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Colorado State study

Colorado State study. By: Alexis curd Teacher: Mrs. Whitaker. Page 2 . Colorado . This is a picture of Colorado’s state flag. The official state flag of Colorado was adopted on June 5 th 1911. It was designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson in 1911.

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Colorado State study

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  1. Colorado State study By: Alexis curd Teacher: Mrs. Whitaker.

  2. Page 2. Colorado. • This is a picture of Colorado’s state flag. • The official state flag of Colorado was adopted on June 5th 1911. It was designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson in 1911. • The white in the flag symbolizes the snowcapped mountains, the blue symbolizes clear blue skies, the red symbolizes the reddish soil, and the golden yellow represents the sun. • Colorado has many nicknames and one of them is the Centennial state. The reason that its nickname is the Centennial state is that Colorado became a state in 1876 that year the USA celebrated its centennial or hundredth birthday.

  3. Page 3. Colorado • This is a picture of the state’s capital Denver! • Colorado entered the union in 1876. • State flower: Rocky Mountain Columbine. • State bird: Lark Bunting. • State animal: Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep.

  4. Page 4. Colorado. • A famous person that was from the state of Colorado was Tim Allen. He stars in many movies and shows like the show Home Improvement. • Another famous person from Colorado is Annasophia Robb. She stars in The bridge to Teribithia.

  5. Page 5. Colorado. • Some fun museums to go to in Colorado are The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur resource center. There you can go and see ancient and historic dinosaur bones and skeletons! • A museum for kids in Colorado is World of Wonder museum of kids where your kids can learn about air and gravity and can play games. • If you are planning a trip to Colorado and you don’t know what clothes to bring, here is an idea. If you are going skiing and on the mountain s then you should bring warm clothes like long sleeves shirts and sweat pants. You should bring ski masks and skis. And remember in Colorado if the sun is out it can get quite warm so bring cooler clothes. • A very interesting landmarks to visit would be Pikes Peak there you go up 14,00 feet on a railroad and there is a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs. • A nature site to visit is The Bonny Lake state park, where you can feed birds and see all the amazing and beautiful birds. • One theme park in Colorado is Glenwood Caverns Adventure parks. There you can ride thrilling rides like swing shot where you launch yourself out into the Glenwood Canyon above the Colorado River at 50 miles an hour. Here is a link to my brochure. The Colorado brochure.pub

  6. Page 6. Colorado. • On Sunday April 13 basketball teams Denver Nuggets and the Houston Rockets versed each other. At the end The Denver Nuggets beat the Houston Rockets 111- 94! • Colorado does have its problems. There has been 50 – 60 % of drop out from Denver public school and High School.

  7. Page 7. Colorado • The distance from Dunedin FL to Denver CO is 1880.38 miles. And the estimated time is 28.0 hours and 25 minutes. • The average age of the population of Colorado is 34.3 years old. • The current state population of Colorado is 4,861,515. And the population of Florida is 18,251,243. The population of Florida is about 4 times as big as Colorado’s. • The largest state in Florida is Jacksonville and the population is 794,555 and the largest state in Colorado is Denver and the population is 566,974. Jacksonville is about 200,000 more then Denver. • The highest point of elevation of Colorado is 14,440. And the lowest point of elevation is 3,315. The highest point is about 4 times as much as it’s lowest point.

  8. Page 8. Colorado. • In 1876 when Colorado first entered the union there were 39,864 residents. • Now in 2008 there are many more. There are now 4,861,515 residents in Colorado.

  9. Page 9. Colorado. • The state budget of Colorado is $15.2 BILLION dollars talk about a lot of money! • The state budget of Florida is $65.1 BILLION that is even more than the Colorado’s state budget . That is almost 4 times as much. • In Colorado $485 MILLION is spent in education a year. • In Colorado $19 MILLION is spent in tourism a year. • In Colorado $31 MILLION is spent on agriculture a year.

  10. Page 10. Colorado • A biome in Colorado is Tundra biome. The Tundra has cold, bitter winds. And huge snowcapped mountains. The Winters are so harsh that the soil freezes and trees cannot survive.

  11. Page 11. Colorado. • Here is a picture of a food chain found in the Tundra Biome. The water and the sun grows the grass ( Primary producers) And the grass gets eaten by Oxen , insects and small animals the (Primary Consumers) And then the Primary Consumers get eaten by animals such as Snowy Owls and Arctic Fox the ( Small Predators).

  12. Page 12. Colorado • Three animals that live in Colorado are The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, the Mountain Lion, and the Bald Eagle. • The first animal that I will talk about is The Big Horn Sheep. A special adaption that has is…. It has special feet so it can travel along the hard mountains. • He second animal that I will talk about is the Mountain Lion. A special adaption that has is….. Special muscles that can help it hunt and stalk its prey. • The third animal that I am going to talk about is the Bald Eagle a special adaption that it has is …. When it flies it can spread its wings wide 2 help it stay in the air better!

  13. Page 13. Colorado. • Fast facts!!! • 1. Colorado’s gemstone is aquamarine. • 2. Colorado’s dance is square dancing. • 3. Colorado’s tree is the Blue Spruce. • 4. Colorado’s rock is the Yule Marble. • 5. Colorado’s motto is Nothing Without Providence.

  14. Page 14. Colorado • I’m sorry this is the end this has been a very good power point bye bye !!!!

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