM jobs or subjects have been involved
make my day
Make my Day
  • In groups of 4 discuss what you think each STEM job involves and place the job in the relevant section of the ‘day’
the shape of jobs to come
The Shape of Jobs to Come
  • In groups of 2 randomly select a card giving details of a job forecasted to appear in the next 20 years
  • Discuss what you think the job involves, the qualifications which might be required and the skills and qualities someone would require to apply for this job
  • Complete a ‘Job Description’ pro-forma
  • Feedback to the rest of the group
extension activity 2
Extension Activity 2


digital storecupboard
Digital Storecupboard


what next
What next?
  • Discuss issues raised today with SLT
    • Completion of audit tool
    • STEM/STEM CEIAG Working Group
    • STEM Targets in School Development Plan and ALC Action Plan
  • STEM CEIAG Toolkit
    • How can the school make best use of the resources in
      • CEIAG?
      • STEM Subjects?
stem where can it take you
STEM - Where can it take you?