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Authority William Yang H9 2010/6/4 PowerPoint Presentation
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Authority William Yang H9 2010/6/4

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Authority William Yang H9 2010/6/4 . The sheep - pig. Dick King-Smith. Born: Ronald Gordon King-Smith 27 March 1922 (1922-03-27) (age 88) Occupation : Author Nationality British. First impression. Family-ship Happy ending story Pig – meaning of delicious, fun

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Authority William Yang H9 2010/6/4

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dick king smith

Dick King-Smith

Born: Ronald Gordon King-Smith27 March 1922 (1922-03-27) (age 88)Occupation :Author Nationality British

first impression
First impression
  • Family-ship
  • Happy ending story
  • Pig – meaning of delicious, fun
  • Animal – symbolizes childishness
  • Recommended by the teacher
background of the story
Background of the Story

Would-be novelists are often advised, ‘If you want to succeed, write about what you know’, and this is certainly true in the case of Dick King-Smith. The author’s most successful stories are animal stories; he draws deep on his farm experience, and his love and knowledge of animals provide his charming tales with warmth, authority and humour. King-Smith’s talent is for making animals seem human. But just as importantly, he tells a good adventure story, often with an unlikely hero who triumphs against the odds. He narrates his tales with wit and tenderness. This tenderness is further revealed in the mother-baby relationships that recur throughout his stories and are often very funny. Apart from The Sheep- Pig, among the author’s best stories are The Mouse Butcher, The Hodgeheg, Harry’s Mad, Ace, and The Cuckoo Child.

summary of the story
Summary of the Story
  • The sheep- pig is about a kind man called Mr. hogget who took babe the orphaned pig back to his house from the funfair. When Babe came home with the farmer, Fly the sheep dog looked after him as her child. Soon babe wanted to be like his foster mother. In the mean time, ma the old sick sheep helped babe to be friendly with the sheep flock. Farmer hogget thought babe could be talented as a sheep- pig.
  • Old sheep death( out )
  • Usually had been thought sheep-dog, but sheep-pig( in, out )
  • Eat Babe for dinner( inner )
  • Babe went to trials. At the trials, Babe was last. When Babe and Farmer Hogget went to the yard, many people laughed, but some of saw Babe carefully. Babe spoke the sheep’s password. The sheep thought Babe was polite, so they ran into sheep’s gate very well. Babe ran and ran quickly. The examiners in the trials were surprised, and Babe got one hundred points. He was the best. Mrs hogget who was watching TV, Fly, Farmer Hogget and Babe were very happy.
characters 1
Characters 1
  • Main: Fly, her dogs, Babe, Farmer Hogget and her wife, sheep, big black dogs.
  • “…,I’m nothing like as fast as a dog and never could be.” “No. But you could be a jolly sight faster than you are.”
  • “Great!” …. “But you said ‘two things’”… “Eat less”
characters 2
Characters 2

I want to meet hogget. Because he was in World War II. And he was a farmer for 20 years. And sheep-pig ‘ how could you overcome you position even though you are pig.’

  • Achievement of Babe and so on.
  • I could guess because I saw this before.
  • I liked (happy, impression, instructive)
moral teaching
Moral Teaching
  • Happiness
  • Brave
  • Polite
  • Overcoming
  • Hoping
final words
Final Words
  • I will recommend you to read it absolutely.
  • Natural – experiences, pure.